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Open letter to all conservative presidential candidates

The following letter will accompany all future political contributions to conservative candidates, presidential or below, republican or not.

I think donors hoping to elect a true conservative should use it or something like it to alert a candidate he/she is not getting help/support for nothing. It and any future help will always depend and be predicated on a stipulation of shared moral, ethical and ideological values.

Hillary Clinton


Disingenuousness, dissembling, prevaricating, bloviating, Clintonizing, procrastinating or any form or version of RINO-ism will not be tolerated let alone supported. America is in trouble; there’s no time or place for pretenders. We need conservative, traditional leaders and we need them NOW!



We need new blood, new energy and reinvigorated determination to turn this country around, and it can’t be done with what has gone before. Obama promised to “transform” America. Our candidate must swear to UNTRANSFORM IT AND TO REESTABLISH A CONSTITUTIONAL AMERICA!

Marco Rubio

Ted CruzCarly Fiorina







We can accept no ifs, ands or buts. No more excuses. No placating, compromising or deals. They’ve been jammin’ it down our throats for decades. Time for payback. Brace yourself professor, George & Brian media hacks, Mr. Hollywood producer, stars & actors, bleeding heart leftists, NYT/LAT, illegals or recent legal ne’er-do-wells and all you in the beltway and current political establishment:

                        Conservatives are coming  .  .   .

June26, 2015

Alvan I. Shane

Dear Conservative Candidate,

I am a supporter! Here’s my check to prove it. Not a lot, but we both know you’re in an uphill battle and need all the help you can get.

Permit me to say how absolutely crucial it is to stick to your guns! Don’t back down on your conservative principles and deal yourself out. That case, you become just another one of those RINO’s we all hear about.

I urge you to consider making Ten(10) Conservative Commitments, the first five of which must be your Top Priority. Use them as your platform and you will re-awaken the conservative spirit that is the backbone of this country. You will win the confidence and loyalty of not only we conservative voters, but moderates, independents and Reagan democrats all across the land.

1.  Close the border now  >  complete the fence, institute a strong interdictive presence along its path; apprehend/eject all intruders and trespassers regardless of age, sex, nationality or condition.

2.  Identify and categorize all [illegal] immigrants in this country into three(3) classifications:

  • Criminals, convicted or not > DEPORT NOW
  • Unemployeds/Benefit takers > TEMP STATUS ONLY,THEN DEPORT

3.  Identify and categorize [LEGAL] Immigrants who entered during the past five(5)yrs;  same as above, with new category to cover  “sanctuary status” for proven life or death situations.

4.  Rescind Obamacare in every aspect. Start fresh with overhaul of Medicare, Medicaid & gov’t health assistance for uninsureds.

5.  Overhaul Budget Process & Fiscal Revolution by –

  • Reducing/re-working entitlement programs
  • Reducing waste, departmental over-lapping & duplication
  • Prosecuting misfeasance, negligence, corruption, crony capitalism
  • Balancing the budget
  • Reducing the national debt
  • Controlling/restricting, power/influence of public employee unions

6.  Implement Term Limits on all elected federal officials

7.  Legislate new restrictions/prohibitions on Executive Orders

8.  Legislate a new sanction giving congress the power to review and overturn the verdicts/rulings of the Supreme Court.

9.  Re-strengthen and validate the constitution, returning it once again to the Supreme Law of the land; use the Amendment process if necessary, clarifying once and for all the limits of the federal government and what powers are reserved to the states.

10. Review voting systems/procedures in all the states and standardize methodologies to reduce incompetency, inefficiency & fraud; set minimum requirements for Voter ID, absentee voting & foreign-born new citizen voting, mandate a 2-5yr waiting period or moratorium before voting rights are GIVEN, including a fundamental, absolute requirement they must speak & read ENGLISH!

I absolutely believe these stated goals will resonate with the people, conservative and otherwise, showing them you mean business and can/will get things done. There are more things to do but these are the most urgent. Fixing them will instill confidence and badly needed hope in a lethargic if not apathetic electorate.

Move ahead of the conservative pack with this platform. Welcome an honest debate with any of your fellows who vigorously endorse these same goals. Let the people decide who amongst you we trust most to lead our struggling nation back to prosperity & greatness.

One last thing: develop a tactic and overall strategy to attack/discredit the reputation, record and overall career of Hillary Clinton. Those with perception and common sense know she is a charlatan, opportunist, user, exploiter, liar & hypocrite; she is fundamentally flawed, a pathetic human being who is wholly unfit/undeserving to lead our nation. She has Benghazi blood on her hands; she promotes a political ideology that is unworkable, unsustainable and ineffective. Her path will lead us to disaster and the end of America as we know it.

The Clinton legacy is a disgrace, his and her’s, yet she rides its coattails like some star-struck, would-be champion. Theirs’ is a pipedream of leftist nonsense and insanity; the statist mindset instrumental in bring- ing us to this pass. It’s time for someone to step up, get in her face, and level direct accusations about her incompetencies/transgressions/mis-feasances which, up to now, no one has been able or willing to do.

You want to become a conservative ROCK STAR? Achieve Reaganesque status? Take this woman down! Send her packing! Think the collateral liberal damage you’ll do, the resulting notoriety you’ll enjoy from media angst, outrage & hysteria.

It would be a barn-burner moment on the old liberal farm. The Clinton era would end. A retinue of liberal legacies, including Wilson’s, Roosevelt’s, Johnson’s and now Obama’s might falter and come into question.

The media’s edifice could be breached. Academia’s stranglehold on the minds of future generations might loosen. Maybe just maybe Holly- wood’s self-righteous posturing and monolithic leftist stance would weaken, even stagger back.

Liberalism, progressivism, statism, even socialism all thrown into doubt!

Imagine it, a new morning in America. A rebirth of liberty. A smile and nod of inestimable gratitude to our founders and framers. Now is the time, before it’s too late!

Good luck, God Bless, and GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Alvan  I. Shane

Donor, Conservative, Constitutionalist,

PS – Please have someone on your staff acknowledge this letter; state if agree/disagree; begin citing commitments or your own version of them in your speeches, debates, etc. I need to know we are on the same page, if I’m to continue with my support!

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I’m Al Shane

Alvan I. Shane Author, The Day Liberty Wept 2270 N Euclid Ave Frequent Op-Ed Contributor Upland, Calif 91784 Political Donor to Cons Grps / Causes (909) 946-5104 Ex-Marine / California native Tax Accountant / Mar 43yrs / 1 son
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