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Righting Wrongs

Those who read me know I feel there are a lot of problems in our society today. Too many believe we’ve outgrown our capitalist model, even the democracy-driven republic in which it works. They say our constitution is too old, outdated and want a new form of governance offering financially-aligned equal outcomes and social justice. They crave a more equitable society where people of all colors, backgrounds and abilities can thrive, a society free of bigotry, racism and sexism, homo- phobia, xenophobia, antisemitism and/or other prejudices clouding the mind of man.

Does such a society exist? Is it even possible? Are examples out there to which we can turn? Our only peers in sheer size would be Russia, China and India. Most other countries have barely one third our people with home-grown majorities that don’t present the problems we presumably have. The above three have indigenous majorities too but little or no ethnic or cultural dissimilarity. Seems the multicultural melting pot we’ve created is somewhat unique, giving rise to the problems naysayers bemoan.

Now given our relative freedoms, economic opportunities, distribution of wealth across all classes, average standard of living and so on, maybe things aren’t as bad as they would have us believe? Maybe we’re actually a paradigm of sorts, doing a lot better than complainers think! Who are these people anyway, and exactly what do they want?

In a word, they’re liberals. Mostly democrats. They look at our society and see injustices at every turn. To them we are not one big happy group of like-minded Americans. We’re many dissimilar unhappy groups identified by our color, ethnicity, gender or sexual preference. They break us down further into legal status, geography, seniority and whether one’s desired/ preferred gender coincides with one’s physical appearance and attributes.

This is the first big wrong I see in our society. Too many of us use our physical attributes to warrant special treatment and consideration. I’m not saying bias & bigotry don’t exist. But when they happen we should deal with them promptly, taking steps to censure the bigoted parties and to eliminate situations or reasons causing such problems. We’ll never achieve perfection, but to react as liberals do suggesting each incident is the tip of an iceberg holding a much bigger problem is ridiculous.

Liberals know their fundamental message encouraging welfare, entitlements and free stuff with little or no responsibility on recipients does not sell well across the whole of our society, since roughly half of us aren’t interested in such help. But breaking us down into rival groups, each having its own identity and perceived issues regarding integration/assimilation allows their message to resonate amongst that group, buying their loyalty.

Those of us not in a group must be a privileged class who by default are anti-group, meaning we’re against everybody who isn’t like us. At face value, this gives liberals the license to call us racists, bigots and so on since we don’t identify with their various group-constituencies, let alone believe they are as desperate or put-upon as they would have us believe.

This is the next big wrong in our society, this divide & conquer mentality, this effort to factionalize the American people into haves and have-nots, privileged and under-privileged, givers and takers. The idea some of us don’t need to work as hard as others, don’t need to be held accountable, don’t need to take responsibility for ourselves and families is antithetical to the American ideal if not Americanism itself. One should not come here, or stay here, if one does not intend to participate in the duties and obligations of being an American.

Let me be clear: someone who thinks they should get special treatment because their skin is black or brown needs to rethink that idea. Those who seek refuge to escape tyranny/death but don’t think they need to adopt our ways, customs, language & so forth aren’t welcome and their sanctuary should be temporary. Those outside normal heterosexuality or claiming gender identities conflicting with their physical attributes must reckon their differences and accept society in its struggles to understand/accommodate them, even though the reality of their condition stresses them into a marginalized status.

This all sounds harsh and judgmental but we are who we are by virtue of our similarities and agreements, contrary to current popular belief that multiculturalism makes us stronger. This is incorrect; monoculturalism makes us stronger. Skin colors, ethnicities, races, alien flavors/accents make us stronger only if the foreign elements blend and assimilate into our society, accept our culture and respect our values.

This is another big wrong with our society, the idea we can dilute our traditions and cultural heritage into a thinner version of the original recipe, constantly adding new ingredients to give it zest or spiciness. This is incorrect. Our original melting pot consisted of peoples seeking freedom and opportunity who were ready to work and sacrifice to fulfill their dreams. They didn’t want hand-outs or excuses, and didn’t expect to live and work side by side with individuals who didn’t share their work ethic, enthusiasms and values.

Do countries like Russia, China or India make more or better allowances for societal differences than we do? Do they even have such differences given their monolithic politics or religion?

I think we need to appreciate we’re a work-in-progress, a unique experiment on a scale the world has never seen. We’ve got  problems, sure, and we deal with them. And as it happens, we do a better job at this than any other country today or at any time in all of history.

Why do liberals not see this? I think its because they focus on the wrongs, and not what we’re doing right. They think they can fix the wrongs using techniques and systems which have failed miserably throughout history. Likewise, they think they can take the things we’re doing right and do them better. In short, they yarn to create a perfect society, a utopia on earth giving fairness, equality and mercy to all peoples of all dispositions. They would do this at the expense of those of us who know it is a failed enterprise, a noble intent leading to a worthless outcome.

To right our wrongs we must begin with the recognition of who we were, then acknowledge what we’ve become. We must return to a united purpose, a belief in the individual and a faith in the good and wholesome work we’ve been upon. We must re-unify our society, discredit factions, reject lack of accountability, re-instill the pride and contentment that rugged individualism and personal accomplishment bring. We must hold sacred our system of government and its constitution. There is no better way to govern society. Adding ever more benefits and freebies skews our path’s zenith to a lower result, overburdening productive members and entities who contribute the most.

We can do better, but we can never be perfect. Such is the fortune of man, and such is the great fallacy of the liberal mind.

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