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The Hate Thing

Recently a well known talk show host asked his guests what the deal was with hate speak? He opined everybody does it, asking why we sink to this level? Why did certain people goad the worst in us, evoking distrust, disgust and hate?

Liberals rant that republicans don’t care about the poor or women!  Latinos can’t possibly be republicans! The GOP will throw granny off a cliff! The rich don’t pay enough! They hate that!

Conservatives rail democrats are all going socialist! Obamacare is ruining medicine! Dems are in bed with the unions, crony capitalists and spread-the-wealth hypocrites! They hate that!

Aspersions go to credibility. No one likes being tricked/played the fool. Lying is never acceptable. Fundamentally, if he/she lies or misrepresents facts, we hate listening to them!

They go to integrity. Making a point using helpful facts & omitting unhelpful ones is deceitful. He/she get so wrapped up in their own bias they can’t see the reality of an issue ‘till it bites their behind! They’re mouth organs for agenda, doing anything to get their way. Fundamentally, they can’t admit bias & exploit position/power to finagle selfish, not best, results. We hate when that happens!

They go to viability. Policies bring results, good & bad. Anyone trying to promulgate a policy simply because they believe in it, without the brute force of experience or academic rigor, acts in  self interest and harms the greater good of the group being impact- ed. We all have beliefs, but we can’t let them fly in the face of reality. Fundamentally, we aren’t guinea pigs and resent being put in that position, especially by persons with whom we disagree or for whom we lack respect. We hate such predicaments!

Lastly, reliability. In our democracy we elect representatives to reflect our views about government & society. If they vote against us for whatever reason, they trash the purpose for which they’re elect- ed. It’s not about character. It’s about betraying a trust and going rogue in partisan ranks. Fundamentally, rinos/dinos dilute the representative system, allowing the will of the people to be increasingly ignored. Everybody hates when that happens!

Credibility, integrity, viability, reliability. We hate when these get compromised/corrupted, for agendas. We understand people vote their interests, which is OK when everyone’s interests are aligned. But when cultural groups evolve into monolithic voting blocs they are a diametric in the body politic. Groups voting collusively or repetitively in this way taint the larger process.

The founders didn’t intend this. They believed we were a mono-cultural society with unified goals. Little could they anticipate we someday would speak different languages, have varying marital/ sexual views, call ourselves hyphenated Americans and/or be in large part secularists, atheists, anti-religionists. You can bet they never dreamed we’d create/grow such a large government or entitlement class. Bank on> they would hate that!

Society is factionalizing and sub-culturizing, with groups moving further away from common cause. Government has to struggle to meet all their disparate demands. States themselves are becoming bastions for one side or the other, the largest ones no longer a part of the electoral calculus. It’s a foregone conclusion how they will vote. We should all hate this has happened!

Many are alarmed to hear that huge majorities of this or that group will vote a certain way. Why will they? Aren’t we all Americans, with similar values and needs? Don’t we all want what’s best for the greater good, to keep this country moving in a positive direct- ion? Don’t we get it that we’re not a loose affiliation of 4-5 demo- graphics, but fifty states strongly committed to unity, the purpose of which is preserving, protecting and defending all of the peoples of all of the states? We should hate when some forget that!

Middle class America believes we all have a vested interest in our economy, society and government. They believe we’ve moved past the days of racism and bigotry. They see our great country and all it offers wondering, what’s all the fuss about?

The fuss/hate revolves around status & equality: the poor claim to be a permanent underclass; visible minorities claim they can’t get a shot at success. Never mind countless examples disproving this. Hate still flows from the have/have not mindset.

Many middle-class taxpayers hate the proposition moving ever- more left wins bigger rewards for lower echelons. It’s clear to any- one who looks, one-sided democracies right or left don’t work! Moving further left will only destroy the balance of power, abandon the will of the people & put too much power in too few hands.

Conservative middle/upper middle classers believe in equal opportunity, not equal outcome. This country has excelled in providing that opportunity, and it’s there for all who will work & strive to that end, regardless of race, color, ethnicity or gender.

Parting shots: we should all hate A) the hypocrisy of talking heads condemning a person’s hard-won-over-a-lifetime wealth, as they themselves make $20Mil/Yr and B) simplistic platitudes such as republicans are arrogant and only for the rich, while democrats are humble, humanitarian and for the little guy. Truth is, republicans want smaller gov’t / equal opportunity, democrats want big unions, bigger gov’t w/safety nets, and equal outcomes = egalitarianism.

Final thought: persons/groups who think they aren’t getting a fair deal should imagine what their NuAmerika will be like, if it comes. Man-woman/color-creed, give pause to potential consequences, and how your life may change  – maybe you’ll hate that . .


Alvan I. Shane Author, The Day Liberty Wept 2270 N Euclid Ave Frequent Op-Ed Contributor Upland, Calif 91784 Political Donor to Cons Grps / Causes (909) 946-5104 Ex-Marine / California native Tax Accountant / Mar 43yrs / 1 son

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