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A Reverse-Like SHOUT!

Growing up we learn about right and wrong. We hold these values, letting them guide us into adulthood. They’re a frame-work for how to behave, an assurance we all share the same values and will conduct ourselves accordingly.

Standards, ethics, morals are signposts for knowing right from wrong and offer behavioral absolutes to help us get along. If one lies in an interview, cheats on a test, its wrong. If we take an item that isn’t ours, claim to know something we don’t or say we have skills we lack, we’re acting out of self-interest with little regard for the rights/expectations of others.

To strengthen and validate these ideas, courts are established to evaluate situations appearing unjust, unfair or wrong. Facts and circumstances are weighed up and decisions drawn as to who’s right and who’s wrong.

On 11/3/20 this entire process collapsed. Millions went to the polls and voted with every confidence their vote would be tallied fairly, and the will of the majority would prevail. It didn’t. In this most robust of democratic republics the people’s will was stolen, a treasonous over-throw effected  and no refuge arose offering relief, sanction or swift, sure justice. Courts proved to be compromised and unreliable.

Making matters worse, a majority of us either couldn’t believe such a thing had happened or refused to believe it! Ignorance reigned across most the electorate who remained unaware and disbelieving that any vote tampering had occurred!

An apathy was/is at work affecting people’s general awareness of the world around them. They take for granted systems/procedures are efficient and incapable of being corrupted, that safeguards exist and people in the main are trustworthy and not given to treachery.

Reinforcing these misconceptions was the shear immensity of the fraud requiring thousands/tens of thousands from all levels of government to have participated. It required whole agencies and departments at city, county, state and federal levels to pull this off, and people refused to believe it!

To this day many still say prove it, as if there’s been no credible effort nor proofs found in over two years, which is to ignore/ deny veritable mountains of such proofs. Every passing day is a miscarriage of justice. People remain in offices for which they are wholly undeserving and should be removed, arrested and punished! They’re seditious traitors who committed treason and stole our country! Why don’t more of us see this?

One possibility is it’s been a long-evolving ideological conquest taking decades to finally reach this level of saturation. It oozed into every nook and cranny of government, most of congress, the judicial system, most state governments and law enforcement agencies, city and state. Why else would so many police stand-down/watch as leftist terrorists burned our cities?

I imagine heads are swimming, unable to grasp the depths of this catastrophe. Well, brace for another blow: Covid19 was a manmade bio-weapon developed in labs around the world, patented by big pharma and deliberately released to create world-wide chaos.

With device and intent big pharma and medical authorities perpetrated this massive hoax to 1) subjugate the masses 2) overthrow elections in America and westernized, democratized nations and 3) initialize a global protocol for euthanizing a huge portion of the world’s population in accordance with Malthusian principles of planetary hygiene. They did/are doing this with mandatory injections such that every man, woman and child will be a walking time-bomb awaiting some triggering device, such as follow-up injections or radio-frequency bombardments,  activating feral contaminants in our blood to make us immunologically implode.

I know, this is too horrible to contemplate – WAKE UP! We’ve lost our country, and this is how they did it! I and all patriots are sick to death trying to explain it, year after year. We’re un- der attack, at war with people who hate us, hate America and all it stands for. Why are we still asleep?

At the outset of the Revolutionary War the Bostonians knew the British were coming but needed an early warning to be ready. Paul Revere gave them this with his midnight ride. Tens of thousands are trying to do the same with today’s menace, but red coats aren’t marching down the streets so people don’t see the danger. Whether we shout One-eth by Land, Two-eth by Sea! or simply counsel ourselves to be aware, patient and trusting in some master plan the peril is real!

I estimate no more than 30% of us are worried about any of this, and we’re running out of time! We’re the butt of a horrific joke duped, insurrected, led to oblivion by our own leaders, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg that will bring us down! An enemy is among us who will destroy our way of life; a godless enemy caring naught for humanity; a user, devourer of children; a dark, pitiless beast who serves the master of hell! We must not go quietly into that darkness!

If you hate Trump, think he’s our enemy, think again! He’s all we’ve got. There are no democrats, republicans, legions of outraged citizens in the streets nor even a military who understand their Job1 is to protect we the people and our constitution!

The Supreme Court must rule on the Brunson case or the military must step in! Biden, Harris and all their cronies must be arrested and punished as traitors. If not, we must be our own salvation or we won’t be saved. Open your eyes, find discernment, join awakened patriots and fight to save our country!

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I’m Al Shane

Alvan I. Shane Author, The Day Liberty Wept 2270 N Euclid Ave Frequent Op-Ed Contributor Upland, Calif 91784 Political Donor to Cons Grps / Causes (909) 946-5104 Ex-Marine / California native Tax Accountant / Mar 43yrs / 1 son
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