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America’s Doomsday Clock – 11:59

High noon or midnight? Which will it be? We patriots believe Trump’s White Hats have been working furiously behind the scenes for the past thirteen months arresting bad guys who orchestrated the massive election fraud of Nov’20. We’ve been hearing almost daily how this person was arrested, then that person and so on.

Of course, none of it makes mainstream news so there’s no official corroboration: only a vast network of independent internet podcasters who tend to cross-reference and quote each other. Thus, we can’t know for sure such things as Hillary wearing an alarmed ankle bracelet; Bush family under investigation; Clinton advisor John Podesta arrested for pedophelia and child trafficking; Obama under house arrest; Pelosi making a deal to spill the beans on California’s election, decertifying 55 electoral votes, delegitimizing Biden’s entire administration; Queen of England and Pope missing, or already dead.

Patriots believe all this and are counting the days until Trump’s return. We believe a convergence of events, announcements and arrests will soon take place, accelerating the entire process to a climax where all of the criminality, deceit and treason will be revealed. We believe the military has been in charge all this time under a condition called devolution or continuity of government, waiting for the accumulation of facts and evidence to finally sway the majority of citizens that election fraud took place.

We believe this is only the tip of the iceberg and a vast, massive attack occured over the past several decades with spies, enemy agents and traitors working diligently to infiltrate state/federal governments, mainstream media/Big Tech, education/academia, films/TV, sports and big business corporatists.

It’s now coming apart. CEO’s across America and around the world are stepping down, taking early retirement or quitting. According to patriot sources they’re being forced to leave under threat of arrest. Same with dozens of politicians at state and federal levels who ‘ve announced they will not seek re-election.

The ’20 election scandal and related investigation has uncovered a myriad of wrong-doing and crimes that like a cancer seem to have metastasized throughout the power structures of government, business and media. It took years to do and the unwitting American people ignorantly acquiesced to this attack from within slowly morphing from a free democratic republic to a tightly knit, controlled hegemony of left-wing interests working in concert to undermine our freedoms, constitutional rights, law enforcement and justice.

It’s a version of divide and conquer with groups like SDS,

Weather Underground, Black Panthers, Code Pink, La Raza, ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Antifa, BLM, labor union movements, Southern Poverty Law Center and literally hundreds more groups not mentioned going back to the 50’s/60’s, most operating under the auspices/good graces of the Democrat Party, factionalizing that political body. All served together in the aggregate to impose the tactics/machinations of Cultural Marxism on America, weakening and removing long-held beliefs, ethics, morals and values underpinning American culture.

They all sport a badge of under-privilege or victimhood, taking on a benign guise of liberalism/progressivism in an ongoing effort to make society more tolerant and accepting of nonconforming behaviors and marginal lifestyles. Reality is they breakdown/attack the family unit, religious doctrines, capitalism, heterosexual normalcy, gender preference, biological mandate, individualism and personal success such that society breaks down to subcultural units of group think/group identity.

The basis of communism is the good of the whole, not the individual who’s rights and freedoms are forfeit to the needs of the masses. As the disciplines and requirements of a constitutional capitalistic republic are challenged and attacked, the cohesiveness of the body politic making up society begins to falter, heralding nonconformity, judgementalism, behavioral impropriety, anti-societal sub-culturation, lawlessness and ultimately a centralized authoritarianism/tyranny.

The building blocks of a communist takeover have long been held by the Democrat Party starting with Wilson’s socialist leanings and his backing of a League of Nations. FDR’s cabinet and advisors held many leftist sympathizers and ideologues who promoted Wilsonian ideals, launched social Security and helped get us into war. LBJ came along with his New Deal Welfare State and re-distribution of wealth via taxation. Many of the leftist groups cited originated during his administration. The Clintons ushered in an era of cronyism, partisan corruption, sweeping politicization of government, self-aggrandizement, and blatant criminality. It was during this time George Soros emerged as a behind-the-scenes kingmaker of Democrat Party politics, funding many of the above groups and becoming a major influence at both state and national levels.

Obama, a Soros protégé, was ineligible by birth to be president but won anyway, openly fanning the fires of racism and advocating the transformation of America which meant eschewing the core values of self-improvement and financial independence in favor of government sponsorship/subsidy at every turn!

The current Biden administration is illegitimate, the product of an insurrectional, treasonous coup brought by insiders working with foreign states to overthrow the will of the people. Much of the intrigue/manipulation of earlier eras was subtle, escaping the attention of Americans, but this election fraud, this steal of the presidency, was/is an astonishing in-our-face act still being denied by 20-25% of our people.

This is not about Democrat or Republican. It’s not about Trump!

When facts and truths come to light proving all that’s described the breadth and scope of this conspiracy to defraud our democracy are so breathtaking as to be utterly inconceivable! Even the most rabid Trump-haters will give pause to how we’ve been abused and taken for fools. I can only hope those individuals will come to terms with the immeasurable damage that’s been done and devastating rift that now tears apart our society and pleads for closure.

Seems an eternity since the crime happened but the crisis nears and a patriotic upheaval is upon us. Do we en masse want our country back, to re-establish our democratic republic? Will my grandfather clock chime the stroke of twelve heralding the blazing, curative light of high noon, or ring in doom and gloom and an endless midnight for America?

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I’m Al Shane

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