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Angst Of Waiting

For those awake, there is so much lying and confusion, so much rampant disinformation one hardly knows where to turn to find facts and truth. We’re awash in a calumnious sea of hate-speak and propaganda with nothing more than our own discernment and judgement to guide us through.

Some say this is deliberately being done to show we’re in dire straits and at the edge of anarchy. It seems WE must demand something be done to halt the insanity! Still, days keep slipping by with no end in sight. Frustration wells up, anger seethes and sadly we’re learning this is a lesson that must be taught, for we cannot allow it to happen again! But people are so lost in their pretend Americana they don’t see the problem or understand how deep the political rot goes. They don’t get it, refuse to believe the reins of power were seized illegally, wrenched away from our grasp. If we let this stand or go on indefinitely, America will be lost.

So we have a situation. Some of us are awake and alert, know something went wrong on election night. Others sensed things weren’t right but couldn’t bring themselves to think such a monstrous thing was possible, let alone actually occurred. Among these, reasonable folks are now coming round, but not fast enough or in big enough numbers to tip the scale.

Others, like dyed-in-the-wool democrats, liberals, Trump-haters or fierce independents refusing to accept this enormous fraud remain on the sideline waiting for truth to emerge. These intellectual blue pills think lies and conspiracies from the right are much more likely than a travesty or steal from the left whose numbers in their minds were quite sufficient to win without resorting to underhandedness!

A final cohort of unknown proportion was/remains uninvolved, inattentive and hopelessly apathetic to all things political. They could care less about rigged elections or imposter presidents, since none of it affects them. They don’t vote, don’t care who’s in power, and don’t believe they can do a damn thing about it. Red pills know this and grow more and more frustrated at the apparent inability of patriots to defeat this beast! We’re incredulous at the notion we have mountains of evidence/proofs to bring our case yet we dally and dissemble while awaiting some secret event to give us the green light! In our mind we already have the green light, and it won’t get any greener!

Patriots have been experiencing anxiety & insecurity for 18mos  as they wait for truth to win out and justice to be served. But with each passing day they grow impatient and disbelieving of why it is taking so long? This is causing depression in some and a philosophical or overarching anxiety in others, making them wonder if things already went too far? If things suggest there are too many who simply don’t care? Or if things like globalism are simply too entrenched and viable to be debated or denied at this American moment {why I originally titled this piece Consternation}.

A brief comment about shame is also appropriate. Patriots as a group predominate in the older generations, beginning with the war years into the 50’s-60’s. We were raised on a diet of right and wrong, democracy v communism and good v evil. We were taught it’s right to love your country and necessary from time to time to come to its aid, volunteer your services and maybe sacrifice your life.

We learned freedom always comes with a price, how we must remain vigilant to its adversaries/enemies who would seize any and every opportunity to steal it away. Embedded within our patriotism is the belief freedom is God’s will and America free- dom’s beacon. Tantamount in patriotism’s pursuit is the ability, strength and determination to do God’s work, enforce His Will and always enable goodness to defeat evil!

Over a hundred million of us know – absolutely know –  the election was stolen and treason of the highest order. We believe there has been a slow, creeping infiltration into government, institutions and culture of an un-American sentiment which, over decades, enabled this to happen. These persons have a One World/New World Order orientation. Harboring this political philosophy is not only anti-American but unconstitutional, tyrannical and an astounding disloyalty to the spirit/founding of our American republic. Our founding fathers, Lincoln, JFK, Rea- gan and every fallen hero are rolling over in their graves at this turn of events!

Those recognizing the fraud deduced how every aspect of society must have been breached and effectively compromised. Goals and missions were corrupted. Over many decades an incursion into government, congress, courts, academia, intelligentsia, entertainment, mass media, Big Tech social media, science, medicine & politicized corporatism effectively diminished our ability to defend our constitution and society.

The general impression is these bodies and disciplines were over-run but in reality they were victimized by an upward migration to highest supervisory levels of a minority. The whole of the FBI and Justice Dept were not corrupted; only the top 10%. But this was/is enough to thwart the path of justice and stymie the rule of law.

If you’re not a patriot, Trump supporter or American popularly defined, where will you fit in if we’re right?  Do you think we are deliberately misleading you? We say the fraud reaches round the world touching tens of thousands of people from many nations. Do you say nay? We say many of your favorite celebrities from politics, sport, movies, TV and news will be arrested, convicted, punished. You say, not a chance?

A reckoning is coming. Truth will begin raining down on some, crashing down on others. It will vindicate, enlighten, befuddle and even drive to madness those who have been turning away rather than face its consequence.

Patriots have waited far too long. We’re ashamed we and our country have been unable to do better! This political blasphemy has got to stop! Truth seekers and the righteous are about to act if law and justice can’t find their way! America must reintegrate, reestablish its preeminence, then help the world cast off this darkness!

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