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Au Revoir, Mon Amis

In case you haven’t noticed, things are starting to move in the direction I’ve described the past several months. I may take up my pen again soon but for now I’ll step back and let things play out. I’ve done my best to alert you to the reality we’re in, open your eyes to the facts upon us. Seems I reached some, bored others, but let’s review and mention a few things here which I’m sure will soon grab your attention.

In Jan‘20 news broke of a virus soon to be declared a pandemic originating from a lab in China. I was cautious at first, then grew suspicious of its nature, concluding it was exaggerated beyond its true nature as something more than a strain of common flu. We now know it was man-made using gain of function methods under the direction/funding of Dr Fauci!

But the panic grew, lockdowns were enforced and race riots ensued following the death in custody of George Floyd. I was cynical how things evolved after reading reports and watching numerous videos of the takedown. Then, during the months leading up to the election, Antifa/BLM took charge and destroyed domestic tranquility in dozens of cities all across America, causing destruction and mayhem in flagrant disregard of the law, being outraged at alleged systemic racism in the justice system.

Police generally stood by and did nothing to protect property and lives, acting on the orders of local authorities, Police Chiefs, Mayors and Governors. Seems everyone was stymied/confused about the appropriate course of action, frozen into inaction at the expense, horror and grief of the people.

Meanwhile, the economy went to hell, the medical community ran riot over society and amidst all the chaos we had an election. Controversy exploded as 7 states all blue suspended their counts before midnight, took several weeks to finish, then declared Biden winner! Something crooked was done and with each passing day information emerged showing election anomalies in all those states and various rigging gimmicks that were replicated in exact detail.

So the presidency is in dispute, masks and lockdowns are being challenged, mainstream media is 100% in the tank for both the election and covid mandates and all attempts by republicans/ conservatives to appeal to the courts for relief {state/federal} were rejected as inadmissible or without standing in spite of mountains of evidence. Trump never conceded, his supporters proved beyond doubt he was the landslide winner, and a pandemic rages unabated across the world in face of growing criticism/anger: a Deep State Coup and alternate reality is on us!

We’re now up to date except to say media and Big Tech have lost their credibility, elections in fifty states are being reviewed, politicians at all levels are dubious winners, courts/justice system appear compromised, FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, police are infiltrated/poisoned with insurrectionists, military is infused with turncoats/traitors at the highest levels and science/health authorities appear politically corrupted. Yet, people remain in various stages of wakefulness, awareness and disbelief!

On a darker note, some believe the pandemic was planned far in advance and man-made using illegal gain of function, with the intention to enforce vaccines. The world now accepts shots w/boosters giving instant vulnerability to any diabolical, popution-control conspiracy that might be at work! Like guinea pigs in a lab, people become walking time-bombs ready to be eliminated at the whim of a Bill Gates or Tony Fauci aka Dr. Death!

News bulletin: SCOTUS just ruled the vaccines are a violation of existing bans on DNA alteration and must immediately stop!

Other notes – about 900 individuals entered Witness Protection the past thirty years, many of whom we thought were dead; a few, like JFK Jr, wife Carolyn and adult children are alive! Many thousands of arrests have taken place in the past 12mos and processed by military tribunals; 100’s of Presidents, PM’s, CEO’s have stepped down, resigned or been fired; the central banking system headed by the Rothschilds is about to collapse; the gold standard/precious metals is being reestablished as back-up for currencies around the world, recalibrated to a standard value close to par, in paper and crypto format, universally managed by QFS or the Quantum Financial System.

Also of note – the Vatican, Buckingham Palace and White House are all vacant, soon to be destroyed; the Queen and Pope have been under house arrest since December; Biden never occupied the White House, never flew Air Force 1 and doesn’t command the military; Trump forged an alliance which includes PRC, NK, GDR, UK, Israel, Russia, India and more; a domestic program {Nesara} and an international {Gesara} came into law back in 2000, soon to be enacted/activated to produce among other things: remove Federal Reserve/IRS, cancel gov’t backed debt like student loans, credit cards/mortgages, eliminate income tax, give back a combination of taxes/interest confiscated over the many years, increase social security benefits, etc.

Final notes – PRC will be sued and pay $100Tri in reparations to the world for covid19 and election tampering; Google, Twitter, U-Tube, Facebook and others will be nationalized; ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox will be broken up under anti-trust into dozens of new regionalized companies; Biden, Kamala, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, the Clintons, Obamas, Bushes, SCOTUS-CJ/Roberts et al along with 80% of all senators/congresspersons will be arrested and charged with fraud, treason and crimes against humanity; 34 significant structures including three cited above will be destroyed; a world-wide child-trafficking ring of Satanic Worshipers that abducts 8Mil children/yr for sexual slavery, pedophilia and sacrifice will be arrested for crimes against humanity: many of the perpetrators, including politicians, jurists, business execs, actors/actresses, comedians, singers, sports celebrities, TV luminaries and other IW personalities addicted to adrenochrome will likely be convicted and executed.

Brighter notes: a declass of many hidden, Top Secret files/docs will reveal approx 6000 patents for devices like Tesla free energy, anti-gravity and sonic-frequency MedBeds. A cataclysmic event under false flag will be broadcast followed-up by internet blackout and EAS {Emergency Alert System} advising of martial law conditions, military control, governmental collapse/transition and reinstatement of Trump’s administration. New elections will/may also be scheduled and the pandemic declared over! We’ve been duped by Deep State globalists and central bankers hiding truths at every turn. Still don’t see it? Try watching The Matrix, V for Vendetta or The Truman Show to learn how we’ve been trapped our whole life in a false reality. That reminds me – don’t look now but Hollywood is a ghost town . .

I believe most of what I’ve described here will happen within 7-10 days, so I’m taking a hiatus. If I’m right you’ll have lots to Keep you busy. If wrong, you won’t hear from me for awhile as I ponder – how could I have been so wrong?!

I’ve enjoyed commenting on political issues for many years and feel I’ll do so again. Thank you for reading me and giving feed- back. I already look forward to next time. May the beguiled awaken soon to a BRAND NEW DAY!

Till then –

You’ve Been Reading Shaneview

I’m Al Shane

Alvan I. Shane Author, The Day Liberty Wept 2270 N Euclid Ave Frequent Op-Ed Contributor Upland, Calif 91784 Political Donor to Cons Grps / Causes (909) 946-5104 Ex-Marine / California native Tax Accountant / Mar 43yrs / 1 son
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