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Black vote stokes racism

Obama - Big brother is watching you posterI’ve described before how thirteen(13) identifiable voting blocs each gave Obama a big majority in the 2012 election. {See Obama’s Commandos I thru III, this blog site}. The biggest margins came from Hispanics, Asians and Blacks.

Of these, Blacks were the highest by far, begging the question, why? According to recent data, Blacks gave him a 90%+ majority, which in electoral terms is astounding, if not completely anomalous. Why did they do this?


The obvious answer is color, but I think most would prefer not to believe this at face value, for it presages a renewed kind of selfishness/self-interest that will kindle white suspicion/distrust.

There must have been other factors: he was fresh, youthful, likeable, highly educated, articulate, ideologically driven & liberal Add he wasn’t steeped in Washington’s beltway and seemed to be his own man, and it makes his winning-margin anomalies a little more understandable.

But the other guy was most of these things too. Maybe not so fresh or youthful, definitely not so liberal, although I was always dubious about the firmness of his conservativism, i.e. was/is he a RINO? One could argue he wasn’t such a bad deal from the liberal perspective. He’d been a popular governor of a very liberal state, giving him much more experience, qualification and credibility to be president than Obama. All this of course making Obama’s winning margins less understandable.

Still, I need more, because other things don’t make sense. To begin (what follows is addressed to Blacks since they gave the biggest majority) what can they say he did for them during his first term? What progress was made in youth unemployment, dropout rates, college grad rates, fatherless children, median incomes, home ownership, black-on-black crime etc? Can they point to any as having been significantly improved since, say, the end of 2007 just before he took office?

President Obama

Let’s personalize it. Mister/Miss Black person, did you go in the voting booth thinking, Obama will improve the economy; make it easier for me to buy a home; easier to send my kids to college; improve race relations by reducing racism; create more jobs for everybody, especially Black youths; bring the uniquely Black perspective to a place it’s never been: the White House.

These sentiments are persuasive if we’re talking about his initial candidacy when everything was possible. I can see many Blacks would be blinded by these hopeful imaginings – things would have to be better with a Black man looking out for Blacks and others of color, right? How could they not?

But this was his 2nd run, the blush off the rose. His promise of openness/transparency didn’t happen; that he’d reach across the aisle never materialized; that he’d eliminate partisanship, not even close. The economy didn’t improve, jobs didn’t grow, poverty among Blacks didn’t go down. Fact is, he did nothing of significance to improve the lot of Blacks, let alone the rest of us.

Obama food stamp card

Obama food stamp card

First candidacy OK, give him your 85%+. See what he can do. Second run, not so fast. Many Blacks had to have felt let down, him not improving their personal predicament nor the general state of affairs in the Black community. So why give him a pass? Stranger still, why did more vote for him?

Kool-aidI’m asking every Black person to stop and ponder this. Look deep within, be honest, and explain to yourself and me why you voted for Barack Obama the 2nd time? Hope never dies? Those mean republicans held him back? He deserved another chance?

I know I’m skating out on thin ice here, and those seeing racism behind every door will quickly indict/convict me & throw away the key! How dare this guy put such questions in our face? Go ask white folks the same stuff, see how that goes! Well, for the record I would, but white guys never get a 90% majority.

Chris Matthews and friends would have a field day reading this, him with the thrill up his leg. Or Jimmy Carter with his racial aspersions every time whites speak ill of Blacks. He’s always with the racism/bigotry, accusing whites of having an ongoing personal agenda to enable themselves and disable Blacks.

Pied PiperSay what they will, they still can’t deny there were less reasons to vote for him the 2nd time. His accomplishments were few, his problems many. Yet, he won even more Black, Brown & Asian votes. It’s as if he’s some kind of pied piper, leading them down to the river, them chanting: he cares for us; he loves us; he is us! Or, could he be using you .  .  do you think?

You didn’t get more jobs, earn more money, buy more homes or send more kids to college. You pretty much stagnated while he presided over a deadlocked, do-nothing congress. He drove us deeper in debt, never balanced a budget, and still can’t explain how he plans to fix social security and Medicare.

So why wasn’t this anomalous Black vote racism? I have to ask, do they care about this country? Don’t they want to participate in the democratic process? Honor the constitution? Aspire to middle class/upper middle class like the rest of us? Can’t they see they finally have a shot at success and prejudice is mostly a thing of the past? Don’t they have a better chance to succeed here and now than anyplace else? I mean really, did they vote for this man’s skill, character, party, or was it just color? If the latter, why did they think this is what they had to do?

To stay vibrant and on the cutting edge, providing freedom and opportunity to hundreds of millions of people of every color, talent and circumstance, this country must be nurtured by an ever-present knowledge/respect for what it has already achieved, and how it did it. It must be fed heavy doses of loyalty/participation from its people, rich with their hopes & dreams. There’s no room in the picture for payback, reverse discrimination, hatred, racism or bigotry. These don’t jive with success.

unemployment coffeeThink about it! Societies are fragile. When inequities/injustices manifest, the tiniest spark can trigger an inferno. Then, whatever good that society held is gone. No society is perfect, as some want, but never in the history of man has there been a society such as our’s. We are the paradigm of the moment, mankind’s greatest hope. Never was there a more multitudinous diversified populace under one roof, partaking of so many opportunities and benefits, as here. And never was it more true the needs of a few must yield to the needs of the many. Meaning, we each must treasure the whole of our society as a composite mechanism; a magnificent machine, truly greater than the sum of its parts.

Voting color is ridiculous at face value, and manifestly destructive in its deeper sense. It turns back the clock on everything Blacks fought for/won these past 100yrs. It shows them to be merely of self-interest, spite and racist at their core. They and all voting blocs give pause, for what you do will ultimately work against you. Americans must be for each other, before their self. The 90% need to re-assess these truths before their votes back- fire, returning them either to yesterday’s vile realities, or some new reality born of revenge and hate. With no other rationale but racism, and with dubious if not disastrous economic/legislative results from his 1st term, I’m wondering where it will end?

No less than thirteen(13) clearly identified groups within our society favored this man and his policies over the one who represented a return to responsibility, accountability and leadership; to fiscal constraint and debt management; to acknowledgement we are not of unlimited wealth, that our projected future deficits will be catastrophic, and our growing debt imperils our national security/sovereignty.

I hope these blocs consider this, before they again march lockstep to the voting booth. Think, who’s your daddy! Not your union boss, nanny-state politician/friend; not radical academics or sanctimonious actors/actresses; not progressive, heavily biased media, and not activist ethnic racial agitators. Most important, not a bleeding-heart, entitlement-driven, bloated all out of control, tyrannical government.

We the People are your daddy. Only us. The sum total of our blood, sweat, tears and success aggregates to this American Enterprise. Together we made/make it great. Together we mold  a society offering hope, opportunity & equality. Following pied pipers like this who denigrate individual effort/accomplishment puts all at risk.

hypnotistWe each must carry our weight as best we can; be about doing and earning, not shirking and taking. Use government as a last resort, after family, friends, church and community. We don’t need to be transformed. Don’t dance to the tune that’s playing itself out across Europe. Break the hypnotic spell of this pretender, this arrogant, vapid harlequin who would transform us into an audience of dolts, into a gallery of mediocrity and despair.

 He has no answers other than those that have been tried before and always failed. He, his minions and lackeys, must quit our house, before it’s too late!

Let’s get it together, rap out the real tune of American ingenuity, one reflecting self-esteem, hard work and pride of accomplishment. It’s not about color. Never was. It’s about a united People in a united effort in the land called the United States of America!   We can do this!

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