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Circle the wagons

Circle the wagonsEvery staunch conservative knows there’s no escapin’ this plight. No retreat. We got to stand & fight best we can, whatever odds may be.

We took a good licking November back, no doubt. Those liberal boys handed us our hats and escorted us to the door.

Question is, are we leaving, stayin’, what?

I can’t speak for others, but I was invited to this shindig straight and proper. I’m a lifelong member, paid my dues, and I’ll be damned if some city slickers can throw me out! This is my town, my barn, my people. Push comes to shove it’ll be us deciding who stays, who goes!

Way I see it, only got one other choice. That’s to pack up & leave this place seems don’t want our kind anymore. For me that ain’t an option. I got roots, ties, family, friends & a business won’t budge.

I’m stayin’. Licked us once, maybe, but we’re smarter now, know their tricks, what to expect from these ivy league dudes who never ran a ranch or a mercantile. Never built something up with their own hands, or know’d to take credit. Shoot, they never even done a hard day’s work!

I know we’re dragin’. Things are pretty bleak right now, but let me remind you – some neighbors didn’t show up for the bust-up last month. Seems they were pokin’ fun at our man.  Had trouble with his upbringing, his God. They was wrong not to help, and it’s mostly on them we’re in this fix. We got to go knockin’, pay some visits. Tell our stubborn friends they were wrong and pig-headed! Pulled out the rug, when we were almost there!



And tell ‘em straight, they were played for fools! That’s right. Those fancy boys led them down a primrose path to foolhardiness and defeat, playing up our man’s pitfalls and unlikeabilities, him being rich and all, born with a silver spoon, followin’ that Brig Young fella. Anything & every- thing to bamboozle us, take our thinkin’ off the doin’s & deeds of this rainmaker fella of their’s!


So bygones be bygones. Fooled some of us damn straight, but won’t do it again. This time we’re betting the farm. We roll over, accept their say, we’re done. Backs against the wall. Every able-bodied man, woman, youngin better suck it up and start given’em whats for!

This fight ain’t over. It’s just begun. Look out over these fields and plains, this landscape of our forefathers. Remember who we are. We enjoy these bounties because of them.

True, we haven’t done it all right. Made mistakes, done some injuries. But in the main, we’ve worked hard & tried our best. Our shames are far outnumbered by good deeds and benevolences. We’re a good people, mean well,know what works, what don’t.

This college driven, new-fangled liberal crap don’t. Folks need to step up, take responsibility for themself & kin.

Need to help neighbors as they’re able, help community when it’s needy. Time-honored traditions, tested more often than a frog can jump! Why turn-tail for some crazy blackboard conjurin’? Never worked, gonna kill the damn frogs!!

We know it’s darkest afore daybreak. Predawn right now, findin’ our way. And we’ll find it, ‘cause it’s right there where it always was, helping us to be the best, most generous, greatest the world ever saw.

There, in our Constitution, Declaration, system of government and American way of life. We daren’t allow anyone takin’ those away.

bldhnd roscoe Renee Francis


Listen up, you cynics out there; their dog won’t hunt. Their well won’t draw, sowings won’t reap. Their’s all comes to naught sure enough, in due course of time. Make sure we’re there when it does, their hats in our hand, by god!




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