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Citizens’ Lethal Ennui

For years I’ve been pulling my hair trying to reach readers with a basic message – something is wrong with our country!

It’s maddening being unable to convince everybody {anybody!} that not only was the 11/20 election stolen, but the covid pandemic was a massive hoax, a deliberate biological attack to help facilitate the steal. Then, the Jan 6th “insurrection” was more of the same. Nothing to do with patriots and everything to do with antifa, BLM, traitors and treason!

Josef Goebbels back in WWII Germany said “a lie told once remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes truth”. Government election managers, political pundits, academics, legal scholars and mainstream media all reported ad nauseum everything was fine, repeating over and over how ridiculous to think it could have been rigged!

Then slowly we began to hear “OK, there were a few problems here and there, but not nearly enough to change the results”. Trump was just a sore loser, had no evidence, nothing, to back up his claims. Then we learned how certain selected precincts evidently had enough anomalies to suggest “maybe there is a problem here – maybe big enough to change the results at this polling station!”.

An odd voice here, frantic pundit there, popping up on the media landscape sprinkling lighter fluid on the kindling, building a controversial fire of possible espionage, insurrection, treason. Admittedly, mostly Trump supporters. Still, a worrisome sentiment building amongst the saboteurs and their intended victims. “Maybe it was rigged!

Almost from the get-go the insurrection event in the capitol was problematic. There was misreporting, deliberate attempts to twist Trump’s words, odd occurrences involving the capitol police, reports of undercover FBI and government agents in the mob, exaggerations about property damage and violence and false-flag chicanery to mislead us on the nature of the incident.

Then the pandemic. Again, statistics fly at the outset. Who was vulnerable? What protective steps could one take? Who had the necessary authority to set guidelines? No sooner an edict was issued, a countervailing opinion emerged challenging its efficacy. Rumors claimed there were medicines available that authoritative bodies refused to talk about. Managing the pandemic became more and more unwieldy, if not suspicious. Facts continued to be falsified/misinterpreted, deaths over-stated and an almost constant flow of highly qualified and respected professionals maligned for having differing opinions from mainstream. It even came out some mandated measures were doing more harm than good!

For over two years information was presented which was subsequently corrected, adjusted or flat out contradicted. Still, the majority continued to believe what they were told and refused to believe anything odd or suspicious was taking place. Attacks on Trump continued. He was vilified, ridiculed, indicted multiple times, knowing he’d already been impeached twice before by leftist zealots but fully exonerated!

The period 11/2020 onward is inconceivable without the words of Nazi mastermind Goebbels how lies become truth when told repeatedly, especially emanating from a feared, authoritative body. For those still believing nothing questionable took place, here are some disturbing reminders of exactly how far things have gone.

Proofs continue coming out supporting election tampering. FDA, DHHS, CDC, NIAID, NIH, WHO and other authoritative bodies have all given misleading or false information, in some cases lies. During the summer/fall of 2020, chaos and anarchy went into effect, police being told to stand down. Constructing the border wall halted under Biden, stating we should not stop people from coming in, legal or not. Antifederal sanctuary zones comprised of cities, counties and whole states in the hundreds popped up all over the country defying federal authority. So naturally, anti-state sanctuary zones also emerged claiming they were against state laws and/or favored federal laws instead. A patchwork of opposing jurisdictions arose working to undermine the authority of the federal government, state governments and constitution: the start of anarchy.

For 30yrs it was admitted there were 11-12million illegals in America. Recently the figure was adjusted up to 25– 30 million. No one knows exactly how much the goods/services provided to this community cost?

Hunter Biden misplaced his infamous laptop containing huge amounts of damning material in many criminal areas. It implicated “rogue-President” Biden in many of those areas. FBI has had it for 4yrs yet still has filed no charges?

Biden exhibits behaviors in public, at podiums, foreign locales and media events which are strange if not aberrant, indicative of an impaired mental state, yet no one is questioning his fitness for office?

The influx of illegals combined with relaxation of law enforcement measures such as no cash bail, felonies downgraded to misdemeanors, police ordered to stand down during riots/may-hem all served to create soaring crime rates in most metropolitan areas.

Something is very wrong with the heart and soul of America. We’re divided like never before. We’ve gone backwards 40+yrs in race relations. We’re allowing government to dictate educational guidelines, exposing young children to sexualization, gender confusion, options for hetero/homo/pansexual lifestyles. Borders are now thought to be nationalistic or isolationist. Any who agree no longer want to protect our sovereignty/constitution, favoring centralized world government.

The economy has tanked, crime rates soared, goods/services earned by citizens compared with benefits/privileges given to mere residents – legal or not – make no sense! The core American constituency is diluting into a polyglot multinational, multi-racial body impolitic with little knowledge/awareness about American exceptionalism, traditions or values.

How can a majority of us not see this? Are we so preoccupied with daily life we’ve lost track of our incumbent responsibilities as Americans? Reagan said – “freedom is only one generation away”. It’s our job to make sure our children learn who we are as a people, what it took to get us here and how much privilege and freedom we enjoy compared to the rest of the world.

Evidently most of us have been Goebbelized, are disinterested or oblivious to our peril OR profess irrationally we’re on it, understand what happened but don’t agree it’s the harbinger of our downfall.

Perhaps most of us don’t think any of these things are happening. Everything is business as usual! Remind me to sell you guys my shares in Newsome’s Bullet Train next time we meet . . .

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I’m Al Shane

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