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Competing Realities

Yesterday around 11:55a/est Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States. At least, that’s what they want us to think, and it’s the reality for many of us. We believe he won the election, that Trump has been a sore loser and that finally Biden has been rightfully installed.

But is all as it seems? Many of us are or should be aware that Biden and several of his family members have been under investigation here and in Ukraine for over a year. Under the constitution a person is prohibited from running for president in this status.

There is also a technicality of which many of us are probasbly not aware, which is the fact that around 1870/71 during the time of Ulysses S. Grant’s presidency, the USA agreed to, signed and became the United State of America, Inc., wholly owned by a group of London bankers. This established the central banking system which remained in place until July 4th 2018 when Trump took action and dissolved the corporation.

In a nutshell, Grant was the 18th president of the old republic, Trump was the 45th and last of the corporate republic, now Biden would be the 46th – but that entity no longer exists: it was dissolved more than a year ago and is defunct. So what exactly is Biden president of?

Another thing, during Trump’s final days he became very concerned about the rumor of foreign interference in our election and was notified by DNI Ratcliffe in a national security memorandum that this had actually occurred and involved several foreign states, not just one. In this circumstance Trump had no choice but to invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807, placing the country under martial law.

This invalidated the election results, totally discredited and bypassed all civilian authority and placed governance of the country under the total control of the military. This means there could/can be no new president until the martial law is lifted and control returned to a civilian government.

It is also true Biden took his oath in a non-consecrated building at the wrong time of day and aired a video of the ceremony almost 11hrs later for broadcast, all of which is unconstitutional.

There are several more reasons why the authenticity of his inauguration must be called into doubt, but I’ll leave off here to discuss another issue.

Trump was president until the end of his term at noon on the 20th, or would have been if he hadn’t declared a national emergency, activating martial law. I believe this suspends his term by default and he remains in inactive presidential status until military control ends. This could be a few days, weeks or even months. So there’s no room for a newly elected president until the term of the old president has officially expired.

Which brings up another fact. The election itself has been reviewed/investigated extensively over the past two months for numerous allegations of fraud, corruption and vote tampering. Vast piles of evidence have been compiled proving this actually happened in at least six or seven states or more, leading us to conclude the entire election was tainted and illegal, its results null and void with no winner. Here Biden is not a winner and highly suspect of complicity, corruption and treason.

In this reality many of us hope and expect that once martial law ends, Trump will be duly recognized as winner by default of the corrupted election. Or, if either he or military choose, a new election will be held sometime before March 4th, which is the old constitutional deadline for inaugurals. Then a new president can and will be chosen at the will of the people.

In the first reality, Biden remains president by virtue of a deeply established underground government or deep state backing him and blocking every attempt at discovering the truth. This in and of itself demonstrates collusion, conspiracy and corruption in the congress, Justice Department and Supreme Court.

For some reason, much of this remains doubtful or beyond the vision and understanding of a vast multitude of our citizens who rely on the mainstream media for their news and information but who don’t seem to realize their media is also corrupt, up to its eyeballs in conspiracy and collusion! This places them at stalemate with those of us who do see the problem for what it is: an immense and massive insurrection of our entire government, its many institutions and agencies, its state & local level branches, the entire media, big tech social media, journalists and commentators, celebrities, educators, scholars and so on.

On November 3rd an attempted coup by enemies foreign and domestic and planned for many years took place. Government officials, managers, leaders became saboteurs throughout society, recruiting, seducing and/or blackmailing others into aiding and abetting the insurrection.

The 75-80 millions of us who actually voted for Trump are mostly aware of this, but many still don’t get it and are perplexed as to why Trump wasn’t declared the winner? It seems they can’t get their heads around the immensity of the treason. Those who voted for Biden are having an even more difficult time, they being virulently anti-Trump to begin with and not predisposed to believe their side would have resorted to such underhanded methods to elect their man, let alone perpetrate a disgusting, evil treason!

We have two realities. The first denies the truth, allows the bad guys to get away with their evil and destroys America. The 2nd sees the truth but has trouble accepting all its baggage, unable to believe there is so much dirt and corruption amongst us but, even so, demands we put this right! I know which reality I’m in. Do you?

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