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Cutter Loose

The past month we’ve been hearing from Obama’s lieutenants, including Secretary of State Clinton, UN Ambassador Rice, Press Secretary Jay Carney, DNC Chairwoman Schultz and campaign functionaries David Axelrod and Stephanie Cutter. Others have been speaking as well, but these six with the president are the spin-doctors I most want to lambaste.

The issue, and national tragedy, was the Benghazi massacre on September 11, 2012, during which three American nationals and our Libyan Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens were murdered.  Notice I don’t say killed, casualties of mob action, or victims of random violence.

This is because our intelligence people knew within 24hrs, and probably before that, this was a deliberate and targeted attack on our diplomat and his entourage. It was perpetrated by a group or extremist cell connected with al Quada. We’d even been warned by local government officials that something was up, and we needed to take care. Furthermore, it’s come out Ambassador Stevens feared for his life in the days leading up to the attack, and had requested more security for his station. It was denied.

The spin doctors evidently remained ignorant of all this, either intentionally or coincidentally, which would imply six different high administration officials were kept in the dark and fed fertilizer by someone in the White House, and they all were victimized by this process . .  I don’t think so.

First, and let’s be clear, this was a murderous attack that could have been avoided, based on what we’re hearing, and I consider the parties responsible to have blood on their hands. That main party is the State Department and its head, Hillary Clinton. This happened on her watch, it was her failure, and her responsibility.
Demand her resignation and Cut’er Loose!

Carney and Rice are culpable of acting like revolving doors, with little or no personal assessment or accountability about their words and claims during their many press conferences and appearances.  Either we believe they had absolute faith in the person(s) feeding them the information, or they willfully, deliberately participated in an obvious coverup of what we’ll eventually find to be a multilevel      breakdown amongst intelligence officials, State and White House.  We don’t need dummies or conspirators at the highest levels of our government. They need to go. Cut’em Loose!

Axelrod, Schultz and Cutter are pure political functionaries doing  the bidding of this president. Their every move is designed to help him get re-elected. In the face of this foreign policy debacle I think they immediately began their damage control, engaging in spin, misrepresentation and falsehood, counseling the president it was absolutely necessary on the eve of the final debates and election.  They each and all have accused the Romney camp of politicizing this national tragedy, when it is they, who in every fact and truth, have been obfuscating and prevaricating in this despicable manner.

The American people deserve better. If we can’t trust what we’re told in the midst of catastrophe and chaos, we will become fearful in our confusion, angry in our predicament, resolved in our con- tempt. We must not tolerate this kind of deceit! Axelrod & Schultz are prime examples of this and need to go. Get them out of our face! Cut’em Loose!

Stephanie Cutter is even more pathetic. She in her ignorance and naivete directly charged Romney and Ryan with cheap grandstanding, trying to make this event more than it was, to blow it up into presidential proportions, to elevate it to the central topic of the next debate purely for political purposes . . . talk about your rank amateur and someone who doesn’t have a clue!

In her mind, this event was old, insignificant and inconsequential.
Tell that to the family and loved ones of our murdered brethren! Tell that to the intelligence functionaries/professionals who are questioning their own skills and understandings about how they got it so wrong. Tell it to Hillary Clinton who will have this black mark staining her record, besmirching her fitness for future presidential considerations. And tell President Obama this was no big deal, and he can afford to focus on other things. Right, like his next golf game! Why put up with this level of incompetency, this lack of sensibility and sensitivity? Get rid of her. Cutter Loose!

Lurking in and behind all this is, of course, President Obama and his man-servant, Joe Biden. They too have indulged in calumnious behavior, abandoning all pretense at being statesmen or leaders. They too have no shame, and are willing to say and do anything to stay in office. I can only hope, in the depths of the American spirit and conscience, we will see them for who they are. Naked, unbridled opportunists. Empty rhetoricists. False leaders, speaking/acting dangerously counterproductive to national interests and security.

They need to go. They and all their fellows. Put them on their statist, socialistic bandwagon, haul it to the top of Washington’s hill, and Cut’er Loose!


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