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Deck chairs again!

Deck Chairs Again - Titanic Deck ChairSo, none of the president’s proposals will add to the debt, not one dime. Says it’s already accounted for in prior deals, cuts and savings. What kind of shell game is he playing?

The debt clock is spinning like a top, adding millions every minute nearing $17Tril, yet we hear nothing about halting or reducing spending, nothing how we must get debt under control, nothing about fixing Medicare & Social Security.

Basically, he told us everything is fine. We’re back on track, unemployment claims down, housing’s taking off, adding manufacturing jobs, and economy sputtering along in the right direction. Just give folks a chance to work and they’ll grab the opportunity, really .  .

Is that while they’re still on the dole, collecting food stamps, rental assistance and god knows what? What incentive do they have to go back to work, if they get more staying home? What discouragement is there for a single mom to go back to work or to stop having kids, if she gets more benefits having more?

Makes you wonder if his economic advisors can see the big picture, and how ugly it is: 47 mil on food stamps isn’t fine; half the people paying no tax stinks; taking away tax breaks or increasing rates on upper middle classers sucks! We’d do more to stimulate the economy & create jobs if he kept our tax the same and convinced us government is finally becoming accountable, and absolutely hell bent on balancing its budget! I didn’t hear this, did you?

We expect politicians and public sector workers to understand we can’t grow debt indefinitely without severe consequences. We must slow, even stop, discretionary spending & immediately address the three budget busters: social security, medicare & defense. Does he agree, or is he in denial?

There are no sacred cows when the republic’s at stake. We know triage is needed to staunch the hemorrhaging, before it’s too late and these three take us down. Why won’t he address this in real terms? Why keep hammering about spending cuts yes, but sensible ones, in conjunction with more revenues. He just increased taxes on the top 2%. Where’s he going to get more revenues?

At this most critical moment in our fiscal history, he devotes almost all his attention not to dealing with/fixing our problems, but to more programs! How we can spend more, cut new deals, contract with private sector, invite/entice foreign partnerships to build infrastructure. And all these efforts won’t cost a dime.

A lot of small business owners listened, yawned, considered turning him off, and finally came away with absolutely no reason to believe things will get better. Just the opposite. They think it will get worse. Spending will increase, debt will go higher, and the state of the union is not even close to the picture he draws.

Small business will not hire in the face of a possible minimum wage mandate; won’t invest capital if unsure of future economic prospects; won’t grow itself into the voracious maw of a statist agenda caring only for lower middle class, poor & indigents, all the while holding the top 2-3% responsible for making his crazy brand of socialism work. We need to fix our ship before it sinks!

We need to encourage the shipbuilders & boilermen, electricians and pipe fitters, professional seamen & shipping company owners to get moving, before it’s too late. But they won’t do it, if they see it’s a lost cause, if they see a captain and crew who are more interested in pleasing the passengers, catering to their every need, instead of doing their job.

Sinking-TitanicEverything is fine, indeed. At what point will the passengers on a sinking ship ignore a captain’s order to re-arrange the deck chairs and remain calm? When will they sense the danger?

We heard in his speech our captain is oblivious. He carries on like everything is fine, with no concern for our rate of speed, angle of submergence, or ultimate fate. His agenda is an itinerary of misdirection and unhealthy purpose, a working model of the ends justifying the means. He’ll remain steadfastly on his course, come what may, in denial as to the state of our ship.

If we can all hold our breath just ten more minutes, we’ll be fine.

If we can tolerate the frigid waters for an hour or so, help will arrive. These ideas are not realistic, anymore than thinking our country can thrive while encouraging laziness, free-loading, irresponsibility, generational welfare, cultural disintegration, ethical corruption, moral turpitude, fatherless children & the grandiose misconception that an ever-expanding centralized seat of power can manage & care for the needs of more & more people, ad infinitum.

His boat don’t float. If nothing is done, its stores and provisions will languish and spoil, its crew will become dysfunctional, and its passengers will grow weary, despondent and alarmed with their amateurish seamanship. It’s time for mutiny, or to jump ship. Anything less is to simply accept our fate.


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