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I guess this will offend somebody out there in this land that’s become clownville but hey, can’t please all the people all the time! Oh, and for the chronically uninformed who think they know what’s what but can’t remember these abbreviations that are destroying our youth, culture and country, here you go: DEI =  diversity, equity, inclusion;  CRT =  critical race theory;  WTF  > research it!

Once upon a time America operated like a meritocracy, rewarding efficiency, creativity and knowledge regardless of neighborhood, hometown, alma mater or skin color. It wasn’t always like that, but we struggled, learned and improved the past 100yrs to where personal prejudices mattered less and less and education skill and hard work began ruling the day.

By the time of Reagan systemic racism was mostly gone. Twenty years later Obama comes along and, with the help of his democrats, his mainstream media, affirmative action and not to mention his progressive economic policies, regressive race relations set in resulting in fewer job opportunities. So, the old stigmas, attitudes and educational inadequacies reasserted themselves.

More blacks lived in fatherless homes, dropped out of school, couldn’t find jobs and were turning to crime as a way out. This meant fewer jobs for non-qualified applicants which in turn created/re-kindled a growing sense blacks would not make good employees. This isn’t systemic racism, its reality! All the DEI/CRT crap is a diversion, exploiting a situation appearing to be racist that is in fact a simple truth: blacks are using an opportunity to exploit longstanding white guilt about slavery; nothing more. Truth is, they are now less qualified or likely to perform to minimum standards, as evidenced recently by the discharge of Harvard president Claudine Gay for plagiarism.

Can any of us comprehend the huge cost of these racist programs? Approximately 40% of all colleges/universities mandate applying these criteria to questionnaires/job apps. Faculties and administrative staffs reflect this. Advanced degrees are offered in dozens of disciplines that didn’t exist 20yrs ago, adding new departments and staffing burdens that underwrite/result in a counterproductive effort that hurts rather than helps race relations.

Elements of this effort show up in K-12 curricula, not to mention peripherally radical sexual and gender neutral agendas presented to children as young as six! Again, teachers and outside contractors are being specially trained in these fields, diluting educational goals. They also manifest in many of the largest corporations, the military branches and permeate the government at all levels.

Kids and young adults are getting a thoroughly twisted perspective on the real history of race relations in this country that em- phasizes the inequities and downplays the progress that’s been achieved. Little or no attempt is made to examine the status/relative privilege of blacks in America compared with other countries around the world, nor at the proportion of them occupying middle/upper economic classes of our society.

Take a look at mayors, attorneys general, district attorneys and chiefs of police across America. You see a preponderance of black women, many of whom are gay, who obviously over-represent their proportion in the population yet somehow by virtue of political correctness, in spite of a generalized lowering of rigor in their scholarly/occupational abilities, they’ve climbed to these highest positions in society ruling/governing in a manner suiting their personal politics and demographics. These incumbents have committed/exhibited countless examples of incompetence, favoritism, nepotism, malfeasance, aggression by color of authority, graft, bribery on and on. As a ratio, their record of improprieties far exceed similar transgressions among white counterparts.

This anomaly shows up in other professions as well, including doctors, lawyers, professors, etc. It seems affirmative action not only guarantees a place at the table but tolerates bad dining habits, slothful behaviors and gross personal aggrandizements.

There are enormous governmental and societal problems in the country right now. These socio-economic absurdities, DEI/CRT,  are fallacious, sub-cultural and destructive on their face. They are serving to downgrade the quality and caliber of our professional class, enervate/diminish the raison d’erte of educational goals, compromise and corrupt the daily outputs of our media and entertainment establishments and, most tragically, defame and amateurize the entire black community as being a lesser able and inferior racial caste.

Our body politic is polluted beyond help, in dire need of a cleansing and refreshening. We need to replace all key governmental personnel from top down, review/strengthen the constitutional constraints meant to curtail/prohibit excesses, re-examine targets/goals of our educational process, refine and securitize our voting procedures and study/worry about deleterious effects of weak borders, uncontrolled immigration, official multi-lingual communications, federal v state jurisdictional seniority, term limits for elected/nonelected federal positions and judgeships.

Most importantly we must come to grips with the fact Nov’20 election was stolen, facilitated mostly by implementing a man-made pandemic which in turn mandated an untested/unapproved vaccine subsequently found to be toxic and, in some cases, lethal. The first is treason; the next, a crime against humanity!

We need to reverse out all the effects/manifestations of the rogue administration and its congress during the past four(4) years. Then, reestablish our democratic republic under military authority. Then, reinstate Trump as the legitimate, duly elected president. We cannot go forward to fix our nation’s calamity until these facts are known and accepted by a clear majority of the citizenry. We can then find and hold responsible all culpable parties, high and low, try them in military courts/tribunals and dole out convictions/punishments with confiscatory prejudice. In the end we must round up and deport all illegal immigrants to their country of origin, finish the border wall and re-enforce existing immigration laws and procedures to protect/preserve our sovereignty! There can be no republic without sovereignty and no sovereignty without borders!

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