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We’ve come to live in an age when everything is suspect, nothing can stand on its own without cross-checking, fact-finding, researching, etc.

Where we once had fairly reliable sources (so we thought!) there is now noise, chaos and party-line. Media has become so skillful in putting out their message/agenda that even with a massive effort which btw most of us are not willing to do we’re still hard pressed to discredit them.

By omission, misdirection, decontextualization or deliberate misrepresentation of facts surrounding  particular events or utterances, they’re able to twist it to suit their purpose(s). Many times we have only our own powers of discernment to get some measure of comfort about what is really going on.

How do they do this? How do they present things so credibly, persuasively that we’re drawn into their evil spin, led down a garden path into soporific subjugation, so ignorant/unaware!

Fact is, they recruit professional writers and TV journalists to spew their message. They implant their own people in newsrooms and back-offices making sure only their message gets out. Then they cross pollinate their seeds of sedition to all stations and news outlets so someone flipping channels or grabbing different papers sees the same dope, verbatim!

Surely some of these people don’t want to go along? Initially yes, but soon they realize their job is in jeopardy. If that’s not enough they’re lured into compromising situations, then threatened/blackmailed to do deep state/CIA’s bidding or job, family and life may all be at stake . . .

Tell a lie once it won’t fly; tell it over and over hundreds if not thousands of times, the lie becomes “truth”. Those who refuse to believe anything of this scope has taken place the past 80yrs, take a moment; think what we know of collusion/ corruption in politics. Transfer it to media. Who were/are the superstars? How did they get there? Were they biased/opinionated in any way? Did they favor certain candidates, invasions, wars, presidents? You bet they did!

We’ve been getting party line for decades; democrat/RINO/ socialist uniparty! Any unbiased analysis of the top stories appearing daily/nightly across the whole of media will bear this out. Education, entertainment, TV, art/literature – all heavily infused with left-leaning Marxist ideas/convictions, enforced by self-serving bureaucrats, apparatchiks, media wonks and managers of the societal edifice. We’ve been fed a daily dose of agitprop for years, and its worse now than ever before!

With the newest technologies, all things are possible. Did he/she really say that? Were they at the White House? Has a massacre really taken place? A bombing? Shooting? Is a hot war really happening in Ukraine? Has our election process been compromised? Are we sure about JFK, RFK, MLK, Oklahoma City bombing, Korean Air 007 or TWA 800, Sandy Hook or Rob Elementary/Uvalde Texas tragedies, 9/11 or Covid?

False flag is a political/military action carried out with the intention of blaming an opponent. Nations/governments have done this by staging real or simulated attacks against their own side, saying an enemy did it . . .  not really, just a pretext for going to war, a tactic over time immemorial to dupe a protagonist’s own people, who stand in his way.

You could say its an elaborate kind of mind-control foisted upon the people to make them change their mind. Perhaps more about trickery/deceit than mental manipulation, but psychology, brainwashing and drugs have all been used. The CIA is famous for this whole approach, using it again and again going back to the 1950’s. They developed a formalized program called MK-Ultra which one way or another has been used both in military operations and domestic/civilian applications like education, entertainment, mass media and government communications. Big companies have also been  using it in advertising/marketing, especially targeting youth.

If the idea the Federal Reserve is a privately owned bank OR the IRS acts solely as its collection agency OR a parallel entity known as USA Inc took over in 1871 OR Covid was a huge hoax OR vaccines were actually harmful OR Nov’20 election was totally rigged . .   if it all sounds like science fiction or the conspiracy theories of this writer, suggest you check out/re-visit these films: Manchurian Candidate; A Clockwork Orange; Wag the Dog; Capricorn One; Leave the World Behind; Civil War; Sound of Freedom; Fahrenheit 451; The Killing Fields. Years apart by different directors, all expose some aspect of the falsity of what we think is our reality.

Getting back to false flags they’ve occurred throughout history, some more famous ones being 1) the burning of the Reichstag in ’33 by “Commies” /HITLER TO POWER  2) German raid (Poles) of Gleiwitz radio tower in ’39 /STARTS WWII  3) Russia bombing its own Mainila village /STARTS RUSSO-FINNISH WAR  4) US/NSA reports US Destroyer attacked in Gulf of Tonkin /STARTS VIET NAM WAR  5) Battleship Maine explodes in Havana harbor, Hearst papers scream sabotage  /STARTS SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR  6) Lusitania torpedoed with loss of Americans /AMERICA ENTERS WWI  7) Japanese encrypted messages deciphered days before Pearl Harbor &  ignored /AMERICA ENTERS WWII  8) Sep’11th  attack by 19 Saudis analytically debunked as inside job /INVADE IRAQ, AFGHAN,  ACCEPT SPY-SURVEILLANCE POLICE STATE  9) Nov 3rd ‘20 election compromised/rigged by dems/rino’s/ Marxists/Deep State /AMERICA SPLITS > WOKE-AWAKE-ASLEEP POLITIES 10) Sandy Hook shooting debunked by experts /PERPETRATED BY ANTI-GUN/2ND AMENDMENT DEMS  11) Jan 6th ’21 DC insurrection, reinforces election coup by dems, Antifa, BLM, FBI, CIA and Capitol police / GAVE RISE TO FRIVOLOUS TRUMP INDICTMENTS, ELECTION INTERFERENCE 12) George Floyd incident, shrieking racism, brutality, murder but died from self-induced drug overdose during commission of crime /PRECIPITATED ANARCHY, BILLIONS IN PROP DAMAGE, KILLINGS; GAVE TEMPORARY FAUX LEGITIMACY TO ANTIFA, BLM, BLACK EQUITY-JUSTICE.

Time to recognize these realities, spread these truths, stand ready for impending final act of this theatre of the absurd!

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I’m Al Shane

Alvan I. Shane Author, The Day Liberty Wept 2270 N Euclid Ave Frequent Op-Ed Contributor Upland, Calif 91784 Political Donor to Cons Grps / Causes (909) 946-5104 Ex-Marine / California native Tax Accountant / Mar 43yrs / 1 son
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