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Border Patrol Agents Monitor US-Mexico BorderIt’s been more than six(6) years since congress agreed to build a Fence along the entire stretch of the US/Mexico border, and it’s barely half done. Nor have additional resources been tasked to border security, such as border patrol people, surveillance cameras, drones, airborne patrolling and so on.

Americans were in favor of this by a large majority and now wonder, what’s the point of having elected officials who ignore and/or don’t/won’t enforce the will of the people?

Most everyone agrees we can’t fix the illegal problem with legislation alone. Whatever we decide on paper must be backed by a serious and effective border security program, utilizing all the methods mentioned above, including completion of the Fence.


Since the integrity of our sovereignty as a nation depends on our willingness to enforce these measures I have to askFence once again, why isn’t the Fence completed and the continuing influx of non-legals stopped?


The senate is debating a bill right now presumably addressing this problem, promoted by a “gang of 8” that includes four democrats /four republicans. Language is soft, more concerned with residency rights and amnesty than finishing the Fence, securing the border. Blues are hopeless and won’t change posture on this. Red Rinos better before they lose all credibility. We’re talking about John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Mike Lee & Jess Flake.

These senators are mistaken if they think they have/will get support from conservative republicans and independents.


It’s estimated between 12-20 million non-legals live here, some visible with families/jobs, some visible in their unemployment, disability or welfare status, and some invisible in their underground criminal activities. Taken as a whole, they’ve been costing us billions of dollars every year the past 30yrs, stressing our schools, medical providers & government services.

An illegal immigrant trying to climb over a security fence that divides the Mexico-United States' borderDemocrats empathize with them, feeling their pain, offering help, willing to give aid/assistance as they require, and trying to figure a way/method that leads them down a path to citizenship and a voting booth. Their magnanimity knows no bounds when they’re spending taxpayer dollars and buying votes!

Republicans wish to secure the border and figure out a humane and conciliatory way to deal with non-legals already here, but are scared to death of being scapegoated as heartless law & order partisans/patriots. This imbues them with false hostility and a passive-aggressive posture on this issue. They’ve taken few active steps the past 8yrs toward fixing the problem and respond negatively to most Blue proposals, wanting to disappear into a compromising black hole before being labeled enablers of the Blue’s self-aggrandizing plan.

The bill on the table, backed by the gang of 8 and almost 20 republicans, will enjoy a 2/3 majority vote, putting pressure on the House to pass such a popular, bipartisan bill. But it’s not the will of the people! We want the border secure before agreeing to this. Conservatives must tell these rino senators where they can shove all their passive-aggressive nonsense!


Mexico Border FenceSome are saying if the amnesty aspect of this bill passes without a clear stipulation requiring immediate completion of the border Fence, we will quickly be inundated by as many as 30 million more non-legals, not just from Mexico but around the world.

Others say this is one more example of opening the door a crack by promising to enforce strict rules on non-legals for fixed periods of time. Then, upon reflection, regretting this overly protective mentality as unfair and mean. Soon the bleeding hearts will call for relaxing the rules, shortening the time periods, allowing quicker access to citizenship. Oh yeah, and conveniently coming up with excuses why we can’t finish the Fence.


Reds must not give in to promises. They’re never kept and it doesn’t work. Immigration reform must be fair, logical and workable, and can never work if the border isn’t secure.

Compromising this point will result in millions of new citizens within the next 3-5yrs, with the potential of many millions more.

Everyone knows it’s highly likely most will vote democrat. I have to say duh! to emphasize this point. In the 2012 election more than 70% of Hispanics voted democrat. That’s a fact.


The red carpet


The bill in the senate is a red herring, giving no assurance our immigration problem will be solved. In fact, just the opposite.

Without a secure, enforced/reinforced Fence along the entire border, we have no hope of keeping out illegals. They will continue to come and Blues will continue laying out a red carpet.



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