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For The Record

tinkertailorsoldierspyIt seems we’ve talked ad nauseum about Hillary’s culpability on Benghazi. Also about Obama’s probable motives for ordering a cover-up and using his right-hand gal Susan Rice to do the spin. We’ve lambasted Jay Carney, Debra Wasserman-Schultz and Stephanie Cutter as the minions of collusion they are, repudiated the reporting of most mainstream media, including NYT, LAT, WP, AP, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, BBC & castigated news givers Brian Williams, Katie Curic, Dan Rather, Matt Lauer, Anderson Cooper and Charlie Gibson as bought/paid for political hacks.

Katie-CouricNo euphemisms here!matt-lauer-net-worth

Nothing sticks. They all just carry on with their daily nonsense, acting like nothing is wrong, spewing lies and distortions, shoveling horse manure and bullcrap! Some are even off to bigger, better things > Hillary running for president; Rice appointed as National Security Advisor; Cutter getting a TV deal; Obama getting steady approval ratings. Makes you want to puke.

Bill-clintonRonald-ReaganAt least during the Clinton years, people got fed up and used the system to stop his shenanigans. They held hearings, appointed special prosecutors, made it the business of congress to address, review & punish an out-of-control president using censure, legal embroilments, impeachment & bottom line legacy impairment . . although given the contaminated state of academia these days, future generations of students will undoubtedly be taught he was one of our greatest presidents, right up there with Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy and Reagan!

At least we tried. Not so with Obama. He seems absolutely impervious to scandals and improprieties. The press has no stomach for this fight, most politicians both sides of the aisle won’t hold him accountable or prosecute to the full extent of their power/authority, and the People continue giving him a pass. He’s their great black father; equivocator-in-chief, final arbiter of all things. Above the crowd, the process and the law.

Why? Why is he imbued with unlimited power? Why not held answerable for the failures and misdeeds of his administration? Why tolerate actions and behaviors heretofore considered unacceptable in prior presidents? Why do the American people stay quiescent, uninterested while their republic devolves into a tyrannical state, if not leftist dictatorship?

His single accomplishment Obamacare stays widely unpopular with the majority. He continues spending far beyond our means. He avoids any attempt to pay down debt; to address Medicare or social security; to reduce entitlement spending; to break the log- jam in congress; to order Senate Majority Leader Reid to soften his stance, work for compromise; to target/focus on major problems in the black community, like fatherless kids, broken homes, inadequate/unfinished education, drug use and criminality.

Next month he’ll hold a fiscal gun to our head if we don’t let him raise the debt ceiling. Military families & elderly will be cut, no social security for grandma! Next he’ll gripe how he tried to fix immigration, but stubborn republicans wouldn’t let him. They’re adamant about finishing the fence before any talk of amnesty.

Imagine. What an unreasonable request, after all these years. Demanding we finally finish the fence and secure the border before giving away citizenship and benefits to illegals.

He cannot in any sense be said to be a leader. He lets congress languish, seeks no middle ground for the programs he wants,allows race relations to disintegrate, seeks to ignite class warfare between rich & poor, is dismantling our military, expanding the government, using federal agencies to exact his will, breaks his promise of ending partisanship and creating transparency. He remains ideologically intractable and presidentially arrogant.

Let’s quickly review some highlights to make sure we all understand what this man has gotten away with the past several years.

I hope you agree this is way more than politics; this is a machine of leviathan proportion, rolling over the landscape of our democratic republic, constitutional jurisprudence, division of powers, separation of church & state, and individual state’s rights. It’s an intentional deconstruction of our free enterprise system, and a deliberate lurch towards egalitarian socialism. He promised he would transform this country, and by god he’s doing it.

Through legislative sleight of hand he rammed through Obama-care, even against the will of the people. He intimidated our highest court to hold it constitutional while scholars remain bitterly divided on both concept and implementation. Now he cherry picks which elements to enforce and which to delay, not in conformity with law but by his own counsel. He’s like a rogue regent having his way.

He’s hogtying our energy industry with regulations & sanctions. He indulges an unhealthy crony-capitalism for his friends and supporters in the green energy business, costing taxpayer’s billions of dollars in bad deals. His Energy Dept played favorites, giving risky loans/subsidies, enriching his pals and defrauding the People.

Eric-HolderHis Justice Dept under Eric Holder has failed to investigate 1) voter intimidation by Black Panthers 2) numerous ACORN violations 3) rampant misuse/misappropriation of funds, including illegal payment for abortions by Planned Parenthood 4) the scandal known as Fast & Furious, where DEA arranged for assault weapons to be available to Mexican drug cartels, directly causing the death of a border patrol agent 5) the White House leaks of top secret information concerning Iran’s nuclear weapons program 6) the illegal spying by NSA and other agencies of American citizens 7) the breach of journalistic freedoms under FOIA and 1st Amendment, illegally withholding/blocking access, and many more scandals not mentioned here.

He’s created more debt than all prior presidents combined. He’s more than doubled the number of food stamp recipients, run  consecutive budget deficits in trillions, watched home owner- ship aspect of the American Dream fall below historic levels, presided over the worst economic recovery ever charted, witnessed the highest, most prolonged period of unemployment since the great depression, allowed median incomes/median home  prices to fall to 6yr lows, governed us into higher rates of bankruptcy, foreclosures, illiteracy, and the poorest rankings internationally we’ve ever experienced, at every grade level, in core subjects like math, science, reading comprehension, world geography and history.

The Depepartment Of JusticeFinally, I must assume, based on known facts and the complete reluctance of this president and his key senior officials to cooperate with ongoing investigations on Benghazi and the recently discovered IRS political witch hunting, the following individuals conducted themselves as follows:

President Obama: heard of Benghazi at the height of his campaign, determined it would hurt his re-election chances, and gave orders to cover it up; lied to the American people; caused others to lie; indulged in long-standing collusion with senior staff to perpetrate a fraud; removed himself from the theater of operations during the attack, denying his counsel/authority to those trying to aid/rescue our Benghazi people, letting them die.

Hillary Clinton: heard of Benghazi, informed the president, was told to stand down and embarked on a deceitful, fraudulent program of false information, misinformation, evasions and lies; lied under oath to congress; lied to the families and loved ones of those who were killed; failed unarguably/completely to discharge her duties as Secretary of State, directly causing/allowing a fatal breakdown in security at our Benghazi mission resulting in the deaths of four Americans; failed to resign, accept blame.

Leon-PanettaLeon Panetta: heard of Benghazi probably from Clinton, acted in concert with her under Obama’s orders to stand down, failed to honor & respect the military edict to aid in every possible way comrades in peril, failed to challenge a president’s orders/judgement during/after the attack who had no military background or experience, and who he knew was almost certainly acting out of self-interest and not in the best interest of our diplomats and soldiers; failed to resign, accept blame.

Susan RiceSusan Rice: heard about Benghazi, probably first from Obama; knew the terrain, situation and on-the-ground reality due to her prior history/experience on the Africa desk at State; knew he was asking her to lie; knew the story about the tape was false; knew it was about politics/loyalty to her mentor, causing her to undermine/suborn her highest priority which was to her country; engaged in an ongoing travesty over several weeks to support and promote her original lies, probably being promised she’d get Sec’ty of State; failed to resign, confess, take blame.

david-petraeusDavid Petreaus: heard about Benghazi, probably first from Eric Holder or Panetta, told to stand down, stay aloof, uninvolved until further notice; probably suspected/knew the political dimensions of the incident; knew he was already in deep trouble with his affair, had to play ball to salvage some reputation & benefits; was derelict in his responsibility, knew as a military expert of the highest order the best course of action for aiding/rescuing those people; conduct unbecoming, failure to discharge the duties of his post; personal problems/distractions caused him to lose focus, contributing to a tragedy within his power to prevent; failed to resign, accept responsibility, divulge the truth.

story_petraeus_panetta_giEric Holder: learned about Petreaus from FBI’s Mueller back in August’12, knew he had compromised a Top Secret email address & probably informed Obama privately within days of discovery; probably met with Mueller, Petreaus and Obama to decide the best course of action, concluding if scandal broke it would hurt his chances; acting in concert with Obama/Mueller allowed a potential security risk to remain in office for three more months jeopardizing national security, not realizing it would become a damning, contributing factor in the soon-to-happen Benghazi; almost certainly FBI-Director-Muellerlied/gave false testimony on numerous occasions before congress; effectively politicized the Justice Dept to personal benefit, subverting any hope for pure, unbiased justice to reign/prevail across the land; pathetic AG, should have been removed long ago for conflicts of interest, malfeasance, incompetency, perjury & fraud.

The IRS is very troubling and deserves airing, but another time. Let me end here by suggesting we have a rogue chief executive and entourage running our country. They are setting their own rules and making new ones for us to live by. To them, their ends justify their means. I expect they’ll do whatever they must do.

candy-storeBad things happen when good people stand and do nothing. We have the power to hold them accountable. We must do this, to save our country. Think of America as a big candy store, with the best selections and deepest stocks. When the family ran it, they’d help themselves, eat some profits, but there was still plenty to go round. This crew is giving away the store. Soon there won’t be enough to stay in business. Goodbye livelihood; goodbye candy; goodbye America.

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  1. This administration is completely lawless!

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