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Grandstanding & Balderdash

Barack ObamaWhen we re-elected Barack Obama last month we knew what we were getting. We’d just gone through four years and had lots of time to evaluate his policies and measure his leadership. Evidently, a majority of us were content with what we saw. What’s the problem?

His failure to make a deal is no surprise. He’s not a dealmaker, like Clinton. He’s an ideologue who wants his way, and he’ll re- main intractable as long as it takes. Anyone who doesn’t believe that, or doesn’t think he has an agenda, is misinformed.

More to the point, we all knew he’d push for higher taxes on the rich, however that’s defined, and would distract, delay Grandstandingand suspend any cuts in spending for as long as he could. He complains republicans are not dealing in good faith by balking at his tax hikes, but he’s the one who agreed in principle with $2 – $3 of cuts for every $1 of tax increase. Why isn’t he leading with ideas on this and where to cut? Why isn’t the media holding his feet to the fire?

Because, it’s not part of his plan. If he cuts anything it will be a gigantic step backwards from what he’s accomplished thus far. In case the reader is unaware, he nationalized one-sixth of the economy with Obamacare, pushed total public sector spending over 25%, which is more than most of Europe & Scandanavia, and nationalized big chunks of the banking and auto industries.

Furthermore, he’s backed/strengthened public sector unions, doing everything he can to grow their ranks and quash the on- going right-to-work movements popping up in many states.

We all know the 800lb gorilla in the budget is spending, not revenues. They can’t raise revenues enough to meet current spending levels. It’s impossible. Yet here he is making recommendations for billions more in stimulus but no proposed cuts. What are republicans supposed to do?

The most serious fiscal bleeding is in the medicare program, current entitlements like food stamps, extended unemployment benefits, burgeoning disability benefits, aid to single moms, all other forms of welfare benefits, and social security. Right be- hind are national defense and funding the federal government with its millions of retirees. Last not least is interest on debt, which will explode if we continue running $1.2Tril/yr deficits.

BalderdashWhen will this president and his party come to realize we must tighten our belt to keep our fiscal pants from falling off! Facts are everywhere. Reality is upon us and it can’t go on. Yet, what does he do? Complains how republicans refuse to come to the table; demands tax increases from upper middle class business owners, hurting the economy, losing jobs & covering only a tiny fraction of the deficit; asks for increased spending/governmenal expansion; refuses to talk about immediate cuts.

Getting the picture? We’re in a logjam; a Mexican standoff. Nobody will budge. Who’s in the right and/or has the upper hand? A few hints we can’t ignore. First, tax increases should be on everybody, not just the rich. Obama wants to be a hero to the middle class and demonize republicans. But if he wants to raise revenues he’ll get 20x more by taxing all of us; not just the rich. This would put an immediate dent in the deficit. Middle classers who complain are hypocrites. They made this bed, now they can lie in it!

If everybody gets a tax increase, it eliminates class warfare and, contrary to WWarren Buffettarren Buffett’s balderdash that a tax increase on the rich would be a morale booster for the middle class, this strategy will produce the same effect on upper middle classers where it will do the most good. You want more bang for your tax buck? Make these folks happy! They are the real movers & shakers behind the economy. Improve their moral and our fiscal woes will be history!

Make real producers believe Washington means business, show them major strides towards balancing the budget. Combine this with across-the-board tax hikes & immediate spending cuts and you’ll never guess what’ll happen? The economy will roar to life. Capital investment will soar, millions of jobs will be created, and the national debt will start coming down. Tell Buffett to stick that in his Hathaway!

All of Obama’s grandstanding about going over the cliff is a political stratagem designed to make the republicans look bad. Furthermore, it is exactly what he wants. More revenues, more entitlement spending, and a reduced national defense budget.

Why can’t we see the goal of all this is to weaken our military, push us deeper into debt and bankruptcy, decimate a thriving upper middle class, and topple America from greatness/preeminence to mediocre, 3rd world status and rampant statism?

Republicans must draw the line! No tax increases on anybody without multiple decreases in spending! No increasing the debt ceiling without a Balanced Budget Amendment! No more deals or compromises! We’ve already given away the store and there’s nothing left. We need to stand firm, face this onslaught against everything we stand for.

Washington is corrupt. So is the media, which has become a house organ for this administration and its policies. There is no independent, unbiased body that can stand up against all their nonsense, forcing them to account, and to yield. There is only us, and our conservative representatives in government. Encourage them to hold! Embolden them to fight! It’s time!


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