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Hillary Express Arriving On Track 16

Hillary-Clinton-9251306-2-402I haven’t given up but facts are facts and barring some earth-shattering event swing state momentum is on her side, moving her closer and closer to the White House.

Speaking of facts, it’s obvious anyone could have beaten her, except Trump, and anyone with an ounce of common sense should understand she’s unfit to be president. Instead, a majority is ready to vote for her, demonstrating convincingly that the American people have lost their minds, let alone common sense!

Then there’s the democrats and their party, hoisting (foisting?) a candidate who is corrupt beyond belief, never tells the truth when a lie will do and who by all indications used her position and authority in a pay for play scheme that raked in millions to her private foundation. Democrats don’t care a wit, only that she wins. Neither do a majority of voters since she represents a big payday with free this and free that.

It’s a fact she should have been indicted multiple times but partisan justice is not equal justice. A privileged elite among partisan ranks practice their chicanery with abandon knowing they’ll get a free pass from their peers who are in power and control the law. This undermines all legal authority, including criminal and civil, making a mockery of a civil society, the justice system and a constitutional government.

The republican party is a shambles in complete disarray. It continues to believe it represents conservatism, small limited government and maximum liberty for the people, when in fact it’s become a RINO masquerading as an Elephant, offering acquiescence, moderation & compromise. Conservative principles are up for grabs. Nothing is sacrosanct or inviolate; not our institutions, our system of government, not even our constitution. ┬áMore damaging still, our borders remain unprotected eroding our sovereignty with every passing day. Republicans witnessed it all for decades, cooperated in making it happen. Oddly, they thought compromise was their purpose, not principle. They thought slowing our decay would be diplomatic and adequate, better than stopping it.

hillarys-progressive-expressThe Tea Party invigorated conservatism’s chances, but the progressive machine was too entrenched, too embedded in our culture, institutions and government to allow it a voice. Worse still, republican leadership was disinclined to adopt its platform or push its agenda. Conservative hopes faded in GOP rhetoric and platitudes. Like a signalman at a rail crossing, they raised their green flags to wave Hillary’s progressive train on through, giving it right-of-way to a big government terminus and open road to a socialistic future.

Historians will look back at 2016 someday and mark it as the last gasps of America’s founding heritage, when we surrendered our fate to a new progressive orientation and agenda. Our proven success didn’t matter. Trump’s promise of change didn’t matter. Only a corrupt untrustworthy messenger with the crazy promise of utopia mattered. They’ll say we lost our way, that our dislike of Trump made us lose touch with reality.

Suspending reality works well at the movies, offering a workable concept on which to build hopes & dreams. But it’s not real. When the Clintons arrive at the White House it will be real and that reality will jump off the screen into our laps like a ton of bricks! We’ll gag on our popcorn! I say again, she’s not a reel arch-nemesis but a real one, and her train will run us down . . .


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