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Hollywood Hubris

HollywoodIt amazes me how A-list actors/actresses/athletes seem willing to put their careers on the line by advertising and promoting their politics. I guess when you’re worth $50M you don’t care what people think, not even fans . . .

Here are some recent, particularly egregious examples of these misinformed celebrity ideologues doing their thing:


Jamie Foxx > as guest on TV’s SNL

“ Everybody give it up for our lord & savior, Obama!”

Samuel L Jackson >  in democrat hit piece

“ Anybody didn’t vote for Obama, wake the f*k up”

Morgan Freeman >  in a democrat hit piece

“ We have to give him a 2nd chance, prove his ideas work”

Ed Asner >  in interviews on talk shows

“ Obama isn’t left enough! We need an even bigger socialized government to fix this country ”

George Clooney  >  hosting big Hollywood fundraisers

Sean Penn  >  constant leftist mantra in interviews

Eva Longoria/Scarlet Johannson/Kelli Washington >

democrat hit piece accusing republicans of hating women wanting to take away birth control/abortions/rights


There’s more, but you get the point. Hollywood came out in droves to support Bill Clinton, continuing to do so during his scandals, or the Dixie Chicks in England blasting Bush. Was it a big deal? Do I exaggerate the harm these stars do when they blurt their politics?

In a previous piece {this blog, Dear Hollywood} I go into detail why celebrities, especially movie stars, should not use the bully pulpit of their fame/stardom to bullhorn their views. These people have credibility beyond their due, no better informed than anyone else in politics & government.

Further, they lead privileged, insulated lives, have lost all touch with day-to-day America, thrive on their celebrity, think with their heart/gut, not their brain. They have no clue about the relation between tax and income. Staffers handle it. I doubt if most stars have any idea of the tax they pay, so long as it doesn’t affect their lifestyle.

When you’re very young, enjoy fabulous success, have money coming out your ears and everybody loves you, it tends to mess you up. You get one of those complexes: megalomania, egomania, self-infatuation. You think you are immortal, indestructible, irresistible. No wonder you know it all, about politics and how to run a country.

Primetime PropagandaWhen A-List celebrities hear the word rich they conjure people like themselves, surrounded by luxury, servants, helpers satisfying every whim, 7 figure bank balances.

They don’t realize how devastatingly harmful it is to lump those making $250K – $650K in this rich category. The life-style of these folks isn’t close to the one they enjoy.

In fact, if they could walk a mile in $250K shoes they’d think they’re just plain middle-class, working stiffs with fancy job titles and a few trappings of success. But lord, not on the same street! That walk would be a real eye-opener.

Yet, in the voting booth they hold to stereotype: rich guys like us. Need to pay their way. Stop blubbering about taxes. Pay the piper. Talk to your agent about your next gig, deal, score, etc. Why don’t you selfish cads just shut the f*k up!

Someone tell me why a young starlet whose whole popularity rests on an under 25 fan base has the slightest credibility when it comes to economics, budgeting, governing, politics or philosophy? Same with young studs dripping with admirers. What do they know of responsibility / accountability?

Less than most, rest assured. Still, we give them full pause and attention when they speak about climate change or the plight of the little guy. They want things to be more fair. Never mind the working slobs who pay all the bills and try to hold it together. Those $250K’s take care of themselves.

It’s the lower middle, poor, Hispanic legals/illegals, single moms, blacks, students, unionists, gov’t workers & unemployeds that inspire Susie GoGo / Rapper Bob, only those languishing in anticipation of their next handout. The chronically unskilled, uneducated & lazy. They’re not trying to save our country, only their own bacon and non-producers.

They think, this is the richest country on earth, by god, and it should damn well pass out some of what we got to everybody. Spread it around. Give till there’s one big happy family out there. Then us rich guys can relax, lose the guilt, bask carefree in the decadences of our wealth.

The wrap on this is simple: there aren’t enough rich folks to carry the load. The really, really rich are well-intended and willing to pay their fair share, but they project this attitude on others who are nowhere near as able. A fraction of a percent of their wealth going to taxes translates to a 35% increase on the $250-$650K crowd. Ouch!

When you consider there are roughly 5million in this group employing around 60+ million workers you begin to get the picture. They can’t absorb this increase without cutting expense, starting with employees. It’s estimated taxing only the rich will cost us 700,000 jobs.

That’s a slice of audience who won’t buy tickets and pop- corn anymore, Susie & Bob. Same with concerts, sporting events, theatre. And don’t forget guys like me and millions more $250K’ers who are getting really ticked at your arrogance and stupidity. A lot of us will be boycotting your future money-makers. You see, we don’t patronize anything that can work to bring down America.

It’s still a free country, and everybody’s entitled to their opinion. Your’s is just one more, no better than the rest. Use some judgement and common sense next time you broadcast your views, or it won’t be free for long .  .   .


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