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Huckster O’Reilly

John McCainWell here’s the old huckster telling republicans what to do, to avoid a President Hillary in 2016. That’s just great. Will the conservatives in his audience eat this up as sage advice? Is it what Hannity thinks, or Rush, or Mark Levin or Senator Cruz?

This is the problem for true conservatives. Our ombudsmen are weak, sounding good one minute, bending over the next to make deals. We thought we had new champions with Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan, but they’ve become purple RINO’s like O’Reilly and the rest. Same with McCain, Graham, Hatch, Lee and so many others.

Lindsey GrahamCase they didn’t notice, the country is almost bankrupt, careening out of control down the socialism chute. How did it happen? By making deal after deal the past 30yrs, slipping left every time, giving up ground. It’s like we’ve been pulled along a seesaw past center, that now tilts steeply down and left, making it doubtful we can ever climb back up.

I guess toboggan Bill is having such a great ride with his success and all, he can’t slow down enough to notice the damage being done to his country. Can’t see how far down we are. Can’t understand the leftist onslaught is never-ending, that the forces behind it will stop at nothing to achieve their goal.

State of the Union SOTU-handshakeHow can doing another deal change things; compromising away more fundamental values turn the tide? Why can’t RINO’s see it’s the fool me once syndrome? We’ve been here before with promises made and broken. When all was said and done we were farther down the plank. What happened? I guess those leftist fella’s are slicker than us, maybe had their fingers crossed when they made those promises.

With this latest immigration bill, a naked ruse for amnesty, it’s like the gullible(s) come out of the woodwork, drink the kool aid and effectively hop off the toboggan onto a luge, speeding us even faster down the tube.

If we have any hope of turning this around, it’s imperative we stand our ground; not give another inch! We’re done giving and believing and dealing/compromising. We’re not going to listen anymore. If we believe we’re right about the left destroying our country, we are no less than traitors letting them do it. We know in our heart and soul liberalism/socialism is a false idol offering empty promise and miserable future. We must not concede the slightest advantage toward that end!

Bill O'ReillyHere’s an aside before I close. For O’Reilly to suggest Hillary is a presidential contender, for him to validate in the slightest way she remains a viable candidate after Benghazi, kowtows in the ugliest, most demeaning way to her, the Democrat machine and national media. She is eminently unqualified & undeserving to be president, and he should know it. If democrats hold her up as their candidate come 2016, it will tear this country apart!

He would be wise not to cram this monstrous fraud down our throats, not without a huge disclaimer as to its likelihood and acceptability. He either took leave of his senses or is a complete idiot, to buy in to the possibility.

Hillary Clinton Benghazi testimonyHillary Rodham ClintonWe’ll never have Hillary, O’Reilly. Bank on it. Do yourself a favor and never suggest it again, except as the outrageous impossibility that it is. We will have the fence first, before alien legitimization; cuts & solutions, before more debt; balanced budget, before more spending; truth about Benghazi, before doing more business with this president!

Conservatives must be committed/resolved to these ends, or we are done.

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