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Incitements To Ruin

America has always been based on a free market capitalistic system, exhibiting rugged individualism, personal ambition and the industrious self determination of its citizenry. Together these yielded up a national character called American exceptionalism. Other nations may speak of this, but the American experience since our founding produced more opportunity, innovation and wealth than any other place. We attracted more immigration, created the largest middle/upper middle class, achieved the highest educational standards and created the finest doctors/scientists the world had ever seen.

But personal ambition/achievement were not our only hallmarks. We also provided a safe haven to the world, a reliable champion for seekers of democracy/fairness/justice, humanitarianism in times of great tragedy/need, and constancy in military strength and leadership during times of war. Since the onset of the 20th century the United States set the bar for modernization, rule of law, rights of the individual, scientific progress & the political ideology of a democracy-driven republic which others tried to copy, but could never rival.

We’ve been the greatest nation on earth for 5 generations, leading the world in almost every category of endeavor/enterprise.

A person could get a top quality education, exploit abundant  opportunity and enjoy maximum freedom as they made a career, started a family and lived their life. Not perfect by any means, but compared with others the best around. Each of us, no matter our circumstance, could strive for self improvement and chase the American Dream.

Societies stratify economically according to human nature, personal circumstance and the relative freedom/opportunity offered by the governing system. For most of our history we’ve been a democratic republic having limited government, causing minimum intrusion/regulation into our daily lives.

Franklin Delano RooseveltThere have been those, however, who felt we could do more and be better. Progressives like Wilson, FDR, LBJ and now Obama all worked to expand the role of government, increase its goods and services, strengthen its capacity to influence/manipulate the economy. So long as underlying sentiment remained with the individual and not the state, so long as people continued to be self-reliant and responsible, these progressives and their ideas stayed in the background. Popular yes, and garnering a growing constituency, but still not the currency of real Yankee ingenuity, that democratic-republic stuff that made us great.

In many respects there was need and some ideas gained a foothold, like social security and Medicare, but always against the backdrop of a vital mainstream populace who were busily engaged in their work and improving their lives. These were the majority by far, the mainstream, tolerating the utopian idealisms of do-gooder politicians/academics/intellectuals only so long as they didn’t interfere with their own personal progress.

Lyndon JohnsonThis was the political landscape up thru Bush II, ending in 2008: constant pressure from the left to tax the rich more and help the poor more, and a couple attempts to take the next step toward socializing government by nationalizing healthcare. LBJ & the Clintons tried but couldn’t do it. Now, owing to the accretion of leftist influences permeating the whole of our society, and given the fact, the absolute reality, we no longer have a free, independent press/media in this country offering nonbiased professional analysis of the daily operations/pronouncements of government, this president was able to ram it down our throats. Though widely unpopular, having zero support from republicans, it passed in spite of their opposition and was ultimately sold/peddled to the people on a platform of falsehoods, mischaracterizations, bogus promises, deceits and lies.

obamasnobThere is concrete proof Obama lied again and again, even if Mr No-Spin & others refuse to go there. We’re now awash in a gigantic debacle of epic proportions hurting millions & millions of people. Still, the media remain supportive, non-critical and mostly silent as to the lies, breakdowns & massive systemic failures that have taken place and will be taking place.

Three years and a billion dollars to get it right, and this president and his groupies dance around making excuses, pointing fingers at everyone but themselves, denying they made promises that are on record, refusing to admit any fault, wrong-doing or error. Said another way, they don’t hold themselves accountable, nor do any others outside their sphere of cronyism/collusion, like TV, newspapers, commentaries or academia.

By most reckonings this is bad law, poorly written, with very little popular support, dubiously legitimized by a single controversial Supreme Court opinion. It is totally un-American in spirit/implementation and, in the judgement of many, clearly unconstitutional. Yet it prevails, stumbling along with its setbacks, problems and failures, becoming the usual/typical gov’t SNAFU!

Obama operates like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and other hucksters who pipe their tune and skip along, looking for streets/ venues ripe for rabblerousing. He rode in to town on non-white populism, exploiting jealousies/animosities of the under-classes, frolicking in the shallow zeitgeist of the leftist moment. All this of course being aided/abetted by a collusive media, left-leaning intelligentsia,pent-up racist payback like in the OJ phenomena.

In addition, his path has been smoothed by the titans of Wall Street and Captains of Industry, along with the movers/moguls of the Hollywood-Sports Entertainment Complex. Taken as a whole, these monied interests with their power/influence exert an apparent favoritism/benevolence far more effective in its perceived ideological drift than its pure monetary value.

There’s also this collective guilt thing of the really, really rich.

For some ungodly reason Bill Gates & company carry round their necks, like scarlet letters, palpable reminders of the racism and hatred of the latter day deep south. It hardly exists anymore, but it burns their necks and psyches intolerably.

Obama king with crownHow to explain? All I know, Obama is an obvious socialist by any measure, and a lot of us don’t seem to care. He’s shown himself a racist in presidential stance. He’s arrogant, an elitist of the 1st rank, holds himself in many instances above the process if not the law, yet remains completely nonaccountable. Bad picks for cabinet appointments are of no consequence. Being black and arriving on scene at a most propitious moment, he is beyond reproach, tolerates no tethers and suffers no criticisms.

He is a rogue executive with carte blanche. He rides roughshod on the backs of the congress and the people. He issues executive orders by whim, abridges/amends the laws of the land without congressional approval, and gloats we have no remedy for his actions. No higher authority. No ultimate check on his abuse of power.

Must I remind how his Attorney General lied under oath with no consequence, as did his UN Ambassador, his CIA Director and Secretary(s) of State & IHS, not to mention innumerable staffers and underlings. He himself has lied constantly & repeatedly with impunity and abandon. His inner circle repeat his lies as do his far-flung supporters in government, politics, media, entertainment and academia.

He’s inciting us to ruin as did the Pied Piper to his entourage. His is a false image of empty, disastrous promise. He’s already caused a reversal in our nation’s fortunes, including the slowest recovery on record; highest prolonged unemployment/ underemployment; shrinking middle class; growing dependency class; sinking educational standard world-wide; economy losing place to China and the EU; declining dollar & exploding debt; chronic inability to balance budgets; deadlocked congress; hyper- partisanship; coarsening of culture/public discourse; growing lack of trust in government/public officials; corrupt/entrenched permanent political class; equal marital status of gays; diluting/ dumbing-down of the general population.

These are the fruits of his labors and trappings of a socialist ideologue. He will argue we haven’t gone far enough. We must tax the rich more, give the poor whatever they need. Make government the largest purveyor of goods and services and caretaker of hopes and dreams. These must not be left to the people, for they will not enjoy fair distribution/equal result. We must insure, guarantee, each will achieve his/her goal; enjoy success; realize their dream. No blood, sweat or tears, mind you! No sacrifice! It’s all free, paid for by someone else.

This man is anathema to fairness and justice. He is the devil incarnate of all things un-American. He is a liar, deceiver, despot enamored of himself and totally self-absorbed. He has no moral compass, no sense of propriety, no sense of duty or personal responsibility, no appreciation for the history and grandeur of his office, no comprehension of the fundamental principles & tenets that are the bedrock foundations of this country.

He sees only the bad, not the good. He would put to right things that are already far better than exist elsewhere. He cannot/will not accept that for almost 100 years we were as good as it gets. There was no better, let alone equal. We were the paradigm of man’s greatest societal achievement, giving more hope/prospect to more people than ever before. We were the most generous, sacrificing, most industrious and pioneering, most equitable, most livable place on earth.

In terms of equal opportunity, justice and relative success per capita, we were arguably the greatest nation of the 20th/21st century, perhaps in all history. This man and his progressive friends would destroy that. They would tamper and tweak with their Marxist tool-kit until the basic workings of our magnificent body politic break down. There’s no free lunch or easy success. No future in babies out of wedlock or free abortions, free birth control or free healthcare or education.

Things are worth what we pay for them, nothing more. We must reject this man and his ideas. There’s room for social consciousness and liberal sensitivity within the framework of a healthy, capitalistic free enterprise society, but we must all share, in the main, the same values/ideals concerning our roles as citizens. These include responsibility AND accountability.

We must maintain our basic government structure, and work to improve it, not throw it away for some new, untried model that is doomed to fail. I for one am unwilling to standby and allow this to happen. I would hope all patriotic Americans feel this way and will do whatever they can to preserve what we have, and foil the foolhardy efforts of dreamers.

I for one can be no friend to any person who wishes otherwise. I don’t care about color, age, wealth, intelligence, education, religion, philosophy, ethnicity or politics. We’re all Americans and proud of our heritage, values, work ethic, ambition, competitiveness and achievements. We did build it, contrary to what this POTUS says, and should be willing to do everything we can to protect it and pass it on to our kids. I think liberals can believe these things. I hope/pray they can. They owe it to our forefathers. Anything less is unacceptable and threatens America.

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