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Insane Political Truths!

When last we spoke we were reviewing some of the lies and hypocrisies associated with covid19. The world has since returned to its senses, rejecting the outrageous measures foisted upon us by health authorities and governments around the globe.

People are finally waking to the reality of what this was a kind of snatch and grab maneuver levied under false pretenses to exploit the built-in trust we have for our health professionals and government leaders. Turns out a majority of these individuals colluded to perpetrate a monstrous scam to rig an election and pull off an insurrection! They created a virus, then vaccines to subdue and debilitate us physically.

Here we are a couple years later, reeling in the aftermath of this massive crime against humanity and they’re still at it, saying more pandemics are on the way! No wonder, since we now know there are biological weapons labs like Wuhan scattered around the globe in places like Taiwan, Israel and – you guessed it – Ukraine!

Meanwhile, the lies and propaganda continue. Russia ruthlessly attacked Ukraine for no reason, intending to absorb it into a bigger, stronger Russia. Media around the world are pounding this message nonstop to make Putin look like a monster –  but is he? Is it possible he just wants to rid his backyard of an evil presence, a cabal made up of Nazi’s, globalists, satanists who’ve been running riot over Ukraine for decades, terrorizing people with their criminality with such things as money laundering, child trafficking, pedophilia, ritual satanism/child sacrifice, biological warfare and the primary goal: promulgating their quest for a New World Order.

This cabal, deep state, Kazarian Mafia, global elite, call it what you will, is dead-set on reducing the world’s population by over half, using their one world government to control food, energy, media, education, money, birth rates, human longevity and every aspect of individual freedom.

Think I’m wrong, especially about Ukraine? See if you still think that when China infiltrates Taiwan for the same reasons, or an alliance comprised of many nations does likewise to Israel – Israel? Right, pro-Zionist, Kazarian-Jew, mystical Kaballah, Rothschild-Soros-Schwartz-Zuckerberg Israel!

Information is coming out daily supporting these claims: the election stolen; covid a hoax; country insurrected; $US dollar worthless; media a leftist monolith; Hollywood a bootlicking sycophant; government a monstrous conglomeration of America-hating, constitution-rejecting globalists. You see, its not 2022 –  it’s 1-9-8-4 !

I know many refuse to believe it, can’t comprehend how such a massive sea-change took place. Where are the patriots? Where were they when folks like Hillary and Bill, Nancy, Obama, Biden and their minions/lackeys ran riot over our political institutions, constitution and country? In a fog? Dumbstruck? Wait till the declass starts and details of what they’ve been getting away with hit the front page. You think you know about child trafficking? Not an ice cube’s chance in hell you do! If you did know what it involves, how deep it goes and who engages in it, your brain would petrify: love, reason, mercy become meaningless words which don’t exist in such a world!

Washington has been a ghost-town since 11/3/20. That’s right. The White House has remained empty. Joe Biden hasn’t worked or lived there, hasn’t entered the Pentagon, flown Air Force 1, done anything presidential that will stick. We’ve been in devolution since 11/3, which is a system safe-guarding the continuity of a government overthrown by insurrection. Biden is an impos- ter and traitor. His entire entourage and government is panto-mime and fraud. Trump has remained president & Commander-In-Chief. Everything you’ve watched these many months has been a hi-tech illusion, a main-stream media façade and farce.

Just heard Fauci has been arrested and Covid may not be a virus after all but a gain-of-function poison derived from snakes. Get ready to be shocked as we learn who knew about this from the beginning. Planned it even! White Hats conjecture the cabal planned putting it in our water supply, conspirators being CDC, FDA, DHHS and big Pharma . .  more conspiracy crap? I couldn’t dream this up in a million years. It’s beyond belief, so insane it’s like a figment of some maniac’s imagination!

We’re nearing a Great Awakening when everything I’ve been saying and much worse will squirm and writhe in the light of day. The world is about to change. The information war is al- most over, the psycho-emotional healing ready to begin. Some won’t be able to cope. Faced with horrendous realities, they’ll flee into sur-reality, if not insanity itself.

Some still think my credibility is shot, but it’s your own discernment, wariness and deducibility that are suspect. You’ve been in a state of ignorance-denial for years, refusing to see the ugly truths around you. You’re in that state of cognitive dissonance therapists identify when an intractable inner belief meets head-on with extant reality. Nothing makes sense, melds, reconciles with that reality nor fixes the contradictory befuddlement you suffer.

Go ahead, hate Trump all you want. I’ll hate Hillary and Bill, Gates, Soros, Obama, the Bidens, the Bushes, every damn America-hating, Satan-loving pernicious, perfidious reprobate walking the earth! Orwell saw it coming; White Hats see it happening; freedom-loving wide-awake patriots see it for what it is, and will fight it until it dies!


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I’m Al Shane

Alvan I. Shane Author, The Day Liberty Wept 2270 N Euclid Ave Frequent Op-Ed Contributor Upland, Calif 91784 Political Donor to Cons Grps / Causes (909) 946-5104 Ex-Marine / California native Tax Accountant / Mar 43yrs / 1 son
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