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ShaneView - a conservative view on contemporary culture, politics, society, world, including rebuttals of the national punditryPeople are shouting – if Trump wins, Biden shouldn’t concede or give up until every effort is made to invalidate the election! Don’t these dummies {dems/never-Trumpers} realize this is sedition?! That it leads to insurrection and there is no aid or comfort for them in the constitution?

There have been bitterly contested elections in the past but the union was still in its infancy, voting haphazard, communication difficult and a struggle for the new republic to find its feet

In the modern era these hurdles were overcome, until now. Bush II ‘00 {absentee ballot/hanging chads} was finally certified correct by Supreme Court edict. The other glaring example was Trump‘16: Clinton won the popular, Trump the electoral, raising similar controversy to Bush-Gore ’00.

But this antagonism/hate confronting Trump is unprecedented beginning well before he took office, becoming a constant barb his entire presidency. Actions taken by detractors and outright enemies to undermine him have been constitutionally outrageous, if not beyond belief!

Senior level officers/managers throughout the FBI, Justice Dept and State colluded from the get-go to block his candidacy, prev- ent his inaugural, then impeach his presidency! They conducted their vile business with breathtaking arrogance & transparency. They sent email messages to & fro expressing utter contempt, how they mustn’t let him beat Hillary! Spurious accusations, illegitimate investigations, usurping their position, demeaning their office, becoming criminal malfeasants in their efforts.

FBI Director, Acting Attorney General, individuals in/around the executive branch leftover from Obama who himself began his Organization for Action {OFA}, a funding vehicle for democrat causes and black activist groups. All were guilty of collusion. There were also paper trails back to the Clintons, democrat party leaders, congresspersons and funding entities Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Act Blue, Thousand Currents, OFA, Clinton Foundation and many George Soros affiliated bodies.

Understand these were effectively a Deep State cabal, an ongo- ing conspiracy to defeat Donald Trump. They corrupted their office, worked at the Peoples expense to enforce their will. This is sedition of one form or another carrying up to 20yrs. Soros, Clinton, Obama, their entire stable of lackeys and henchmen are/were seditionists and should all be punished!

Lest we forget, sedition is overt conduct such as speech and col-luding, tending toward insurrection: subverting a constitution and inciting discontent against an established authority. At some point along a 5yr timeline they committed this crime. Why is it allowed to stand, with no consequence/punishment? Again, they want to upend the whole of society, rebel against local police and the federal government; to violently rise up against existing authority.

What is funding Antifa or Black Lives Matter or democrat party support of the same, if not a blatant attempt to fool the people and disobey existing authority? Do they peacefully march? No! Do they burn, loot & murder? Yes! Do rioters from Minneapolis show up in Portland, Kenosha, NY City? Yes! Are they paid by agents/proxies of the seditionists mentioned? Yes! Is their pur- pose to create chaos and anarchy? Yes! Is their success defund- ing police departments a primary goal? Yes!

These movements duped us into swallowing their BS. So-called white people, their corporations, sports franchises, movie stu- dios, media conglomerates, institutions, foundations, universit- ies and many government agencies all fell in line, giving authen- ticity plus millions upon millions to these groups whose sole purpose is to bring down America!

They think they will win a bloodless coup, that enough will get on board to bring a smooth upheaval: Trump ousted; conserva- tives withered, shying away; capitalism, left-right, morphing to a new socialism offering equal outcomes, social justice, anti-racism watchdogs. Upper classes will disappear; low/middle/ upper classes merge in a mediocre low-middle class quagmire. Races, ethnicities reconcile, enjoying equal status with no bigot- ry, jealousy or hate.

White supremacy gone. New Brown majority with Black, Asian and people of color constituencies. Congress convenes like UN with headsets/interpreters translating languages. Open borders allow hordes to swoop in like swamp fog. Hot dogs, hamburgers and other beef products banned; good steak costs $200; driving limited to 100mi/wk; electricity, water, gas, cable/internet use/ access limited; size of home restricted and so on . .  welcome to the new socialism!

Street riots are not a natural outgrowth of peaceful protesting. They are designed and organized from the start. They’re run by insurrectionists hiding in plain sight, defying authority, tearing down the establishment. Again, we have whole cities, counties, even states defying federal authority, calling themselves sanct- uary zones. We have metropolitan areas where homeless have taken over the streets bringing crime, filth and disease to neigh- borhoods, making normal airs of commerce/civility impossible.

These municipalities are long-time democrat-run strongholds, liberal black-white redoubts of socialist nonsense. Using the excuse we are not a fair society but a socio-economic reposit- ory of racism, elitism and hate they strive to tear it down, re- build something new, something they believe will be better. On this premise they collude, conspire, lie, cheat, indulge virtually any tactic/strategy that will work to their end.

Media/journalism is in their pocket. So are artists, actors, mus- icians, athletes, the mega-rich, big corporations, institutions, foundations, universities, goodly portions of government itself.

Hate to repeat myself, but Black Lives Matter is a radical social- ist front, just like Antifa, OFA, etc. Don’t think they’re a threat? BLM is now the poster child for sports, their message emblazed on basketball courts, baseball fields and football stadiums.

Recall: Gorge Floyd was a thug with long rap-sheet and a fent- anyl dependency: it killed him – not a white cop! But a complicit media made him a victimized black man/icon. With smarmy help of congressional democrats and the Party, he became a cause celebre for rioting, anarchy and murder.

One more time: BLM a hoax! Antifa a scam! OFA an intentional

effort by an Ex-President to overthrow government! Soros, the Clintons, Obama and all the others acting to legitimize/support these subversive groups are traitors to our capitalistic democra- tic republic! They are seditionists working to perpetrate the big- gest fraud, insurrection and coup in history!

These vile enablers {I call them smarmatons!}, what I believe is a small percentage of Blacks and the everyman masses who are like sheeple following them back to their socialist insanity-barn, are the real backbone of their movement: ambivalence, apathy and gullibility are the real dangers here.

America has racism, yes, but only an echo of its former self; an unfortunate part of human nature refusing to go away. I think a reasonable Black would charge they experienced racism in their life, but nothing like their grandparents suffered, and better still than their own parents.

There is no systemic racism in the establishment like what they claim. They use this ploy to exploit the basic goodness/fairness of normal Americans. It’s a subterfuge of the left! Don’t fall for it!

Let’s get off the couch and pay attention to what’s happening in our country. Start reading the Op-ed’s and not the sports page. In fact, so long as sports tries to foist off political lies/nonsense as truth on we unsuspecting fans let’s not watch any games! Send a message. In fact, boycott all movers/shakers who would school us on right and wrong when they’re dumber than dirt!

Let’s find our common sense, our decency, our smarts.

Let’s stand and save this country!

September 11, 2020

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I’m Al Shane

Alvan I. Shane Author, The Day Liberty Wept 2270 N Euclid Ave Frequent Op-Ed Contributor Upland, Calif 91784 Political Donor to Cons Grps / Causes (909) 946-5104 Ex-Marine / California native Tax Accountant / Mar 43yrs / 1 son
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