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Liberals & Statists Banging At Our Door!

Ted_Cruz,_official_portrait,_113th_CongressConservatives must take stock of the grave situation we’re in.

Debt is at an all time high, both in real dollars and as a percent of GDP. Economic growth is sluggish and in real danger of slipping back into recession. A balanced budget under this president/congress isn’t going to happen so debt will continue to rise. Obamacare by itself is estimated to add another $850Bil over the next nine years.

Unemployment, under-employment and overall level of employment as percent of total workforce are all suffering, the 1st two the highest in years, the last the lowest. Gov’t size has doubled  in the last ten years, public sector spending as percent of GDP  now surpasses countries like England, Sweden, Italy, Norway, Ireland, Greece, Spain and France. The number of people on food stamps has exploded to over 40mil.

I could go on how the fed is artificially holding down interest rates by injecting almost a $Tri yearly into the economy & how this will result in huge expansion of money supply and inevitably inflation/hyperinflation. Or bemoan that we now have about half our people collecting some kind of entitlement, including food stamps, housing allowance, aid to dependent families, etc.

I think even JFK, let alone Ronnie Reagan, is rolling over in his grave at this turn of events. These economic indicators are notthe hallmarks of his democrats, men like Hubert Humphrey or Walter Mondale. Far from it. And if LBJ could see how his plan to end poverty has taken 6-7 $Tri of our tax dollars over the last 50yrs (who’s counting?) he’d spit in either disbelief or disgust. The giant leviathan of statism has been rolling along since the days of FDR, eating up every vestige of efficiency, productivity and governmental effectiveness, wasting tax revenues, encouraging indolence in the people, and rivaling anything the socialized states of Europe can offer. The EU economic organism is dying on the vine, because too many member states are sick/ diseased with a socialist mentality and cannot carry their weight.

lesmisHow many arguments must be brought to sway liberals/progressives that, as a political ideology, socialism doesn’t work! Never has, never will. Further, what kind of idiot can’t see that quality/ delivery of healthcare in America has been the best in the world for decades. Nationalized healthcare systems can’t compete, and are rife with problems, failings and unsatisfactory performance as measured by both managers and end-users in those systems.

But do-gooders lusting for an even more perfect, all-encompassing system, are willingly (ignorantly) trashing our healthcare and bankrupting our country in this effort.

Grave situation, real graves, conservative gravitas, it is indeed a time for funereal considerations, if not arrangements! Conservatives are an endangered species in America and, if something drastic isn’t done, will soon become extinct. All the telltale signs are here: all the trappings of an impending fiscal/economic/governmental meltdown are upon us, owing to the profligate, unaccountable spending that predominates and thrives under this administration. I don’t like funerals much and would like to offer a solution for avoiding – demise of the USA > R.I.P.

Last week the U S House of Representatives threw down the gauntlet, voting to fund everything but Obamacare. They did  this with a substantial margin, and with the support of a majority of the American people. A Defund Obamacare online survey and petition collected more than 1.4mil signatures, and the tally is growing.

The House bill is now in the senate, where everyone expects it to fail, owing to the democrat majority. It’s expected that the defunding provision on Obamacare will be stripped out and a revised continuing resolution (CR) will be passed and returned back to the House for ratification.

alamoI’m no parliamentary expert but as I understand it there will be a preliminary vote on either Thursday or Friday, and a final all- determining vote on Saturday. The second vote is for cloture,  which is legislative talk for ending the debate. It will require 60 votes. The dems have 54, so they will need six republicans  to wimp out and join with Harry Reid and company, to end the debate and allow the majority leader to chop up the House bill and vote it in with a simple majority of 51, which they have.

If the republicans stand united there will be no cloture, the bill will remain as passed by the House, and we will have stalemate. The senate will not pass it in that version, but also will be unable  to change or amend it. Time to go fishing.

Seriously, if the republicans dig in, become intractable in their demands, nothing will be done, there will be no CR to keep the government running, and Washington will shut down. So be it!

Ibarbarians say let the damn place shut down. Turn off the lights. Let Obama go golfing and all the politicians go home. Slowly but inevitably the democrats will come to realize we mean business this time, we won’t be persuaded or threatened, and we’re not afraid of any fallout in the media, which by the way can go to hell.

Republicans down to the last man must stand firm until they win this debate. They must demand we either kill Obamacare, or find other offsetting cuts to the tune of $850Bil to reduce spending and bring the budget back into balance.

Many are saying this won’t happen, and can’t happen. Why not?

The idea of shutting down gov’t is very distasteful it seems, and most are unwilling to go there. Well, the time has come. We are at the end of our rope, teetering at cliff’s edge and ready to kick the bucket if we don’t do this. Besides, who knows what will hap pen? Who gets hurt? I say do it & see? Deal with any emergengencies or life-threatening situations as the arise.

Washington can always find money, always pass more CR’s and stopgap measures to keep things going. The democrats can bitch and moan, cry foul, accuse republicans of everything from irresponsibility to sedition. We don’t care. We’ll do anything to get our country back! To save it from the funeral pyre! To send a loud, insistent message: Obamacare is dead!

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