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Looks Like A Coup, Feels Like A Coup

Hard to believe, but some are still unaware or not buying the idea we’re under attack by parties and interests who hate our system of government and the freedoms we enjoy. Simply said, they want to dictate our freedoms as they see fit and are gearing up to overthrow our government, replace our constitution.

Starting with the election, we need to open our eyes to the possibility it was rigged no matter how unbelievable it seems. Forensic audits and other efforts are being conducted which will soon reveal, establish and prove beyond all doubt that, state by state, it was a fraud. We must prepare ourselves for this and how we’ll handle it.

Next, the pandemic. The information they released was so flawed and inconsistent we’re left with no alternative but to believe the entire medical fraternity was swamped to the point of incompetency or collaborated in a governmental conspiracy. Either way trust is destroyed! Health authorities and individual experts reversed themselves so often on what it is, where it came from, how best to detect it, treat it or measure its lethality, we don’t know what to believe!

Given this, the pandemic is highly suspect as being just another strain of flu, yet they insist we get vaccinated! Why? We know its curable. Then we hear they aren’t tested or FDA approved and causing adverse effects with many getting sick/dying after being injected! Still, they order mass vaccinations anyway with a second booster and a likely third, fourth as the virus mutates. Really? They haven’t isolated it, don’t know exactly what it is, can’t test for it, yet are ordering us to jab ourselves with their experimental drug to protect against it? This is past bizarre, its insane!

Remember, it isn’t just us, it’s the whole world. Each country is on board with vaccine protocols, masks, social distancing, lock-downs, quarantines, travel restrictions based on weak science, unreliable testing and unproven prognoses! The direct/indirect fallout of this massive mandate exceed symptoms of the actual virus itself raising the question, why this hysteria?

Reasonable people can’t be OK with this! They should demand answers and hold experts and their agencies responsible! At a minimum suspicion is cast on the quick sequence of events that lead to pandemic. Why aren’t we hearing from the media, what with all the irregularities/anomalies? All we get is party line: no warnings, nothing! Who’s calling the shots, Fauci?

Why accept the way big tech social media (gov’t?) is acting? Seems every time we turn around somebody is censured who’s trying to get a word in about the possible dangers of the jabs, alarming results they’re producing or collateral damages being suffered. Seems Fauci’s crowd has unlimited power to censure whoever they choose, even a president, with no watchdogs providing oversight.

We very probably have massive election fraud with alleged foreign intervention; a mysterious virus of questionable origin; a mandated vaccination with public-private sectors demanding we get jabbed and if we don’t we lose jobs, can’t travel, meet or congregate, can’t participate in daily society. If we get sick taking it too bad, cause we can’t blame or sue anybody!

Ladies and gents, boys and girls, we all know you can fool some people some of the time, but this? Can they really think we’re this dumb? This is an all-out, do or die attack! Force yourself to believe they stole the election and it all falls into place. They’re hellbent on taking us down, will do anything to crush America, subdue its people and rid themselves of Donald Trump!

We must wake to this reality! Being left is no longer ideological bent: it’s the end of our way of life! Government tyranny! Border-less society! New World Order! Eugenics planet-downsizing! Their plans make Hitler/Stalin/Mao look like boy scouts! They can use medical technology beyond our imaginings. Given this, do you think they’d let an opportunity to inject the world pass them by?

Need more? Why are the media joined at the hip? Why do Soros, Gates and Fauci own a piece of them and big pharma, control so many NGO’s, fund so many anti-democratic groups and individuals? Why is inflation going through the roof? Why has education become so partisan, post-modern and secular?

Why has entertainment, movies and sport become so biased?

Why is the world’s monetary system about to go crypto?

This is a red alert! Those disinterested or bored with these ongoing warnings/diatribes on the state of our country are invited to set their own alarm clock{?} to wake us up! Try asking why so many politicians are corrupt or sexual predators/pedophiles? Why does the left press so hard to pit Black against White? Women v men? Gay v straight? Poor v rich? Why are they silent on a darkened White House? DC flood? Cyber-symposium showing Arizona flip?

Keep asking these and other questions and maybe you’ll begin to get it and see the danger! Time to demand answers! Peacefully march! Attend meetings of local boards/councils! Voice opinions! Write letters to congresspersons, friends! Agree its time to face this marauding horde!

Also, let’s re-learn the meaning of democracy, republic and Americanism; re-study/appreciate the horrors of communism, totalitarianism! Maybe then we’ll all agree, finally its time to take a stand!

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