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Misguided Defectors/Fanatics?

ShaneView - a conservative view on contemporary culture, politics, society, world, including rebuttals of the national punditryIf you’re like me you hold your values tight believing they’re right and just. The world would be a better place if everyone was on a similar path. For me, the values are conservative. For others, liberal. Who’s right? Which will produce a more perfect world, a world with more equality, opportunity, social justice and personal freedom for all peoples, colors and ethnicities; a world offering hope for all abilities and all classes?

To be clear, we live in a special kind of democracy called democratic republic. It isn’t oligarchy nor real democracy in the most elemental sense, since it’s representative rather than direct.

The republic thrives on a capitalistic free-enterprise economy managed by a federalized, constitution-driven government, as opposed to parliamentary monarch-driven. Both systems try or tend to limit government to certain specific responsibilities, to leave the people as free and unrestrained as possible in their daily lives, living their dreams and pursuing their happiness.

Final point: we’ve been based on capitalism from the start, not socialism. The first offers ownership of property, rights of due process and maximum freedom for the individual. The other limits ownership of property, controls all aspects of due process  and prioritizes the group over the individual, serving the needs of the many at the expense of the individual.

Conservatives want to keep things the same and look for ways to improve while liberals think things must change before they can improve. Conservatives believe the system is optimal offering maximum hope and opportunity to the masses; liberals say its faulty, favors few over many, locks in status quo for the few.

Conservatives recognize flaws and seek ways to fix them within what they feel is a superior system of governance. Liberals, frustrated with the current state of affairs, want to toss it for ideas they hope will be better.

Both positions are over-simplified to focus the issue: can we implement ways/means within our existing system to achieve a better society, or must we radically change to something else? As a conservative I believe even with flaws we’re still one of the best places for keeping people safe, secure, respecting their dignity, allowing them to thrive, rewarding their labors/deeds.

The system liberals look to for improvement/more equality is some kind of socialism. They under-value capitalism, focusing instead on its problems and biases which, they think, will disappear under a faux-socialist approach. Two things are obvious: our existing system and form of government is being misjudged and under-valued; the solution being sought overthrows it with an odious form of potential totalitarianism in bloodless coup.

The last time a minority of disgruntled legislators and congress-people tried to have their way & enforce their will on a majority concerning issues they favored that others didn’t, issues unconstitutional in nature, ended not in bloodless coup, but civil war.

Today, at this hour, we have a majority of one House acting in flagrant disregard of the rules, procedures and protocols of that body and, in fact, taking many steps that are unconstitutional.

They have illegitimately/illegally passed a bill of impeachment unfounded and unproven against a duly elected president who they don’t like and are determined to bring down.

This bizarre turn of events was set in motion on his inaugural day and amounts to the biggest example of congressional malfeasance and outright skullduggery ever perpetrated or even contemplated by that body. It is a naked affront to our nation’s protocols, laws, constitution and people and amounts to nothing less than open rebellion, sedition and treason.

I’m not a constitutional scholar or lawyer, but judging from the parade/charade of persons credited with being such who gave testimony on the constitutionality of this action, I don’t want to be. They were nothing more than a cabal of partisan hypocrisy.

So goes the efforts of these plotters/schemers who, by virtue of their positions and authority, think they can run roughshod over rules of evidence, due process, jurisdictional boundaries and the wishes and preferences of the American people. These fanatics are mostly democrats who control the House. By their actions they bastardize any notion of propriety as they proclaim a false mandate, barely populist if that, with no legal authority or legitimate mechanism for pursuing this indictment. All they’ve done is create political chaos leading to anarchy.

Liberal democrats believe they’re on a righteous path doing what’s necessary to get immediate results. What they’ll get is a political schism of disastrous proportion wherein any hope of bipartisanship will be lost. They think they’re right, that their ends justify the means. They don’t seem to care or understand our republic as we know it may be forfeit.

If the republic falters and becomes a hybrid version of the many other systems that have gone down before they’ll have squandered the majesty/brilliance of one of mankind’s most populous, prosperous nations for what? Socialized capitalism? Hybridized socialism? 1-Party oligarchy? Democrat operatives working to these ends are either hapless fools or seditious culprits hellbent on destroying our republic in exchange for Big Brother Socialism or New World Order Totalitarianism. Either way, liberty, democracy and freedom will be lost.

Ignoring the law and constitution were the first steps. Allowing personal animosities to undermine the gravitas of normal protocols/procedures proved how power corrupts. Over-riding the people’s will is causing confusion and upheaval. Slamming these doors, burning these bridges smacks not of dissent but desertion! It’s no respect/duty/honor for all that’s gone before, on a sham hope of better governance, a utopian fantasy that can never be.

I started this piece talking about values. Did our founders want dignity and freedom for the individual? The right to practice his/her religion of choice? Did their template and model evolve to one of the greatest countries on earth? Is there any example of a socialist state, now or in all of history, that approximates America? Is there a better demonstration of exceptionalism today, than our own?

The founders believed in personal responsibility, rugged individualism, an active and productive citizenry, a limited federal government leaving as much authority as possible with the states. Do liberal values encompass these? Do they promote these winning attitudes and characteristics?

I will keep to my conservative values, believing they will lead to a better life for all. We are a work in progress, an experiment that given time and attention will eventuate into an even more wondrous place. Not a perfect place, but one to which we’d rather go than to the nonsense and insanity of these misguided leftist democrats, liberal dissenters, fanatical deserters and self-absorbed fools . . .

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