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Nearing Anarchy’s End?

We’ve been floundering around for 20mos since the debacle that was our last election. Reasonable people know it was stolen, know we have an imposter as president and know beyond a doubt we can’t let this go much longer.

We must take whatever steps are necessary to fix it whether our majority is slim or vast, whether the constitution gives guidance and whether or not the Supreme Court is up to it! The rot in our ship of state needs scouring now or flounder will soon be founder as we make our way to the bottom of political seas.

This is insufferable from every perspective. We have criminals/ traitors walking free pretending to still be in authority acting like they haven’t a care! Really? Is this the best we can do in the face of this naked coup/overthrow? Why do people like Soros, Fauci, Obama, Clinton and Biden remain at large plotting their mischief? Same with top-level FBI/Justice Dept vermin; congressional scoundrels in both houses/both Parties; governors and executive leadership across the states.

Is anybody in charge? Where are White Hats rounding up rats? Why are the jails not bulging at the seams? When if ever will mainstream media break its ties with the deep state cabal and report the truth of what’s happening! The corruption is enough to make you gag! Just look at Georgia or California: same tricks, same games, same outcomes. Nothing has changed! We hear midterms are coming and oh – monkeypox pandemic is coming too! Get ready to mask up, jab, vote by mail. It never ends. If midterms come and nothing changes, we’re done. If people stumble zombie-like to polls knowing it’s all a travesty, a theater of the absurd, what hope can there be?

From a different angle, maybe it will all collapse of its own weight? Corruption, hypocrisy and apathy will combine to destabilize the political cargo and scuttle the ship! Especially apathy. Far too many are still ignorant of the problem. They go through their day delightfully naïve to the pickle we’re in, the danger that grows and destiny that awaits. I mean, how long can we pay exorbitant prices for gas, food, necessities? How can 30% of us still think Biden is doing a good job, or any job for that matter?!

What about Roe V Wade? We’re being told the National Guard is at its highest state of alert, expecting trouble when SCOTUS announces overturning of the abortion ruling. If trouble comes it will start with angry mobs taking the streets decrying no way!

Then they’ll be joined by Antifa and Black Lives Matter who’ll escalate peaceful marches into riots and mayhem. It remains to be seen if the Guard can keep things under control or be forced to call in the Marines and other military units for help.

On top of all this add shortages of baby formula, food, a shrink- ing supply of expensive gas, regional droughts throughout the southwest, potential power outages, a looming recession, a stock market crash – what do you think? Could we be in the old pickle jar?

Now stir in the growing election fraud realization, growing evidence/awareness the pandemic was a contrived hoax, ongoing Ukraine fiasco, veiled threats of China against Taiwan and the constant harping, barking blah-blah-blah from mainstream talking heads how everything is fine and President Biden is on it! How much more before it all blows?

Sound like anarchy to you? Are we safe in our beds, protected by defunded police, a constitution under siege and our own guns as last resort? What about our southern border and millions pouring in under this administration? The approaching caravan? Do we know minute to minute where we stand, and is the media helping or hindering our plight?

Some of us believe we’re already under martial law, ordered by Trump, invoking the Insurrection Act before he left office. He also issued several Executive Orders concerning the integrity of voting procedures and possible interference by foreign agents. But, we’re now given to believe the military has been infiltrated and the top generals comprising JCOS are to some extent compromised, divided amongst themselves as to their basic duty to the constitution and the people called out in their oath versus their personal political beliefs and loyalty to this administration.

Are we under quasi-martial law mandated by Trump, who anticipated all this well in advance but maybe underestimated the readiness/willingness of the military to comply? Are we also under a shadow government i.e. devolutionary government that is safeguarding the republic during the coup? Is anybody aware?

Biden also called the military for help quelling the anticipated civil unrest. From here forward, who’s really calling the shots, dictating what the next steps will be to keep the peace and protect our borders? Who will call upon SCOTUS to rule on decertifying the last election, organizing an interim government and holding a new special election for President?

Some are awake and fully engaged, some busy with daily life, some lost in their rap-rock-sports, some working furiously to bring about the most enormous governmental collapse since the fall of Rome! Again, are we in such a confused state we don’t know which end is up? Is it just a momentary insurrection? A governing duopoly? Unarticulated state of war?

Will the next few weeks be remembered as a period of counter-coup during which truth began to rapidly drip, then flow like a torrent upon the people, opening their eyes to the deceit and evil that was upon them? Will they rise and cast off the anarchy to take back their country quickly, sure-handedly? Or acquiesce to inevitability and the delayed Orwellian tide? Either way, it’s about to end …

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I’m Al Shane

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