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Never Ben Trump

ben-shapiroRead it like JUDAH BEN HUR  to give a back-handed yet deferential nod to this young gentleman who laments never Trump! Ben is a bright guy on SoCal radio who’s Harvard law and a popular speaker in big demand. He’s been saying steadily he detests Hillary and all she stands for but, on principle, he can never vote for Trump.

What’s that? Cut off the old nose to spite the face? Shoot oneself in the foot? Matter of principle? Like a haute couture principle to never don a gas mask in tuxedo even if the cyanide of progressive socialism swirls around one’s ankles? That’s how ridiculous this position seems to me. I mean, if he’s a big conservative thinker shouldn’t he understand about survival? Prioritization? Hey Ben, here’s another principle: sometimes a principle must be set aside in the face of urgent necessity!

No one I know is crazy about Trump. Most expect him to be a major disappointment if not dismal failure. But a Trump failure will be far better than what Hillary will do! He’ll go through the motions trying to at least  look conservative. More to the point, he’s all we’ve got. There’s no one else. No 3rd party alternative, no last-minute bailout. It’s not going to happen. There’s Donald & there’s Hillary. That’s it. Choose your poison but choose, or you’re no better to us than some armchair general who’s never felt the heat of battle or made sacrifices for what he believes.

The never Trump mantra will be the death rattle for conservatism, free-market capitalism & entrepreneurism, constitutionalism and, most important, republicanism. The republic is our safe haven, a bulwark against other nonsensical governmental systems waiting to feast on its carcass, if it falls. The constitution gives it life, steadfastness and vigor. The two of them combined give us free markets, opportunity and hope. Saving the republic is everything. Without it, there will be no America.

imagesb61sxxtpWe’re now approaching a turn in the road, which veers right. If Hillary wins she will pass that turn and continue left on down the road toward stateism and socialism. A Trump win offers us hope he’ll turn right and take us back toward where we should be, on the political spectrum. Never Trump offers no hope of a turn.

We may not get another chance. Hillary is phony, unpopular, unethical and basically pathetic but still won her party’s nomination. If the people are heavily reflective of her party’s politics they’ll elect her and re-elect her, keeping her eight years. Think how far we strayed under Obama the past eight. We’ve lost supremacy, image, rule of law, a balanced prudent electorate, the constitution, possibly the republic itself.

If she wins there’s no hope of change. She’ll give us more of the same and worse. Think Ben Shapiro in tuxedo, clutching gas mask, deciding to put it on or yield to a hopeless future. Think! It’s only temporary if there is hope. Soon you won’t need it and those principles of yours will still be intact, ready for another day.

I’m reminded of a line from Anton Chigurh’s No Country for Old Men which asked if you followed your principles and they brought you here, what good are your principles?  Never Trump offers no hope. Voting Trump does. It’s that simple. Let’s all vote to get us back on the right road, the high road, the only road that leads back to our city on a hill.

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