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When I think back to the time of COVID I can remember thinking it didn’t sound right? Too many clues along the way, too many coincidences. It was like – they told us it was coming, then it did; from China! We’d already had plenty rumors concerning a lab in Wuhan and how it might be working on some kind of virus . . .

Next thing, police state mentality settles down across the land, taking away our freedoms, balancing fear of a deadly virus against the unconstitutionality of preventative measures. Add this paranoia to the ongoing attacks on Trump and the possibility they’d blame the impending peril on him as his re-election loomed one gets the picture.

Next thing, we see gestapo-like tactics against our freedom of speech, hindering our free and easy access to many of the hosts on the internet doing alternative media. We also hear how big tech and its corporate sponsors not to mention government itself! are acting aggressively to censor ideas/ views running contrary to “party line”.

Next, we’re subjected to mandatory vaccines where ever possible: government, military, schools, big companies and corporations, the entire medical/health profession all now requiring their staffs/employees be vaccinated against covid, clearly an invasion of personal, constitutional rights!

People risked losing jobs/careers if they didn’t comply with non-legislated, arbitrary rulings requiring inoculation! These rulings were the actions of authoritative medical bodies in individual states and/or edicts of national/federal agencies such as CDC, DHHS, FDA and others. Eventually the WHO and UN got involved, insuring lockdown would be worldwide.

The final nail was the reality if you couldn’t prove you’d been vaccinated you were barred from entering certain facilities and businesses; gatherings of any kind; attending religious services, conventions or concerts; traveling anywhere on public transportation. These measures were put into effect and increasingly enforced from the beginning of 2020 up to Nov 3rd election day. Family gatherings, graduations, funerals, weddings you name it. All were prohibited on grounds large groups in proximity created breeding ground for covid.

By early summer a debilitating angst settled over the nation creating fear and depression. People wondered when it would end, what would be restricted next and alarmingly if someone would actually knock on their door to give them a shot? If so, would they fight?

Then, on top of the depressive malaise enervating America came the George Floyd fiasco, igniting fires of racial hatred, sanctioning riots, destruction, death across the landscape, fostering the crazy and repulsive idea of defunding police! In many cities police were already standing down in face of the anarchy!

There we were, practically under house arrest, facing what could be a forced unwanted injection which many feared more than covid itself and topping it off, city after city was set afire by forces of racial justice. Then nearing the election we heard how Mr. Floyd didn’t die from police brutality at all. He was not murdered or even man-slaughtered, but simply succumbed to a self-induced drug over-dose. Still, justice warriors of Antifa and BLM took full advantage, exploiting it to the hilt with the help of a 100% complicit/corrupt press and media, not to mention most of the law enforcement community in every state, the entire legal establishment, courts, FBI, Justice Dept and SCOTUS!

Are we tossing-turning? Dreams getting scary are they, disrupting our slumber? This was the backdrop as we arrived at election day. Then, the real nightmare began. As results came in it was obvious to many of us something was wrong. Too many states were extending their deadlines or calling the winner too early. We were told they were within statistical certainty but, as the slow-moving miasma of errors, anomalies, miscalculations and voting flotsam/jetsam oozed from the voting calderas of six or seven states whose aggregate electoral votes were enough to give Trump victory, we saw the truth.

Mules, large ballot drops, irregular absentee balloting, voting machine vulnerabilities, foreign interference and many other absurdities flew in the face of all logic. Trump got more votes than in 2016, putting his total in the 75-81million range. How could Biden get 80mil when there were only 130million to go round?

Why did half dozen states take almost a week to get their results? Why did most of them show Trump ahead on election night but losing after a highly suspicious 7-10days went by? Why did the Governors, Attorneys General, Election Boards and judges/justices of these state’s refuse to hear evidence/ complaints and why did mainstream media unilaterally back this massive miscarriage of justice?

States are mandated by the U S Constitution and their own legislatures to follow certain election rules. These cannot be changed arbitrarily by state officials, judges or local election boards, not even for an emergency or fraudulent plague, yet this was done under an imposed non-plenary authority of our health boards and agencies.

The “plague” was a monstrous hoax, deliberately set loose upon the people causing fear and panic, perpetrated by government, health authorities, mass media, the entertainment and sports industries and virtually all authoritative bodies that had been infiltrated over time with ultra-left, anti-American agents/provocateurs whose ultimate purpose was to insurrect-overthrow the United States government!

Orwell predicted this would happen by 1984 when one item of moment was release of Nightmare on Elm Street depicting hapless victims terrorized while asleep by the demon spirit of Freddy Krueger who had been maliciously murdered years before by parents; sins of the fathers on steroids!

We too are hapless victims of a bunch of maniacal ideologues who with guile, deceit, treachery and ungodly patience tricked us from within, insurrecting our culture, overthrowing our government. Too many of us remain asleep to this peril and like the film will be victimized under their assault, losing our liberty and freedom if we don’t wake up!

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