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No credibility

Government corruptionWe seem to live at a time and in a place where the truth no longer matters. Persons in positions of authority routinely dodge, dance around, equivocate and outright lie rather than admit to whatever it is the public would like to know.

Politicians, managers, executives, department heads, senior officials and whoever all seem to believe they are above questioning, which means above accountability. When they are questioned, they reserve the right to get back to us, check the record, confer with underlings/staff, consult their memory, do anything rather than immediately answer the question.



Hillary Rodham Clinton
Or, if they are really piqued at being challenged, they either refuse to answer, or they lie. Back in the Clinton years there were untold examples where both Hillary and Bill feigned no recollection of the case in point, could not recall having a conversation or making a phone call. Couldn’t remember who helped them make $100K on cattle futures in 24hrs.




bill clinton monica lewinsky scandalBill lied about his liaisons on the record, off the record, during interviews and even under oath. He said famously  ” . . . I did not have sex with that woman {fellatio not qualifying as sex in his mind}or that depends on what the definition of is, is . . ” He was slick alright, and Hillary could hoodwink the best of them. Together, they lowered the credibility bar, the standard to which we hold Presidents, First Ladies, etc.

It was so bad we’ve now come to expect this behavior, and it’s trickled down through all levels of society. Those we trust the most routinely give us the song & dance, courtroom charade: “Did you order this or that?” “Absolutely not!” A week later, “Did you order it?” “Well, not exactly, because I didn’t realize it would result as it did”. A few days later, in the face of incontrovertible proof “Without admitting any wrong-doing, I agree to plead guilty”.

 Supreme Court Roberts


Both the Congressional Budget Office and the Bureau of Labor Statistics regularly release the latest economic data, and then revise them a month or two later. The U S Attorney General gives false, misleading testimony before congress; Secretary of State does too. The President goes before the United Nations General Assembly, weeks after Benghazi when facts are in, and still says it was a spontaneous mob reacting to a hateful video.


Susan Rice


It’s becoming comical what they think they can get away with.  Susan Rice lied unconvincingly for weeks. So did Jay Carney,  WH Press Secretary. So did the Director of National Security, senior state department officials and many others, all under orders from the president.




Credibility goes to trust, trust to honesty. If leaders are not honest/open about their duties/responsibilities, we won’t trust them, which means nothing they say or pronounce will be credible.




pinokio lies


If the press and media are the mouthpiece for government, they simply repeat all that’s noncredible, so we don’t believe them either. Nor do we believe academics, entertainers, celebrities or other persons who we know are friends/supporters of the dishonest leaders, and unwilling to acknowledge their lies.


Once we diminish the value of truth and honesty, there is no more basis for credibility, and the people believe nothing. Then, an ideologue gets re-elected and people die who were inconvenient; unqualified people get appointed to high posts and fail in  their duties of office; government agencies go rogue and unaccountable, bringing tyranny upon the people; highest court in the land becomes tainted, holding itself above law, constitution, will of the people, mandating an obscene unconstitutionality upon  the land: Obamacare.



There is no safe harbor from the pestilence of corruption, once it freely roams the halls of power. Either we believe no one is above the law, or we don’t. Either high officials and presidents are to be held accountable, or not. Either we wish to maintain and defend the constitution and the democratic-republic over which it holds authority, or not.



There is no half way to these things. America has been and will continue to be the sum total of its parts, and until now that total has been greater than the sum. Ignore the constitution, violate law, govern using guile and deceit, behave in a manner beneath minimum standards of propriety let alone contempt, discharge one’s duties of office in ways irreverent & disrespectful of that office, and the sum will quickly reduce to less than its parts. Presto! Greatness becomes mediocrity; mediocrity into faceless masses, disappearing opportunities, shrinking hopes & dreams.




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