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No Euphemisms / Pulled Punches Here!

No euphemisms here!Hillary & gang say they’ve told us all we need to know about Benghazi. Anything they left out, hey, what’s the difference?

Due respect Madam Lucretia, but your hubris makes me hurl!

Ambassador Rice acted on the best intel available, relying on it exclusively. Bull, Madam Spokeshole! They told you what to say and you spouted the party line, truth be damned! What did they offer, State? That didn’t work out so good, huh .  .

Secretary Panetta says no assets were near enough to be effective. We couldn’t help, only watch/listen as our people died. All due respect sir, bullcrap! All the resources at your disposal? To not avail yourself of a single one speaks to your indecisiveness in the midst of crisis, blatant lack of qualifications for your job, or fatal subservience to a master higher than duty. Most importantly, it suggests your only goal was to protect that master politically, even at the cost of human life. You’re nothing but a party hack who disgraced his country!

Cutter & Wasserman-Schultz, what a pair. They’ve got less military sense than a new  recruit waiting for his first hair cut, yet they’re out there jawin’ how the administration is on it, will get to the bottom of it. Anyway, what’s the big deal? Things happen. Much more important right now is this election, and how nasty republicans want to kill your granny and poison the air! And did we know Romney was complicit in a woman’s death?

Right, we heard it 1st from you two bimbos. You are beneath contempt, and should crawl back under your rock, or back into your spin-cave. You and your retinue can kiss off!

CIA Dir. Petraeus, FBI Dir. Meuller and AG Holder: what a trio Never appreciated how quickly and totally Washington’s  culture corrupts and ruins. Gen. Petraeus must be deep in self-loathing or should be going from golden boy in the parthenon to slimy Dave in a charnel house.

What leaks occurred, breaks in security or lapses in judgement? Astoundingly, they all knew a loose canon was rolling around bangin’ the bulwarks of our nation’s intelligence, but decided mum’s the word?


FBI knew back in August, probably informed Justice the same day. Then had beer/pretzels with our fearless leader that August evening, but kept it secret until after the election. How convenient! What infractions, improprieties, malfeasances, downright laws did they subvert and break?

Did his character lapse contribute to Benghazi? Did he lose focus and jeopardize national security with his inattention, while besotted in a sexual dalliance? Has anybody investigated this?

All three are dirty, wallowing in the vulgar veneer of this administration: no accountability; loyalty above all! Desired ends {re-election} justify means. To hell with the country!




Senators Graham, McCain & Paul, where in hell are you? Spkr. Boehner, Cong. Issa? Where’s the press, bobble-heads, beards & pipes of statecraft / academia?  Katie-cuties with frowny gravitas for fallen heroes?



jamie_foxx Scarlett-Johansson-actress-faces Samuel-Jackson

Out to lunch, on the golf course, talking to demo-dumbos and celebrity know-it-alls like GClooney, JFox, SLJackson, KeriW, ScarletJ, MorganF, EdAsner, HWeinstein, the YuTalkinToMe?dude on and on; don’t forget scumbag Mahr, Williams boys Brian & Juan, and those democrat-strategist info-babes at Fox.

Hillary Clinton Benghazi testimony
What a feckless bunch of irresponsible, hypocritical, arrogant, self-indulgent elites! Someday soon the real truth behind this cover-up will come out, and it’s going to be ugly. Some individuals still having an ounce of integrity in their partisan souls, still knowing right from wrong, it will be downright disgusting. Are you listening mister no spin O’Reilly who thinks Hillary did a good job traveling a million miles visiting/partying in a100 countries? Oh darn, forgot to harden that pesky embassy place!

O’Reilly counseling for years right back to Obama’s arrival on scene it’s unfair and premature to call him a socialist. Enjoy the rations, you big dummy!

Barack Obama CommunistEvery night we’re fed pablum by you/your fellows. We’re  mentally attached to an idiot box teat with telltale dribbles running down our chin. Big Brother is real, omnipresent and extremely keen on taking us down. That’s America I’m talking about, you vacuous gazers, you tens of millions of takers of something for nothing!

And you readers of NYT/LAT/WP, you highbrows thinking you get straight scoop from these mighty denizens of truth, you are more the fools. Peruse those rags for anything other than the latest sex scandal/shooting/plane crash you’re crazier than a schizoid-on-steroids! Party line folks. No fair & balanced on those pages, no opposing points of view or attempt at reality. Nothing but elevator music for somnambulant masses.

Little could Bush1 anticipate how his 1000 points of light {hope} would soon be 100 million points {ignorance} and growing, bearing witness to the terrible malaise sweeping the land: each point is a citizen burning down his house to keep warm i.e. his economic house with never ending entitlements.

That’s right. The citizen’s house is his country, and every time another gets in line for handouts he adds to the burden of an exploding needy population. Soon more will need than provide, take more than give, lounge more than work. We have a government encouraging this, telling young girls to have babies & don’t work. That’s their message: more babies, minimum work, big benefits. Vote progressive! Vote democrat!



Fire is raging in our national house, make no mistake, and this administration stokes it heartily. A few of us are scrambling to do the firemen’s job, but we’re lost in the throes of a Chinese fire drill, nobody manning the hoses. So the house with100 million points of light is burning out of control. One wonders how many more millions it will take before the edifice crumbles down, and the conflagration is complete .  .   .




In case you didn’t notice, Hillary & Leon resigned quietly and quickly, maintaining their reputations and dignity. Susan Rice was awarded for her indefensible collusion, being promoted to National Security Advisor. Cutter, Wasserman-Schultz, even Jay Carny, all remain at their posts spewing their garbage. Petraeus resigned and gives motivational speeches on the college circuit. Oh, a few underlings at State were shuffled and reassigned, but nobody lost their job or took responsibility. Obama was re-elected and is now sidestepping more scandals. Nobody dead, thank god, but alarming breaches of trust and credibility nonetheless.

The families and loved ones of the fallen heroes of Benghazi still wait for justice, and closure. It’s been over nine months, but not much happening in that effort.

The American people? We weren’t bothered at the time, didn’t care if the election was manipulated, and don’t seem interested now. Who we’ve become in our national character gets more obvious every day. We’re everyman from almost everywhere, except America. That man is disappearing in a dispirited, soulless state, rapidly sinking into obscurity.



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I’m Al Shane

Alvan I. Shane Author, The Day Liberty Wept 2270 N Euclid Ave Frequent Op-Ed Contributor Upland, Calif 91784 Political Donor to Cons Grps / Causes (909) 946-5104 Ex-Marine / California native Tax Accountant / Mar 43yrs / 1 son
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2 Responses to “No Euphemisms / Pulled Punches Here!”

  1. Loral O says:

    It’s a disgusting affair, with all the liars and conscienceless people, who just want to forget about it.

    The families will not forget – ever! They too, are being punished for caring. In America under this administration, to care is stupid…to be a patriot is worse than being a terrorist, to be honest can be a crime.

    Oh yes, there are multitudes of Americans who care, but without media, no one knows what is going on around the country. Media was also responsible for putting Hitler in power. It was the only way people knew who would be good for the country – and what a rotten stunt media pulled on that one.

    One day, it will all come out. Evil does not take down Good. Good will be patient and eventually take Evil all the way down.

    • Alvan Shane says:



      Thank you for the comment. Sounds like we’re on the same page!
      I agree good triumphs over evil. You have to believe that, lest
      how to go on in such darkness, craziness and insanity?

      All we can do is keep fighting the good fight. No more bending,
      no more deals. The average democrat better man up to what’s
      going on, or they will end on the losing side of history.

      All the Best

      Al Shane

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