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Obama’s Commandos – Part I – Single Moms, Youth, Oldsters & Jews

ElderlyOK, pat yourself on the back. You’re the ones who made it happen, and continue to make it happen. You the enthralled, the mesmerized by this master of teleprompters.

Yes, he’s black. Youthful. Idealistic. Non-warlike. Ivy League yet Chicago streets. Smokes, not in your face. Invites rappers to the White House. No scandals biting his heels. Perfect representative for change. Ideal front man for the anti-establishment/anti old-white-guys crowd. Also a red-diaper baby who spent his formative years in foreign lands, whose youthful affiliations were radical and extreme leftist, but I digress.


Single moms want support/benefits deadbeat boyfriends won’t pay. Youth always changing the world, wearing flowers, unappreciative of what they have. Elderly want free healthcare, guaranteed social security, as many benefits/ freebies as they can get. Jews always the same: any white-republican-conservative is a  Hitler – Hitler – Hitler!


There’s more to it than these simplistic sarcasms, many more biases and deeply rooted angers, which means it’s time conservatives and freedom-loving Americans of every color, gender & age better wake up, smell the roses, coffee, manure, whatever.


JewsJews are amazing. Maddeningly ethnic with group think, highly intelligent and vote like sheep. What was it this time, 65% for Obama? I guess that’s an improvement over previous results; usually mid-to-high 70’s. But the damage is done. He got re-elected, like you elected Blue Dress Bill twice before and will probably go for Hillary in 2016, at which point our political integrity will collapse into a giant sinkhole. OK, the Clintons are a different ballgame: deceitful, ambitious, political dross. They demean Washington just by their presence, let alone sordid self-indulgences, but they make/made no pretense of being game changers/revolutionaries, like this man Obama.


Lord knows why, but he does. His game is socialism, plain & simple. Fairness, equality, liberty are not found in that ideology, especially not in the many examples of its practical application. If you don’t think he and his democrats are marching us down the aisle, you’re ignorant, naive, stupid and probably crazy: recall Einstein, defining insanity as doing the same experiment over and over, expecting different results.


Extreme left or right don’t work, we know that, but we’re way left of center now, moving steadily into that camp. The more government grows/mollycoddles, the more socialized we become. Soon we’ll be Swedenized, Grecianized, Cubanized and Putinized. It’s happening, you’re helping it along, and you kid yourselves we Americans will do a better job implementing the Marxist model: softening mean-spirited capitalism; lessening  soul-destroying materialism; transforming harsh, unsympathetic conservatism into > we feel your pain.


Wrong on all counts. America was/must be center-right. That’s what made us great, and who we are. We need to move right to get out of this mess. If there’s a moderate/conservative democrat in the house, we’ll take a look. But no more bleeding heart, excuse everything nonsense. That’s not who we are, nor who we’ll ever be. Human nature needs a firm hand and constant doses of reality to stay on track. Hardship & struggle are the true parents of prosperity/success. History knows Marxism doesn’t work because it goes against human nature. Intellectuals can wince, but Reagan was America’s best friend, even with his faults & failing faculties. We should thank god he came along. Obama will take us to Sweden, Greece, Cuba, even Russia. Are Jews happy in those places? Trust me, we cannot make this work!


Stay Golden - Old LadiesOld folks are also amazing. I’m one of you, so I should know. Anyone over 60 was brought up with some mainline dictums: stay out of trouble, mind your own business, educate yourself, work hard, serve your country. No free rides, laziness rewards or big-brother agencies ready to step in. More likely, we were motivated not to let down our parents, or fail in the eyes of peers, or suffer the stigma of being unable to help ourselves. Why do oldsters now hold these failings as virtues?


I see two groups of elderly: baby boomers 67 & younger, and everybody older. A third group would be depression era folks 90+, but as a demographic there aren’t many left, so I focus on the first two.


Boomers under 60 Boomers under 60 aren’t really elderly by today’s standards, and weren’t included in elderly voting stats. Those 60-67 grew up in the 50’s/early 60’s and got a dose of their parent’s what for. In so many words, our parents were post-depression/WWII, holding those values and imparting them to us. It’s curious to me why these would lean left, except most were Roosevelt democrats.

My mom was for sure. No matter how independent we ourselves become, no matter how successful, we still cling to those parental values. I had many talks with mom as she aged, but she remained steadfast, believing democrats were for the little guy. That suited her fine. She saw no socialist dangers, only disappointment/sadness that I did.


Those between 67 > 89 are the ones who actually lived through the depression and remember the war years. I’m sure they got a harsh tutelage from their parents who were dealing with both. Whether you’ve provided adequately for your golden years or not, I’m guessing your earliest political ties were democrat, and that’s where you feel comfortable. You want the government to care about you, to provide a safety net when things go bad, and republican messaging rings hollow & flat in this regard. You want a kind, gentle government, not one that doles things reluctantly, measures benefits parsimoniously.


That’s what you think you hear, but it isn’t true. Democrats, of course, reinforce your fears, knowing you don’t need turmoil/ confusion at this stage of your life. So, vote like you always do and hope for the best. Understandable, but not forgivable, not if you still have your faculties and good sense. All 60+ need to get that this is different, not our mommy’s/daddy’s democrat.


The stakes have gone up, we can’t rely on the way things used to be, or how we want them to be. The American way of life is in great danger, and we’re a bunch of old fools not to see it! Think of the sacrifices our buddies and loved ones made, to protect and defend our freedoms and liberties. Are we willing to risk it all on false/empty promises redolent with failure?


Those who say yes simply aren’t American. You can’t be, if you think statism/socialism/communism is a better way. It’s for sure, you can’t be both.


YouthEvery generation has its youth, and they always rebel/reject status quo. It’s the way of the world. Young people hold our best hopes and aspirations. They are the idealists, the dreamers who think they can do a better job. Of course, they think this before they’ve done much of anything, let alone run a society. They don’t know the calculus of political-societal success, only simple algebra measuring supply & demand; rich v. poor; equal opportunity v. unequal outcome.

Youth vote their hearts and emotions, searching for immediate solutions to the problems they see. It seems so easy, so obvious.

Just start doing this or stop doing that, problem solved. This is that situation where the big wheel gets a tug by an unwary hand, & somewhere in the works a little wheel starts spinning crazily, the motion transformed/stepped up 100 times. If it breaks it will ruin the entire machine, which would be a shame.


YouthMy advice to youth is caution yourself, govern your impulses however noble and grand. Study what has gone before. Learn why certain things don’t work, in the affairs of man. Look beneath the surface of false prophets who come along promising fairness and justice. Make them explain how they will fix things.

Who will bear the cost? Use your brain, not your heart, to assess their ideas as to practicality. Ask, is this implementable?



Young women and/or single moms Young women and/or single moms are looking for parental sustenance and guidance. They are independent but needful. Young moms take a lot of heat from their parents & peers, and are resentful the biological dad has shirked his responsibility. So, they either grudgingly ask their parent(s) for help, or look to gov’t.

None of us like to own up to our mistakes, especially when there’s a cost. We think we can handle it, take care of ourselves, find help. But when we can’t, desperation sets in. We either eat crow or go begging. This is understandable, but it doesn’t detract from the fact it was our mistake. Why should society fix it?


Some say it’s a societal cost: goes with the territory. Somehow society must have contributed to the personal dilemma that is a single mom, and must pay for it. Does this mean she has no personal responsibility? None? We just admit/accept our part & fix away to the tune of millions, tens of millions?


Young momSomething is wrong with this picture. You can’t have a society unless there are rules and personal accountability. When someone makes a mistake its primarily their problem, not our’s. We can offer commiseration/helpfulness, giving temporary aid and support, but it shouldn’t be unaccountable or open-ended. There must come a time when it’s paid back, and we certainly shouldn’t tolerate the same mistake being made over and over again.


The governmental benefits associated with being a single mom so far outweigh any negatives connected with that status young girls can be cavalier, even careless, since they know they’ll get whatever they need. If they do it again, they’ll get more, and so on down the line. This doesn’t discourage unacceptable behavior but promotes it! A young girl would be foolish not to take advantage of everything being offered, even at the expense of everyone around her.

This is tragic and pathetic, but bottom line I blame government the most. I would hope/wish that parents, schools, religious bodies and peers would all do their best to stigmatize this behavior for what it is: counter-productive/destructive to a healthy society But this can’t happen nearly as fast as an abrupt shift in govern- mental policy. Hang a sign FREE LUNCH – they will come; change it to NO MORE FREE LUNCH – they will stop.


Single moms

Single moms please, don’t vote for more fatherless children and the poverty/grief they represent. Your homes are the murder-mills of our society and this government looks the other way. Don’t back it! Don’t support such a fraudulent excuse for kindness and humanitarianism. Don’t vote for any candidate, especially not a democrat, who offers/supports this solution.



For more Commandos, see Part II.


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