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Obama’s Commandos – Part III – Media, Educators, Entertainers

s-FIVE-BOXThis is the final installment in this series on voting bloc mentality, and how this is not only counter-productive to the bloc’s long term interests, but also works to weaken/undermine the foundation/fundamentals of America’s political system.


In Parts I & II we examined many voter categories having as a group/bloc significant democrat bias at 65-75% or more. These were youth 18-29, elderly 65+, single moms, Jews, Asians, Hispanics & Blacks. Other groups not discussed but equally biased were women, unions, and government workers at all levels


Taken together with the three blocs covered here, these thirteen categories are a clear majority of eligible voters. If this majority contains built-in margins of 10-30pts, it guarantees a democrat win. This is true even if they turn out in smaller numbers.


These blocs represent 60% of eligible voters, leaving 40% in the conservative category. Assuming 50% of Blues / 70% Reds vote, we get 200M x 60% eligible x 50% turnout = 60M Blues; 200M x 40% eligible x 70% turnout = 56M reds. This assumes both Red & Blue unanimity, but in reality the average margin in a category is less, e.g. women are about 55% Blue: 100M x 50% turnout x 55% net bias = 27.5M, and not > 100M x 50% turnout x 60% gross bias = 30M. Still, the net bias in each category far exceeds 50/50, giving Blue the win every time.


Understanding this, we continue to ask why these groups vote the way they do, and why they continue trending more & more Blue, effectively killing any semblance of a balanced electorate?


Entertainers are damaging with their bias. They give no explanations and offer no excuses for their views. They’re simply out there in our face, condemning evil republicans as the rich guys working the system, exploiting every opportunity to grow even richer on the backs of the poor and disadvantaged.


Never mind how rich they are! Forget how, in that top 2%, these folks are the top 10% of the 2%! Those Obama calls rich actually are upper middle class/upper class workers, running businesses, practicing professions that are demanding, stressful & heavily taxed. Ninety percent (90%) of the 2% work hard, earning $250-$990K. They’re very successful. Well-to-do. But not rich!


Most of Hollywood makes 10x as much, even 50-100x They don’t work as hard. They’re spoiled, egocentric, narcissistic and marginally irresponsible in the way they live their lives, yet they ridicule conservatives as being uncaring, mean and overly paid.


Scarlett-Johansson-actress-facesI wouldn’t give a damn what they think, except for the tremendous influence they wield over their fans. If a George Clooney or Scarlett Johansen motivates a single voter to vote Blue, it’s an indictment on them, fan, and society. Their reel persona is not their real persona! Fans think it is. Hell-o? How sad is that?


What hope is there, for voters so easily led? Do they invest time or attention to political issues?  Have a clue what works, what doesn’t? Understand what it means to be a participant in a democratic-republic, or republican-style democracy?

Most stars begin at bottom. One minute they’re waiting tables or parking cars. The next, they’re in an ivory tower looking down, amazed how quickly it happened, how lucky they are. Suddenly they enjoy luxuries we can’t imagine. Do we think they’d risk it saying something provocative like everybody needs to work for a living; take responsibility for themselves; be law-abiding;

marry before making babies; pay for abortions; stay off drugs?


Fans pay the bills. In large part they are blue collar, students, dropouts, single moms, druggies, teachers, professors, ancient hippies, women, media types, bureaucrats and all the other elements comprising the 60%: the lower class/middle class democrat ranks. If you’re a big celebrity/sports star you don’t piss’em off reminding them to be responsible!


First, you would probably be a hypocrite saying so. Next, you would appear uncaring of their plight or circumstance. Finally, you would admit to none of the guilt you feel/should feel being so lucky to be a celebrity; openly criticizing/chastizing them for doing things you once did, when you were one of them.


Movie stars and other luminaries use their bully-pulpit to pitch the humanity, benevolence & compassion we’d like to believe they hold. They want to re-enforce that, be loved, bask in adulation, earn approbation, validate their worth as human beings.


thCAVBT1D2Celebrities have no more political savvy or insight than anyone else, but they enjoy unearned credibility, exert powerful influence, and wield huge financial clout supporting their cause, their guy, their party. Liberalism is their creed for the reasons stated. They can’t think past it, and are ignorant/dumb of its long term consequences. Like blind men firing canon or earls/dukes employing mercenaries to defend their castle, celebrities use the false/reckless ideology of liberalism to protect their image.


Media, both print & broadcast, is even more duplicitous/deceitful in the way it uses vocational credibility and an ubiquitous national presence to sway the masses.


The 4th estate as it’s sometimes called was intended to give the people a heads-up as to the workings of government/political hacks. It was to be a referee, an arbiter of truth, a channel which kept the masses informed. It was supposed to be a neutral voice gathering, reporting facts as they came and, yes, providing an editorial voice giving opinion and taking sides. But it was to do this openly, candidly, honestly.




For years we listened to the Rathers, Brokaws, Jennings, Brinkleys, Schaeffers, Moyers, Donaldsons etal, the front pages of the NY Times, LATimes, Washington Post, Chicago Sun Times etc. defend how they weren’t biased or liberal, but open minded and only interested in facts, truths and provable political certainties .


web_gntt_753bEven when caught red handed twisting facts to serve their message, still they pontificated they did it for high purpose, the good of the country. Shows pretending to be watchdogs like 60min or Nightline routinely did hit pieces on republican scandals or the white collar crimes permeating Wall Street/Financial markets, but sailed right over the Clinton years, giving short shrift to his many misdeeds & abuses of power.


Then they’re all over Bush’s re-election, dredging up 30yr old minutiae with tenacious sleuthing and collusive determination not to let it happen. Next came the most radically left, inexperienced ideological candidate ever to seek that office: nothing. Nobody home. Vetting & airing out non-existent. JC himself, smiling on John McCain, could not have overcome this media’s liberal, monopolistic bias


Walter CronkiteToday there are too many scandals to count, Benghazi among them. Media is silent. Benghazi was/is a terrible, horrific tragedy far worse than Watergate. Managers/department heads should have been on the carpet within hours explaining what happened. The media should have screamed for this! The blood of our people was on the ground. Careers should have ended, heads should have rolled. Nothing. Lady MacBeth refused to wash her hands!


I don’t care your stripe, reader, can you imagine a republican administration circling the wagons doing this procrastination dance this equivocating sleight of hand for a NY minute and getting away with it? Facing media and the public daily with arrogance/ impugnity/hubris? There’s no way! You know it, and I know it!


Conservative-talking-headsSo why continue this pretense of being fair and balanced? Why prance around on this stage with fools who continuously belie/ destroy all vestiges of credibility as newsreaders, anchors, talking heads, whatever? How dumb are you, not to realize it’s game over. You bluffed too often; credibility is shot. We don’t believe anything you say. Took awhile, but it’s truly become a case of  fool us 999 times, shame on you; fool us 1000 times, shame on us! How pathetic we’ve become, as a people.


So we know you do it, the bias thing, but why do you? This will take more insight and scholarship than I can offer here, but I do believe you have arrogance about your calling, a haughty elitist disposition about enjoying the moral high ground. I think in a lot of cases you believe what you spew, while in others you know it’s swill but it sells, appeals to the masses and insures the necessity of having you around.


You serve as judge and jury over the issues of the day, but see no conflict of interest. Feel no need for outside assessment or peer review. Make no effort deconstructing your viewpoint/reporting, to assure accuracy & relevance. You don’t even look specifically for the bias you claim isn’t there. Again, isn’t this the fox guarding the henhouse?


Government reporting brings home your bacon, so you can’t bite the hand that feeds, nor can you deny your inherent nature which is the product/result of the education you received in journalism school. The school was Blue, government is Blue, you’re Blue. What else is there to know?


Now come ivy clad halls of learning and scholarship, vaunted repositories of intellectuality and never-ending search for truth. Right! Frankly Mr/Ms Dean/President/DeptChair, you and your institutions are bigger jokes than media/entertainment combined, with your overarching agenda and conspiratorial antics.


We’ve known for years how conservative professors/scholars, though lettered and honored, cannot gain employment in many of your best schools due to their political leanings. Faculties and administrators have become 80% Blue, and unapologetically so. Only in small private colleges is it otherwise.


We also see how conservative students are routinely ostracized, marginalizing their influence on campus. The non-liberal/anti-liberal speakers they invite are virtually banned, this on what should be one of the most sacred venues for free speech and free exchange of ideas. What can you be thinking, to allow this?


Is this America or some damn banana republic, worshiping Che and Fidel? Why do our tax dollars build leftist universities, pay the salaries of 7-8 Blue professors/only 2 Red ones, out of 10?


untitledHigh School teachers across the country are unionized, pay dues and allow the dues to go mostly to democrats/liberals. They vote Blue, the unions support Blue, elected politicians are Blue and the government structures they manage & control Blue. Do we think these Bluenoses educating our kids give equal time/effort to conservative ideals? What’s wrong with this picture?


See, if our kids are hammered Blue K-12, indoctrinated Blue in college, then in adulthood stay Blue, vote Blue, support Blue, there will be less red around, right? Isn’t this a no brainer?


There’s no doubt the whole of academia is tainted Blue, just as there’s no doubt about media and entertainment. Again, we need to ask why? What drives this and the other important professions to be so biased?

First, it fancies itself in direct opposition to commercial interests It studies, discovers, implements new methods/technologies for the benefit of mankind, not just a few enterprising capitalists. It prides itself as being altruistic, with great public duty and little self interest. It deigns to serve/nurture, not profit/exploit.


Its vocational pride smacks of sacrifice/service, not ambition/ avarice. Awards bestowed are accepted in humility, never with smug accomplishment or egocentric satisfaction. The true academic has no delusions of grandeur, lusts not for riches or treasure. His/her only wish is to meet the needs of those they serve, motivate them to their highest potentials, and earn their respect. If they can expand man’s body of knowledge, his understanding of existence or the meaning of God, that’s good too.


Sounds great. If only it were true! Academics are no different than media professionals, artists or entertainers. They and all of us are victims of human nature, with needs and insecurities. We seek admiration, crave success. To suggest we’re driven by anything less simply isn’t true.


Academics would have us believe they are facilitators, nothing more. They’re content in their vocation. They deserve credibility being driven only by a wholesome magnanimity. They want the world to be like them. They teach it, in their effort to make it so.


But there’s only room for a few philosopher-kings, a few seers who see the big picture. We others are doomed to work for our bread, not just think about it. We’re trapped in a reality ruled by pragmatism, not lofty propositions. Like media, academia may mean well, may even believe its own schtick, but yielding so completely to this Blue ideology, proselytizing its charge with only Blue perspective, defrauds the fundamental nature of what Mr. Chips is supposed to be .  .  goodbye indeed.


Indoctrinator or teacher? Professional journalist or minion of propaganda? Serious artist or insecure primadonna? Progressive idealist {Obama} fighting for societal utopia, or doomsday mechanic building us a brave new world?


Thirteen groups leading us to disaster, led by three pied pipers, arguably the creme de la creme of society. Do they know what they do? If you’re in the 13, is it by intent or accident? Do you think 90% of the 2% successful workers deserve our scorn? Do we put the American paradigm and fate of 310 million souls at risk, to punish less than 6 million of our brethren, a majority of whom deserve our praise, not our enmity?


Can any of us afford not to worry about all this? Can 40% Reds do anything? Can/will some of 60% Blues give a 2nd thought to their attitude and purpose? Somebody needs to do something, for time is running out and Speaker Pelosi is just around the corner. Right, Yogi, it’s deja’ vu, all over again . . .


This ends my series on voting blocs. If you missed Parts I / II, I hope you take a moment to read them. You may be surprised by what I think.


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