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On The Brink

looking-down-at-liberal-landOnly a few days left until election day and Hillary’s ahead. We all know brink means the edge of something, verge of taking action, the threshold of danger. For conservatives these all apply. On the brink is where we’re at, having spent 8yrs in liberal wasteland and now facing at least four more. What to do?

First, we need to grasp our predicament. The country has moved away from us. We’re standing on a riverbank trying to keep our footing while fast-moving waters rise, carrying away many of our compatriots who, ignorantly or otherwise, slid down that slippery slope to be swept away in currents of political change.


rino-testing-political-watersNext we must recognize those in our ranks who are republicans in name only, RINOS who barely score 3-4 on a conservative scale of 10. They’re phonies jostling for space asserting they know what’s best but unwilling to defend our values. Let’s move along the bank away from them or rid ourselves once and for all by shoving them in. They’ll  be more comfortable down there in the mainstream anyway than amongst us.

Grasp predicament. Purify ranks. Next step, back away from the bank and mobilize a fresh political cadre dedicated to the ideals of constitutionalism, republicanism and federalism, the political science behind our founding that drove our success.

Briefly stated, the constitution, along with the Declaration, Bill of Rights and ongoing Amendments are the philosophical core of our democratic republic. Republicanism was copied from the ancient civilizations up to England’s 18th century monarchical republic. Federalism distributes the power between centralized government & state. These constructs gave birth to one of the greatest nations on earth; all three are being trashed.

Other ideas critical to our success and integral to the American experience have been representative rulers and their periodic replacement, separation of powers, civic virtue in the rulers and People, respect for law and order, maintaining a civil society, guarding borders to protect national sovereignty, nurturing unfettered political currents in society’s polity despite ethnic/racial differences, using education, enculturation, controlled immigration, protected borders, language uniformity and integrity within the voting process. Again, all are being trashed.

Neither the legislative, executive or judicial are an ultimate authority: only the People. We elect representatives and support a centralized government to protect us against our own rulers. The founders intended neither could act to our detriment. They gave us recourses including election cycles, recalls, impeachment and censure by states.


conservate-standing-fastConservatives understand these concepts and stipulations and trust in their ongoing worth, that their crafting was of such genius it provides an almost timeless guideline for governing our society and perpetual safeguarding of our liberty.

But to our frustration and distress, all are in peril. Our will isn’t enacted, elected officials languish, national sovereignty isn’t protected, executive and judicial usurp legislative, federal usurps state’s prerogative, all bow to Party, individual liberty is attacked by regulatory excess and we’re enervated & dulled in our political senses by uncontrolled immigration, illegal invasion, tolerance/encouragement of non-English communications and moreover confused by cultural diversification, ethnic factions and societal disintegration. Constitutional safeguards breached; cohesive, informed electorate gone; border integrity faulty; ability to tell right from wrong, biased; corruption throughout.

It’s often said being American isn’t a nationality so much as an idea. People all over the world look to us for hope, want to be like us, aspire to follow our example, lead our way of life. In a sense, people all over the world, down deep inside, are American.

If we lose our way where will they turn? Conservatives need to understand the river of political change is very real & growing fast. We need to energize ourselves as the new Party of hope. Create messaging that will reach the People and clang loudly in their ears. Something is wrong on our political landscape and we need to fix it!

Let’s dam the river, calm its waters, help it find a less destructive path. Let’s remind our fellows who we are and what we stand for. Let’s recall how we led the world on so many things for so many generations; rekindle the memories of the sacrifices we made to keep America that shining city on the hill, that beacon of freedom to the world  .  .   .

Come on People, let’s get it back!


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I’m Al Shane

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