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Hitler knew that to win hearts and minds he would have to start with children. In the mid-‘30’s he ordered new curriculum be added to schools of an anti-Jewish nature. He propagandized Germany’s youth into believing Jews were responsible for their problems, especially merchants, professionals and intellectuals. When the war years came young adults were predisposed anti-semites, facilitating the horrendous purges and holocaust.

Mao Zedong did the same in China as he groomed children and young people to believe the Communist Party was benefactor of the people, providing for their welfare, assuring everyone a fair chance to grow and prosper. This early indoctrination affectted kids so strongly they couldn’t tolerate opposing views to what they learned in school, even if it came from parents! It became common place to hear of teens turning in moms/dads, exposing them to severe punishments, even death!

Fascists, Nazi Gestapo, Stasi, KGB, CCP, Khmer Rouge (CPK) Sandinistas, Castro’s Communist Party and many others used the same methods/techniques combined with the terror/tyranny of secret police to maintain the state’s authority and absolute control over the people, resulting in subjugation of entire populations and imprisonment/death of more than a hundred million during the 20th century alone!

In these cases and many others, indoctrination worked like mind-control, resulting not only in subservient populations but subliminally co-opted people believing in all they did. By hammering the party-line people became inured to bad things, accepting them as logical/necessary for their dictatorial society.

America was different. The schemers knew someday it would be the final hurdle in the path to their master plan of consolidating the world. It would resist with all its might any attempt to subvert/dismantle its freedom loving society. So, they started 24/7 programming 70yrs ago with the introduction of TV’s mass media capability. In essence, they got us conditioned to believe/ trust what we saw and heard, slowly infiltrated it with agents and saboteurs, such that in 2020 we actually slept through a MAG10 political earthquake! Couldn’t see or comprehend it!

We think we’re a free, diverse society but we all pay homage to the same master; a globalist cabal of hyper-wealthy interests who mean to rule the world! Their plan has been so successful they don’t need our cooperation. We’re sleep-walking for them.

Wokism was originally used by Blacks being vigilant against racism, implying a state of alertness/awareness to racially driven transgressions/discriminations, whether by individuals or institutions. Now it’s come to mean accepting progressivism however extreme. If one is woke they agree with the latest counter-cultural behaviors/beliefs, examples being transgenderism, critical race theory and pedophelia.

The woke are already liberal-minded on sociological issues or they’ve been unknowingly conscripted by the mass-media 24/7 indoctrination disseminated by our contaminated institutions of government, media, entertainment and education.

Historically and statistically the woke have been a tiny minority unable to sell/promote their ideas to the broader population so to further their cause they took over the authoritative bodies wielding control, administratively/politically, and now exert governing bias, censorship in communications, left-nuanced entertainment products and indoctrinated education, all working to spread a radical, unpopular ideology. Conservative adults are mostly immune holding long established views but youths and young adults are susceptible/victimized, unaware they’ve been duped into extreme leftist anti-American views!

Even though immune, conservatives don’t see another danger. They’re patriotic, hold traditional American values and believe their sons and daughters do too. They don’t see their personal values and teachings have been overridden by a 24/7 multifaceted immersion of their kids into the left’s cultural sphere.

There’s no question this is happening across America, yet the majority don’t seem to see it or even sense it! Their kids come home from college like strangers. Parents think it’s idealism or a passing phase rationalizing they were the same, remembering their own rifts with parents over tastes in music, movies, fashion and so on. They can’t fathom that those differences were superficial/non-ideological due to technological advances, a widening middle class and yes – a growing awareness of lingering flaws in the fabric of American society.

So it wasn’t the same and the differences manifested in actual strengthening back then of our values and culture. We came to better understand the cruelty of racism wherever it was found, the harshness of severe poverty, the inequity/unfairness of sexism and tragedy/horror of human trafficking – especially kids! These and many other things needed fixing, but we never blamed our system or government! We held to the reality that even with flaws, we were still the best place the world had ever contrived! Here’s the problem –

A growing demographic of indoctrinated young adults lean left along with mature adults who were always liberal minded/progressive in their thinking. Other adults – for whatever reason – are simply not involved in day-to-day politics. They think it is business as usual and there’s nothing they can do but vote their usual party line.

These realities result in 1) most Americans are either woke or unconcerned/uninterested 2) we’ve been infiltrated at the very top of our most critical governing bodies 3) there’s been a massive overthrow of our society’s constitutional republic 4) there’s a concerted effort to bring down our republic in favor of One World Government, to be run by globalists/elitists/communists.

Worse things are happening, but the first step must be to recognize the peril. True Americans, left and right, must immediately wake up, rise up, cast off their political stupor and cast out the traitors who currently guide our destiny. They committed treason, turned America into a clown show and carried out unspeakable crimes against humanity. This nonsense must stop and all the evildoers must be punished!

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