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Pander Perfect Hillary

Hillary_ClintonWasn’t she swell! The perfect little grandma beaming from ear to ear, delivering her studiously-rehearsed talking points on demand, on message, like a delicious batch of cookies for a famished grandchild.

What we have here is possibly the world’s best interviewer for a job, any job, including President of the United States, who can’t do the job.

Just look at her job history, if you can call it that. First Lady of Arkansas, then of the US, then Senator, then Secretary of State. She’s ridden the grimy coattails of her husband all around Washington, free-loading his political wake, absconding his celebrity, doing lousy, incompetent jobs.

Recall the bimbo eruptions in Arkansas not to mention the Rose Law Firm, Whitewater, missing records, Mena, cattle futures etc., all this as 1st Lady. Then Travel Gate, Vince Foster’s suicide, lot’s of new women claiming harassment, congressional hearings and the old can’t remember, can’t recall gimmicks, lying, dissembling, nominating unsuitable cronies for Supreme Court, Attorney General and so on. Then she carpet-bags her way to Jr Senator from New York owing to the extreme liberal-progressive 3rd world flavor of NYC society. Finally springboards to the national ticket but gets drubbed by Obama, then voila! payback: Secretary of State.

hillary-clinton-testifies-on-benghazi-2That’s the only management job she’s had, not counting her charitable foundation which is raking in millions on auto-pilot, go figure! As for her S.O.S. tenure, we know she was involved in Libya ousting Gaddafi, in Egypt promoting the Arab Spring and ousting Mubarak, the Syrian debacle and the Iran nuclear deal that’ll bite us for sure some day. Of course, her email scandal involving national security & top secrets that for years were a hacker’s dream. And dealing away 25% of our yellowcake uranium deposits to Russia. And oh yes Benghazi.

She’s been chasing legacy for years, yearning to surpass Bill’s, screwing things up along the way. She’s a veritable pile of naked ambition, saying and doing whatever’s necessary to win. She trashed reputations, ruined careers, indulged in bald-faced cronyism and allegedly did pay-for-play while Secretary to artfully line her family’s pockets with hundreds of millions. Not bad for an innocent little grandma who’s never built, created or run anything in her life.

hillary_clinton_official_secretary_of_state_portrait_cropBut back to the debate. Never mind Trump didn’t mention hardly any of this. Never mind she virtually rammed her socialist nonsense down his throat. Never mind she’s slick, smug and too damn sure of herself to worry about him and never mind she’s proved herself to be a serial liar, a coarse, vicious political rival, de-licensed attorney and nouveau riche hypocrite courting the ghettos and barrios of America. It’s clear Donald is outgunned; a clumsy guy trying to do the right thing but made into the butt of the joke by her adoring, sycophantic media.

And oh how they love her! When she panders with the women’s rights, the children, free education, childcare, longer pregnancy leaves, more gun control, higher minimum wage, federal oversight of local law enforcement, empathy for communities of color, praises her husband’s economic programs, sneers at Reagan’s, she’s just too wonderful for words.

Yes, she’s a slick package years in the making. A one-woman parade marching us down the yellow brick road to the tune of Happy Days Are Here Again! With Granma enthroned, Bubba stalking the halls, debt and spending skyrocketing, welfare programs exploding what could possibly go wrong? Maybe America would go to hell. Do you think?


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