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Patriot Al, Reporting For Duty!

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re at war! A war unlike prior wars, but a war just the same. There are no bullets flying or bombs falling, no invading troops marching down the streets, but we’re under attack as surely as Col. Travis, Crocket and the Texans at the Alamo!

Some are calling it WWIII, others a color revolution, still others an insurrection-infiltration. Whatever we call it, it’s definitely a fight to save our country and way of life; to keep law and order, civil society, impartial justice in courts, bi-partisan government, fair and honest elections and all the freedoms guaranteed in the constitution.

A struggle is raging for control of America, an ideological fight between traditional, conservative, constitutional capitalists and progressive, anti-nationalist globalists who envision an oligarchical New World Order {NWO} and the communism it will bring. The former {right} believe in representative democracy and an individual’s natural or God-given rights. The latter {left} believe in statism/socialism leading to abandonment of sovereignty and obedience to an all-powerful centralized world government doling out collective rights to society as determined by them.

This goes beyond America. It affects every country on the globe since all would become part of the NWO, but USA is key. We must yield first before any progress can be made with the other democracies making up western civilization. We’re a huge road bump on their path to dominion, and the world is holding its breath to see if we can meet/defeat their plan. There was a time we could have met it with certainty, knowing as Lincoln stated we would never be subdued by a foe from without; nay, we would author our own demise from within. Invasion by infiltration. It’s crucial we grasp the conspiracy’s breadth/depth if we’re to overpower it. This is not theory or hyped exaggeration. It’s fact of the highest order which we must appreciate to win.

Take the recent election. Many patriots immediately suspected something was wrong. Too many things didn’t make sense and patriots right and left came to see it in following days but not enough! This was a treasonous rig of vast proportion undercutting a national election, but most remained in denial. Its now been nine months, debate rages across the land, and we’re still half asleep!

The longer it stands, the longer we must suffer the illegitimate machinations of this renegade president and his rogue cabal. Ongoing audits will soon prove our claim, making it probable many elected officials are corrupt at all levels: federal, state & local. My opinion? Fix this now before more damage is done! Remove and arrest all the scoundrels and quickly arrange new elections. Meanwhile, appoint an interim government under military supervision.

What about prior elections? You want to be mind-boggled? It may soon come out Obama was born in Kenya and truthers were right; he was a fraud! Everything he did was a fraud! What about election integrity going back to Bush and Clinton? Have  we been infiltrated/sabotaged for 30yrs with rigged elections?

Now take the China virus. Everything about it is suspicious. A man-made virus developed with gain-of-function technology supposedly banned, but we learned patents were pulled years back by NIH and Dr Fauci, who has since been authorizing fund for Wuhan lab. Purpose? A bio-weapon to attack us, then the world, creating economic chaos and defeating Trump!

False positives on tests, mis-reportings on deaths. Wide-spread disinformation by senior health authorities/experts demanding masks, social distancing, group restrictions, travel bans and so on without any scientific evidence backing it up, culminating in mandatory shots of an untested, experimental vaccine that’s now rumored to be making people sick and even die!

Haven’t been hearing this on MSM? Or huge protests around the world? Or national leaders stepping down/assassinated? Or strange, devastating geological and weather events, like floods, fires, earthquakes Nothing about financial resets? Currency revaluations? Lockdowns in DC, Vatican or Buckingham Palace? Seen the Pope lately, or the queen? Noticed the rising cost of gas, collapse of our borders? If you rely on main-stream media you haven’t heard much of this because MSM= fake news= totally controlled by China’s CCP and the Deep State: shadow conspirators throughout the world infesting governments, media, education, science, medicine, justice, sports, entertainment.

The election and virus were breathtakingly bold efforts by the left to usurp authority and overthrow democracies and freedom loving peoples of the world, starting with America. I’m wondering, will patriots Jacob, Roger, Alice, Janine, Juan and others see the danger and answer the call?

We and our brothers/sisters in every country are the best hope for the world and its future, and they’ll follow our lead. So, are we ready my friends to face this reality?  Will you and patriots everywhere wake up, suit up and report for duty? I pray you do, and that there’s still time . . .

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I’m Al Shane

Alvan I. Shane Author, The Day Liberty Wept 2270 N Euclid Ave Frequent Op-Ed Contributor Upland, Calif 91784 Political Donor to Cons Grps / Causes (909) 946-5104 Ex-Marine / California native Tax Accountant / Mar 43yrs / 1 son
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