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Peeves To Pet, Axes To Grind

Pet Peeves



My mom used the expression s a lot, which meant the things we kids did to annoy her – and dad, the dog etc. She commented that way once or twice and we’d get the message.



Ax to Grind




Ax to Grind is another one, implying something on one’s chest, troubling, burdensome, needing to be aired out. Dealt with. In truth, one only sharpens an ax for two reasons: work & war.


Peeves are small, irritating things, annoyances you put up with for awhile, but eventually enough is enough. Axes are taken up when the work is heavy, the danger real. I’ve got both and I’m at the end of my rope! Let me share a few to see if maybe you have some axes/peeves/ropes of your own?


I’m sick of Hollywood spin, media complicity and academic corruption. That’s right, corruption. Most of academia take tax dollars happily, then infuse curricula & teachings with a liberal mantra nothing short of pure, unabashed propaganda/indoctrination. Youth deserve a chance to learn both sides, not just one. It isn’t healthy for schools and colleges not to recognize this. They should cease this political warfare or stop taking our tax dollars!


Brokaw, Rather, Koppel, Donaldson, Schaeffer et al refuse to admit they are biased, their programs biased, and the whole of mainstream print/broadcast media biased. It’s been this way since the days of Uncle Waltie, a seemingly benign old gentleman but a fervent New World Order guy. Et tu, Cronkite? That’s right, little did we know what lurked behind those spectacles, what loathing of America fomented behind those eyes.


Not only do the movers/shakers who run media push political correctness, liberalism, anti-patriotism {are they just making a buck, or ideologically deranged?} but along came Slick Willie and from him a cadre of new spin doctors making no pretense about who they were or apologies for their agenda-left reporting.


One-sided thinking, however brilliant, is no thinking. Witness Krugman, Stiglitz, Reich et al. They want a national minimum wage, more debt, no budget, higher tax, open borders and socialized healthcare. How much of this can one digest, before realizing its authors are political hacks! Forget their credentials. They are victimized by an intelligence trapped in twisted perspective against which all their intellect/articulation can’t defend. Looks good on paper, professor, but it doesn’t fly.


Samuel JacksonHollywood sadly, and entertainment in general, completes the trifecta. Was a time when most celebrity types, especially of stage and screen, kept their mouths shut & opinions private. Better to appear neutral, than take sides. Not anymore. We’ve had Jane Fonda eating doggy burgers with the Viet Cong, Dixie Chicks lambasting Bush, Babs with her stage montages, Barbara Wawa looking starry-eyed at Jimmy Carter beseaching that he guide us, Sean Penn w/Hugo, Ted Danson w/Clintons, Ed Asner the socialist, George Clooney & demo-gag fund-raising soirees. Most recently, Jamie Foxx with this Lord & Savior admonitions, Kerry/Scarlett/Eva & girlie-rights histrionics, SL Jackson’s little F*Bomb, Morgan Freeman’s somber racial idiocies ad nauseum.


These and others are in our face, up close, nose-to-nose with their self-righteous blather & false sense of political acumen.  Most don’t know squat, but they think they do. Sadly, so do their fans. This is the age we live in; hype; sound-bite; U-tube; 5min celebrity; Honey Boo-Boo.


So, if you didn’t already know, we’re being blasted continuously with subliminal messaging, agenda-based journalism, politics in arts/entertainment, educational indoctrination and intellectuals intoning their mantra-like rationalizations. Our response? Leadership devoid of talent/discipline/guts to fight it, and stop it!


Other worries include paying young single girls to have babies with no dads – pop a kid, get a check; giving Nordstrom-like food stamp cards to 47mil, many of whom probably aren’t eligible, but there they are frivolously buying staples, goodies/not-so-goodies where & when they choose. I thought beggars weren’t choosers? I’m sorry, that’s a bit harsh .  .  But True!


Workers in government making $100K+, with benefits/perks as far as the eye can see. Job security w/little accountability. Public unions influencing politicians, who work closely with Sr. Gov’t Mngrs/Spvsrs, who in turn expand their departments and grow their budgets w/little or no oversight. Democrats for little guy, who works in gov’t, wants to feather his nest, joins the union, votes for more democrats, rises in the ranks, ends up in bed with politico’s/union bosses, all very cozy. We need to fight these collusive behaviors by shrinking gov’t 25-35%! Now!!


Illegals marching 100 abreast across our border for years, aided and abetted by our own government, in cahoots with the Mexican gov’t; 10mil, 15mil, who knows? And still the border isn’t secure; still we give safe harbor & unearned/undeserved benefits; still we make no real, effective effort to deal with illegals in our country. Still the states are left to fight this alone.


For English, Press 1. We’ve all heard it, from banks, insurance companies, dept stores, utility companies and all levels of gov’t starting with DMV. I hate it, and I don’t want to pay for it, nor do I want to pay for voting instructions in 12 languages! What the hell? When did we become the land of babble? You want to disintegrate your society, create confusion and chaos, start to use 5-6 languages in daily discourse, in business, commerce, education, media, government. This slows & distracts our pace of life.


Tax the rich. Hard to tell one rich guy from another, with this gov’t. Everybody making $100K+ is rich. That’s about 10%. Make $250K+ they want to tax you like you make $millions, because now you’re in the top 2%. 10% pay about 70% of all tax; the upper 2% about 90% of that. Does this seem right? They jockey around 8-10mil of us, searching for ways to squeeze every dime, but leave 145mil to pay the other 30%. Big deal, and the lowest 145mil pay nothing! So almost half of us pay nothing.


That’s right, n-o-t-h-i-n-g! Who’s bright idea was this? The only ones not paying tax should be those relying on gov’t for most of their welfare. Singles at $25K, w/kids $40K; marrieds at $50K+, w/kids $60K+, should all pay tax, no exceptions. Do this, 80mil more people would  pay. About 140mil+ would start paying more. Stop squeezing the top 10%; hit the middle 70% who seem to want our nanny state & quadruple gov’t tax revenues.


Leave guns alone. Leave free speech alone. Surveil/control any cause, movement or religion that is in concept/intent anti-American. Do not let groups/sects/cults thrive and strengthen to the point of having a threat capability. Do not let pariah associations enjoy unbridled 1st Amend. rights, not without constant effort to watchdog/regulate. It makes no sense to let people in your house for food and shelter, then let them burn it down. It’s insane.


Government stay away from legitimate religion, religion-based schools, hospitals, shelters & hospices. Do not interfere/interdict in any way the free & easy flow of funds, information, employment practices, insurance coverages and/or any other aspect of such religious activity, unless it runs contrary to/contravenes a civil authority and/or creates a dangerous or hazardous situation.


Gov’t stay out of the birth control business, and abortion mills like Planned Parenthood. Like Rush said, Sandra Fluke can go fluke herself, pay for her own damn sexual habits/propensities!


Run out of paperVoter ID. What a strange concept, proving you are entitled/eligible to vote. With all the recent controversies about voting fraud I would go a step further. OK, 3-4 steps. I’d reduce/minimize absentee voting, except for severe hardship. Ballots would be English only. Polling stations/voting places would be strictly regulated with well-defined hours of operation, right to refuse entry to individuals not proving residency, citizenship etc. There would be adequate personnel/supervision for counting votes efficiently and timely. Precinct/district results would not be tallied/broad- cast as they trickled in; they’d be delivered under seal to the pri- primary officer in charge in each state, verified and released to federal authority/media simultaneously. Let’s stop the circus atmosphere of voting day, make it more serious, reduce media influence & re-examine significant variances between the electoral college and popular vote. Maybe this winner-take-all crap, especially in states like California, should stop.



Hillary ClintonHere come the axes. Hillary Clinton should be deposed, interrogated and indicted for Benghazi. So should a goodly number of her senior staff. And Leon Panetta and his key general staff. So should Petreaus and his top aides. So should White House officials, including national security staffers and that spokeshole pure spin Jay Carney. And Susan Rice, her key lieutenants/whoever gave her those talking points. And peripherals like Stephanie Cutter, DNC Chair Schultz, Uuber-Spinner Axelrod.



Hillary Rodham Clinton

Finally our illustrious, no-clue leader, President Obama, who focused on re-election at all costs; repeat, all costs! It’s perfectly obvious to anyone with half a brain, Obama and his minions/lackeys circled the wagons with Benghazi. They could not reveal any fact/truth that derailed their political warhorse. So, in concert they endangered our diplomatic corps around the globe,  undermined / bastardized intelligence gathering practices, impugned the integrity/capability of our military & foreign service & lied to the American people, including the family/loved ones of our four dead countrymen.



PigstyPrevaricating, equivocating, dissembling, hemming/hawing, out-right lying. This administration, the Washington culture. A menagerie of political ne’er-do-wells all running a giant con-game on We the People. Nobody gives a damn, is held to account, or has the slightest concern about lying. Thank Bill Clinton for this, he of low character, base excesses/extravagances and carte blanche immunity. He trotted in with a pig’s appetites, turning our parlour into a pigsty. So others adapted piggy manners and behaviors, and now we all run with the pigs. Oink, oink.


William Jefferson Clinton with all his brilliance but oh-so-awful behaviors, stomped around, rutted & pooped on the floors of Washington, Adams, Jefferson and Lincoln, and besmirched forever the majesty/dignity of our highest office. That’s his legacy, for those who hold this man in iconic awe. An infusing through-out government of low morals, low esteem, low purpose and low effect. Everybody lies. Good people die. The Treasury goes BK, and the nameless, faceless hordes keep demanding more. Those are some of my peeves. What are your’s?



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