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Pillory Hillary

Hillary Clinton Benghazi testimonyAt the risk of repeating myself, who the hell does Hillary Clinton think she is? Way bigger than a mere Secretary of State, obviously. Bigger than a president? Acts like it. Bigger than her critics and antagonists? Treats them dismissively, with contempt and absolute hubris, so evidently so.

But the real problem, the kick in the face that begs for payback, his her utter and callous disregard for the feelings and needs of the family/loved ones of those four(4) slain Americans, who’ve been waiting months to learn the truth & who was responsible?

What difference does it make indeed. Unforgiveable testimony from a woman never qualified for her post to begin with. Pure politics, her appointment. A deep, probing review of her job performance would show indifference, incompetence, even a kind of indignation that she, HILLARY, is a mere functionary on Obama’s flowchart.

Arrogance: a feeling or impression of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner .  .  .  exaggerating or disposed to exaggerate one’s own worth or importance.

A professional manager who took their job seriously, even worried if they were up to the job, would, in the aftermath of such a tragedy as we witnessed in Benghazi  1) immediately recognize their failure in stewardship & offer to resign 2) ask for time to ferret out every responsible party or procedural/systemic glitch contributing to the tragedy and 3) offer to hold themself & all culpable parties responsible, with full disclosure, appropriate apologies and possible retribution to all injured parties. She did none of this. There was no trace of contrition in her demeanor, let alone personal guilt/responsibility.

Hillary Clinton

Primadonna:  extremely sensitive, vain & undisciplined.


Need I go further? Any learned, adult, experienced practitioner of statecraft would well understand the tenuousness of their position with a tragedy such as this. They would act only in ways to expedite discovery of wrong-doing & logistical break-downs. They would not be haughty, equivocate under questioning, or dissemble about their role, awareness or authority which-she-hasdone!

What kind of nonsense do we have here? Is there no one who will step forward and, under withering glare, say to her face  – you are a disgrace, Madam Secretary, a disgrace! No one who will charge how she’s handled herself miserably, considering her rank of office! No one who will accuse her of trying to delegate this daunting task of explaining to congress exactly what happened? No one who will express the kind of utter disgust and contempt we all feel, in watching her abrogate her responsibility. It must not stand!

I have to ask, where are the American people in the face of such travesty? Are we so disengaged and uninterested we’re loathe to assign blame, hold people accountable, make managers/leaders responsible for their actions and lack thereof? Don’t we understand the grief/horror suffered by those loved ones? Aren’t they entitled to disclosure, truth, accountability? Don’t we owe them?

Hillary and/or the president and his politicos made an instant decision to avoid, delay, distract and deceive the American people about the cause and reality of Benghazi. Somebody sent a hapless Susan Rice out to be frontman, to spin their lies and take the heat. All done to safeguard the momentum they were enjoying during the final weeks of the election.

At a minimum it was political posturing and cover-up intended to insulate the president from any hint of misjudgement or  failed foreign policy concerning al qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, Libya, Egypt, Syria, the Arab spring, whatever.

At a maximum, it was a criminal negligence in safeguarding  our embassies and people abroad. It was a total failure in the exercise of standard operational procedures and protocols for protecting American lives around the world, said breakdown permeating the Dept’s of State & Defense, the military in its highest command authority, and the white House.

Why are we ignoring this? Why isn’t there an outcry for full disclosure and accountability? Why is media being so complicit in allowing such a charade? Why isn’t there one stand-up senator, judge, congressperson or military commander who will call this what it is? A travesty; a disaster; a cover-up.

Hillary Rodham ClintonHillary Clinton has blood on her hands, and isn’t even trying to wipe it off! She doesn’t care, god damn it, so god damn her and god damn us! We’ve become a nation of cowards, lackeys and fools. Everybody is covering everybody’s ass! We deserve whatever comes from Benghazi, and all the continuing lies, crap and nonsense emanating from this administration.

If Obama had one ounce of integrity he’d be on this. Evidently it doesn’t serve him well, and must stay hidden. Did Ambassador Stevens know something of guns going to Syria, how we’re aiding rebels, or maybe something under-handed in Libya? Was he about to divulge anything to shame or embarrass Obama?

Why was he allowed to die? If it was up to me, I would immediately convene a federal Grand Jury of 23 people, picking knowledgeable, experienced individuals, active/retired, from government, military, administrative, foreign service and law.

I would indict Clinton, Panetta, Rice and others, forcing them to testify, at length, under penalty of perjury, as to the facts and circumstances surrounding Benghazi; before, during and after. I’d give free reign to interrogate, cross examine, question tirelessly until the facts came out. I wouldn’t care if it took months.

We need to learn the facts, if we want to rest easy that others in and around this administration are not equally cavalier with their duties and responsibilities. If we want to re-assure our foreign officers and diplomats their safety is our top priority.

I believe we are entering end times for America, and Benghazi is one more proof, among many, that our democratic republic is about to die. It and this administration are symptomatic of the suffocating malaise we’re in. Media, academia, Hollywood, big democrat machine: you and your insanity can GO TO HELL!


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2 Responses to “Pillory Hillary”

  1. Mona Paine says:

    One could expect Hillary to follow the advice of her Deputy Chief of Staff, Huma Abedin, whose Wikipedia profile describes as a “devout Muslim”. Perhaps no aid was sent because Muslims would have been killed and my humble understanding is that – that is a big No No.
    from: HeyYou?

    • Alvan Shane says:


      Sorry I didn’t get back sooner. I’ve been swamped.
      Your comment is right on, and another indication of how
      bad things really are. They kill us using Jihad as their
      excuse, but don’t call them terrorists. Witness Major Hassan
      of the Ft. Hood massacre > will we ever see justice done there?

      Inmates are truly running the asylum.

      Thanks for visiting!

      Al Shane

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