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Sinking TitanicWe’ve just learned the republicans caved again, granting Obama a 3-4mo reprieve before using the Debt Ceiling to shut down his government. I use the word reprieve advisedly opposed to delay, extend, dilly-dally, hoping they really mean to do it. Ever the optimists, we conservatives!

Reprieve connotes guilty as charged, with temporary hold on punishment pending a last-minute reassessment of the situation. Look for possible mitigating/extenuating circumstances favoring the accused/condemned. No doubt about guilt, only its degree.

Controlled demolitionMost concur this is our situation with Debt. No one doubts it is too high; out of control and definitely guilty. We must immediately slow, stop & ultimately reverse it, as a matter of national priority/security. It can’t climb to double or triple GDB without imperiling our good faith and credit, even our sovereignty.

Conservatives want action now, so they view this tactic dubiously. They’ve watched republicans go through similar scenarios many times, always giving up ground that is never recovered, moving inexorably left & deeper in debt. Many are dismayed, wanting to make sure they’re not getting more of the same.

The strategy came up months ago, anticipating the fight over the Debt & Budget. Sponsors argued by putting the issue in front of the voters repeatedly, every 3-4mo, it would get more traction and impact, even grudging consent, then it could as a momentary issue raised every 2-3yrs and being treated more like a pain in the neck.

Delhi damThis has merit & might work, but only if we get new resolve/ commitment from republicans. They’ve gone off the rails too many times with good intent, not wanting to face tough issues only to be scapegoated by democrats & media as the guys who took away entitlements and reduced benefits. We need to be re- assured, absolutely clear, they have every intention of doing it this time, staying on track & wrestling this beast to the ground!

It can’t be procrastination again, not kicking the can down the road. This issue is front and center and not going away. It must be the continuing order of business for this congress until it gets resolved. Other matters are of little consequence. We can’t spend a trillion more than we take in, year after year. It has to stop!

When serious discussions finally ensue, actual spending cuts will be done on various benefits, and immediate budgetary savings and debt reduction will result. There can be no compromise on this. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, government size, welfare, unemployment, food stamps, all are on the table; all under the knife. No sacred cows. No pleas for vast safety nets, un- ending subsidies, exorbitant pensions and free health care. We can’t afford them. Moreover, they aren’t constructive in a healthy society, or reflective of the American model.

nga havasupaiThey’re a drain, an impediment to ongoing success as leader of the free world. Humanitarian extravagances leech energy needed to proficiently run government house. Too many nods in support of an entitlement leviathan yields/results in diminishing returns.

Basically, you are putting more in then you are taking out.

Proficiency and greatness demand an allocation of resources that prioritize necessities while still recognizing the needs of people. These are/must be co-beneficiaries of a strong, vibrant government and the society it governs.

Being too deferential to the latter while ignoring the former will lead to no good. It’s a false construct, regardless of good intent. It’s usurpation of the people’s resources, giving much to some & little/nothing to others. It is a forced, unhealthy kind of benevolence, approaching governmental confiscation and tyranny.

DamThis time we’re done. No more excuses. No more unwillingness to face the music. It isn’t about images or winning a popularity contest. It isn’t about passing the buck. It’s about standing up and acting like reasonable, responsible adults. It’s about recognizing a failing enterprise and doing something about it. We are going broke, yet many will not admit to this, believing things will improve, remaining hopeful/steadfast in their ideology and agenda.

The fiscal dam is about to burst. Those who pay for its upkeep are alarmed at this calamity, exasperated by the managers who allowed it to happen. It’s a betrayal of trust, a realization they don’t understand the edifice or its inner workings. Worse still, they don’t recognize their own incompetence. The entire structure is collapsing on their heads, and still they won’t stop spending. It’s time for others to act!


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