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President Or Prisonment!


I don’t know about you, but when someone lies to my face I get angry. It shows they have no respect for me or my intelligence, they’re unwilling to take responsibility for their actions and will say or do anything to avoid taking blame.

Hillary Clinton is such a person. We’ve been listening to her lies for decades; lies about Bill’s philandering, cattle futures, Whitewater notes, being broke upon leaving the White House, fabricated perils while flying abroad, level of awareness on Benghazi, actions before, during, and after the tragedy, email irregularities and on and on it goes.

Four people died under her watch and she says she takes full responsibility. What the hell does that mean? She did her best but it just wasn’t good enough? She gets a pass with no consequences?

As an outside observer the security breakdown and subsequent failure to protect her people strongly suggest inattention, preoccupation, disorganization, negligence or incompetency. A full unequivocal disclosure could raise serious questions about her skills and purpose, or maybe reveal ulterior motives, political malfeasance, dereliction of duty, even malice aforethought, a precursor of criminal negligence


Had she been a military commander there would be a review, possible reprimand, even court martial in an effort to fully understand the truth behind the tragedy. She’d have been relieved of her command, pending outcome. Unlike civilian trials, her excuses could not include memory loss, misplaced records, delegating duties, ignorance or non-awareness of her command responsibilities. She’d need to prove beyond a doubt that she’d done everything possible to prevent the tragedy. If not, she could face demotion, reprimand, early discharge, even prosecution.

In case it’s unclear, Incompetent is inadequate or unsuitable for a particular purpose, lacking qualities needed for effective action. Negligent is not taking prudent care or marked by a careless easy manner; also given to habitual, culpable neglect. Dereliction is the intentional abandonment of one’s duties, or lacking a sense of duty.

It’s obvious she exhibited aspects of all these behaviors. By themselves, with no underlying intent, they would paint her as unqualified for the job. Conclusion? She’d been promoted above her skill level, proving she was a tragically weak, ineffective Secretary of State. A public airing of this characterization would certainly quash her presidential hopes.

But again, with adequate disclosure we might sense or detect something more, like a deliberate attempt to hide something. Did she drop the ball, failing to provide adequate security? Did she scramble to cover her tracks, realizing a screw up of this magnitude would tarnish her image and, moreover, might derail her career and Obama’s re-election.

Was she a sycophant in over her head, or a Machiavelli working her intrigues to some hidden purpose resulting in four deaths? Did she act as an ideologue or out of political self-interest? To find out, Committee Chair Goudy must demand real-time evidence of her actions & whereabouts in the hours before, during & after the attack, including who she interacted with, how many times and to what end?

Partisan hacks, diehards blinded by bias and airs of superiority cry foul, charging it’s a political witch hunt. Really? They honestly believe she did nothing wrong, whether simple lack of judgment or willful negligence? Four dead goes with the territory, no big deal? Their way of thinking is despicable, disingenuous, hypocritical and disgusting.

One thing is clear. She lied about the nature of the attack, saying it was provoked by an anti-Islamic video when she absolutely knew different! Then she suborned the cooperation of numerous aides and senior officials to help her perpetrate and perpetuate the lie. Worse still, she callously duped grieving loved ones, betraying their trust in their despair.

In her testimony she did everything but take the 5th, which would have been the kill shot to her presidential hopes. Yet here we are, many of us with mainstream media, standing in awe as she evades questions, side-steps, dissembles, obfuscates and lies. Why can’t we see the obvious, that her reprehensible behavior is the necessary quid pro quo for having done something inexcusable, even criminal! Witness Lady MacBeth deceitfully wiping the blood from her hands!

She’s a finagler with ruthless ambition and no integrity. Can’t we see it? Have we lost our minds let alone our sense of right & wrong? We must reject any idea of her becoming president. She is unfit for that office, just as she was unfit as Secretary of State, which was a political pay-off and nothing more!

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Gather the evidence, hold her accountable, get her out of our face, and drive her from the political arena. Recently hubby Bill said “even if she’s indicted, I think she can still win”. What does this tell us, besides being outrageously arrogant beyond belief! They think they’re above the law. They laugh at our hapless, never-ending gullibility. They are truly and without a doubt, a couple of elitist, remorseless sociopaths!

Let’s send a message. Indict her for Benghazi. Investigate their foundation, how it got $150 million? Read our lips, it’s over! You’ve become a liability, an embarrassment to your party, to the process and to our great country. Time to leave the building. Good riddance!

Al Shane

Upland, California

Alvan I. Shane Author, The Day Liberty Wept 2270 N Euclid Ave Frequent Op-Ed Contributor Upland, Calif 91784 Political Donor to Cons Grps / Causes (909) 946-5104 Ex-Marine / California native Tax Accountant / Mar 43yrs / 1 son
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