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Quill’s Last Word

It seems we’re finally nearing the end of this political nightmare, Quill and I, this debauching of democracy. Most now realize we almost lost our country because we’re filled with a seditious, deep state intelligentsia who for years have been working to bring us down.

Woodrow Wilson, FDR, LBJ, Clintons, Obamas, Bidens; also rans like Gore, Kerry, Romney. We trusted they had good intentions, believed in our republic and constitution. Now we know different. They and many others believe America is just a giant bump in the road to world order. New World Order that is, hegemony over the planet: one government, one currency, one agenda. Big Brother. Communism on speed. No democracy or representation, freedom or rights. One global entity controlling us all.

Try to remember America has been a beacon of freedom, a shining city on the hill and hope for the world with our ideals, freedoms and constitution. How we were born of tyranny, created and governed by and for the people, unique in a history of nations. How never before had there been a governed yet free society unhindered by a ruler, monarch, dictator or emperor.

Yes, but not good enough: doesn’t bestow blessings or opportunities in a fair, equitable way nor provide a level playing field on which all could prosper, no matter their skin color, ethnicity or gender.

To those who think this, “Quill” has words. First, tenets and ideals behind our founding caused us to grow to become the greatest nation on earth; gave rise to fantastic scientific and technological innovations; led to huge advancements in medicine; improved health and longevity.

Quill chides, remonstrating further we led the world for over a century in every category/measurement of societal success. We were more generous among nations taking in more refugees, built the best economy and the world’s largest middle class/upper middle class, graduated more from college/grad school, enabled more home ownership and, after much struggle, created one of the fairest multi-racial/multi-ethnic societies on earth.

Good, but still not good enough? Quill’s patience wears thin, will check availability on Maui along the lava path to Cliffside Point! Notice, he doesn’t search painstakingly for compromise like me when he knows he’s right. When he thinks here we are, arguably one of the best societies on earth; where the world flocks; where individual rights and fairness, reason and justice sway. A sane place in a mostly insane world, but for some, not good enough? He’s checking those Maui listings again!

We think the crux of the problem between {r}epublican constitutionalists and {d}emocrat/socialists is “r”s believe in democracy, self-governance, individual rights/liberties, justified by personal responsibility, accountability and rugged individualism. “D”s think government should provide all our needs, be a final arbiter/distributor of goods and services, ultimate dispenser/determinator of quality of life. We’re incapable of deciding these for ourselves you see, so must rely on government.

The first believe in America, its founding principles, constitution and polyglot interwoven society; the latter in post-modernism, collectivism, utilitarianism and this new thing intersectionality all of which detract from our ability to get along without government’s intrusive hand!

Quill and I also think there must be shared belief/trust in a society’s roots, its purpose as ideologically understood. Homogeneity in this should be about 65%+ with same or similar opinion why society works. Anything less shows a rift in the people, a political schism destructive in nature, resulting in what we have now: insurrection.

Too many, knowingly or not, aligned with democrats who moved left away from founding doctrines/constitutional mandates. They swelled to 35%+ of the people, precipitating this split. They thought their proportion gave them license to take proactive albeit unethical/illegal steps to force their will and re-craft society.

We believe they’ve been moving farther away from legality for years struggling to achieve their ends, culminating in outrageous election fraud 2020. Few can fathom their degree of embeddedness, overall clout, insidious seduction of the whole of society. We woke to their poisonous beguilement almost too late for an antidote. These are the facts and true nature of our predicament. But a solution exists: the military.

Key components of the fraud were 1) deliberate over dramatization of pandemic 2) complicit, conspiratorial mass media/social media 3) villainous big pharma/medical/health industrial complex 4) home-grown governing conspiracy 5) cyber-device attack by deep state foreign entities. If you don’t see this Quill found more deals in a Malibu colony at Mudslide Beach . .

Antidotes include 1) recognize the non-lethality of the viral hoax and stop cautionary measures like masks and lockdowns 2) cease vaccinations until proven safe 3) demand election audits in swing states 4) sieze control of mainstream media/social media 5) welcome the military and martial law until civilian authority is re-established.

Still don’t agree? Quill says check out a stretch of coastal beachfront at beautiful Tsunami Shores . . .

Punitive action must be taken against the rogue Biden administration; identify all persons who were helpers or parties to the massive fraud; hold trials/tribunals, give appropriate punishments, with all proceedings open, accessible and viewable by the people.

Quill and I are hopeful adequate proofs/disclosures will accompany all indictments and convictions. We also call for a vigorous effort to be made to declassify/unveil any  historical events in the past 100yrs thought to be inconclusive or controversial, regardless of embarrassment, suspected government complicity or individual criminality – even a possible infringement of national security.

The election was stolen! Trump won by a landslide! The plandemic was man-made! Over half, possibly up to 80% of elected officials are dirty! Deep State infests every critical component of our society! Mainstream media across the board was/is complicit, aiding and abetting the insurrection process! The justice system and courts have become partisan cesspools, blocking every attempt to find remedy and justice! DC is on the verge of collapse! These things must be asserted, proven, culpable parties identified, punished – or America will not survive!


Don’t agree? Quill’s last word – move to Rumble-Tumble Grove or Seismic Knolls near San Andreas which suits your disposition, matches your lack of common sense!

Don’t forget, the founding fathers used quills too . .

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I’m Al Shane

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