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Remove This President!

President ObamaAs a private citizen who deeply loves this country, I must stand and demand President Obama stop everything, cancel vacations, trips, golf games, political fund-raisers and all legislative items on his agenda, to immediately address and explain, step by step, what happened in Benghazi on the evening of Sept 11th, 2012.


These past nine months demonstrate he feels no compunction or duty about this event, no interest in deconstructing/explaining it in all aspects and no comprehension how it’s arguably the worst  scandal any administration has ever seen. Our people are dead, mercilessly cut down. Their blood is on his hands.

Everything fades in this light. Families/loved ones have been crying out for the truth. Fellows/brethren under arms and in foreign service demand truth, so they know what they can expect. The American people, even in their ongoing apathy/ambivalence, need to taste the bitter pill of this truth.

 FBI-Director-Robert-MuellerU.S. Attorney General Eric HolderDavid-PetraeusLeon-Panetta

I’m asking congress, who up to now has been frustratingly dis-interested, if not willfully distracted by other things, to stop all business and immediately call for hearings, in joint cooperation between houses, issuing subpoenas to Mueller, Holder, Patreaus, Panetta, Clinton, Rice, Biden, Obama and/or other underlings, including military general staff, who either directly/indirectly had anything to do with Benghazi before, during or after.

President Barack ObamaIf the president will not cooperate or tries to effect any evasive action, including executive privilege and/or the issuance of new executive orders, I demand congress bring Articles of Impeach- ment against Barack Hussein Obama, removing him from office.

Likewise they or the proper legal authority must file indictments against all parties who were complicit in this tragedy. Their acts and cover-up constitute high crimes and misdemeanors, criminal negligence, obstruction of justice, conspiracy to commit fraud, felonious collusion, malfeasance under color of authority, gross incompetence, maybe voluntary homicide if it can be proven their lack of action/reaction were directly to blame for the murder if not slaughter of four(4) innocent people.

Congress has been derelict in its treatment of this matter not giving it the full and immediate attention it deserved, and must hold itself culpable in this regard. The president, his cabinet and key senior officials are also culpable, if not highly suspect, insofar as they haven’t offered candid, truthful testimony as to what they knew and when they knew it.

Silence or taking the 5th do not persuade us of one’s innocence. Just the opposite. The collusion/conspiracy of so many to remain silent or protest their ignorance is damning proof  it’s all being orchestrated by the highest authority, in the hope the passage of time will soften edges, cloud memories and obscure truth.

 Hillary Rodham ClintonSusan RiceObama_portraitFBI-Director-Mueller

Examples? During those seven hours of mayhem, exactly where was the president, Hillary Clinton & Leon Panetta? What orders did they issue? What requests did they ignore or deny? Who put together the talking points in aftermath? What did Susan Rice know, versus what she was told to say? Why was CIA Director Petraeus allowed to hold his office for 4mos, after being found to be a philanderer, a security risk, and derelict in his duty?


If Petraeus was not distracted by his dalliance, or preoccupied with how it was going to sully his reputation and career, could he have, perhaps, devoted more attention and vigil to the security of our people in Benghazi? Might this have prevented the tragedy?





Who did FBI Director Meuller tell about Petraeus, when discovered back in August before the election? The logical person was Attorney General Holder. What did he do about it? Isn’t it clear he would have told his boss and very close friend, Obama? Does this chain of suggested evidence not show there was clear breach of responsibility by all parties, as to their fundamental duty(s) to protect our people on foreign soils, protect the American people at home, and protect and defend the constitution?

I believe all this was done to insure Obama’s re-election. If the tragedy had been presented in all its ugliness, including al-queda connection, prior warnings and overall preventability what damage would this have done? If the Petraeus scandal had broke? If it was learned there was a conspiracy of silence among Petraeus,Meuller, Holder & Obama? If Hillary admitted fault, took full responsibility and resigned, so Petraeus & Clinton were both out in disgrace a month before the election, what effect?

NSA, IRS, White House leaks, Fast & Furious, all are of major concern & demand attention, but still pale in face of Benghazi. We must air this out and solve its mystery before dealing with the others. I implore you, Mr. Speaker, do not drop this ball. Do not procrastinate. Do not dissemble in this most desperate hour and shirk your responsibility of finding the truth! Your overall worth and legacy will be measured ultimately by this effort.

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