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To begin, the election was a fraud, a complete joke. Still, half of us don’t get it, The others twigged it was rigged but seem to think oh well, nothing we can do. This speaks volumes about our people and their blindness to our peril. Half walk round in denial, the rest think yes, but nothing can be done!

We were deceived by our own people highly placed, trusted people! Democrats and republicans proved to be our enemies and betrayed us! They collaborated with foreign states to steal our votes; usurp our republic!

Enemy states have strived for years to defeat us, including China’s CCP and deep state agents in Italy, the Vatican, Iran, Germany, Switzerland, England’s MI-5/MI-6 and London’s European central bankers, Canada, Spain, Israel’s Zionist elements and Mossad.

Our institutions, mainstream media, sports/entertainment, academia and entire educational system, big-tech social media and government itself are riddled with deep state operatives who hate our constitution and freedoms. They’re dedicated to bringing us down. Euphemisms disguise their ulterior motives, like liberalism, progressivism, anti-racism, antifa, BLM, democratic socialism, sexism, environmentalism, globalism. They yell about social justice and equality, but their real purpose is to deconstruct our capitalistic republic, institute big government tyranny, redistribute wealth by demanding equal opportunities produce equal outcomes. They want never-ending struggle among classes, races, ethnicities, sexes, masked/unmasked and jabbed/unjabbed.

Biden and his government are a fraud. Over 79 million voters see this, who in the past six months have grown to 100 million+ Trump knows this. He knew before the results came in. His purpose in becoming president was to drain the swamp and eliminate the deep state. Yes, I see some are shaking heads, laughing  how ridiculous this sounds. To you in your self-imposed political fog, maybe. But reality will soon reveal he was picked long before 2016 to take on the task of cleaning up DC, ridding us of traitorous elements.

He knew his first election was rigged for Hillary and reelection would be far worse, but he let it happen to wake the people. What he didn’t know was how entrenched the deep state had become – not to mention worldwide deep states proliferating around the world.

There are anecdotal references in our history going back to Lincoln and before warning a dark element was exerting its will/influence on our emerging nation. Most aren’t aware how in 1871 we became a vassal state under a newly formed corporation owned by deep state. Ulysses S. Grant was the 18th and final president of the original constitutional republic; then we became United States of America, Inc. Our constitution began getting lip service. Laws morphed from individual rights to the admiralty orientation administered in England’s crown courts.

This means we lost our sovereignty, post-Grant presidents were corporate CEO’s  and all states admitted after 1871 were newly formed subsidiaries. It also means Trump is the 45th CEO of the corporation. But he knew this and during his term of office dissolved/bankrupted the corporation, absorbing the Federal Reserve into Treasury and moving to end IRS – formed unconstitutionally in 1913 to service debt owed to the Federal Reserve.

He is the 45th and final CEO of the corporation AND the 19th president of the resurrected republic. Once reinstated he can run again in 2024, if he chooses, since he will have served only one term under the old republic. Its not clear if post-1871 states need to be re-admitted and if all legislation during the past 150 years is null and void?

Investigative efforts and audits are bringing to light nefarious, under-handed tricks in what once was a clean, fair process, unmasking many key persons who were aware of the fraud yet willingly participated. A lot of these are of note and will be arrested and charged with a variety of wrong-doing, including treason! It’s estimated up to 75%+ of elected officials in federal and state government are corrupt, felonious and illegitimate.

Facts, truth and the weight of history will bear witness to the  under-handedness of what’s been happening right under our noses. There’s a pestilence in the land, an evil miasma wafting, and slithering into city halls, governor’s mansions, statehouses,  courthouses, congress, Supreme Court, even the White House. Pollution has debauched our institutions, education, big-tech social media, mainstream media, entertainment, sport and all levels of government: integrity is gone; conspiracy and ulterior motives reign.

Again, many people still don’t comprehend our predicament, the magnitude of the corruption afflicting our culture, nor do they realize/accept the idea we were attacked with biological weapons and cyber-devices. A virus was discussed six years ago and created in the Wuhan lab by the CCP with help of left-wing activists. It was never pandemic, just a manageable strain of flu curable with drugs and therapies at almost 100% success.

But MSM became Big Brother, health authorities authenticated it, big pharma profited from it and government – national/local enforced it, locking us down, taking our freedoms, killing the most vulnerable and ruining our economy. Don’t believe it? Why were we given phony death statistics? Tests set for false positives? Cheap, effective remedies suppressed? Forced to wear masks that were ineffective if not pathogenic? Medical professionals and doctors of every stripe balked at the radical measures and calling it pandemic.

We started the 2020 election year with a robust economy, got hit with the virus, were lied to by mainstream media, censored by big tech social media and blocked from using effective medicines. Then the election got turned on its head by rigged voting machines depriving Trump of his sure victory. Media refused to report the fraud; state legislatures/officials refused to air the scandal; courts refused to hear cases; congress certified results even with massive irregularities but VP Pence refused to reject the certifications; Supreme Court balked, abrogating its duty.

From the start, this was about removing Trump and revealed massive corruption at every level. No redress could be found, other than military. Six months into the most blatant fraud in history media stays dumb, the people asleep. Nothing is as it seems. DC is an armed camp if not a ghost town. The White House is dark, congress isn’t meeting, Biden doesn’t give press conferences and hasn’t stepped foot in the White House, AF1 or the pentagon. His executive orders go nowhere. The military views Trump as their legitimate CIC and, by his order, have kept a state of martial law since he activated the Insurrection Act back in December.

We’re in a political Twilight Zone and the script for the teleplay is written and directed by Trump, his generals and staff. The recount in Arizona will prove the fraud. Other states will follow. The military is fully aware and probably will take action to reinstate Trump with or without results from other states.

But the problem goes far past a stolen election. We are infested with deep state operatives, leftist radicals/traitors who must be identified and punished. Washington DC is tarnished beyond hope. Trump will not re-occupy the White House. DC should be razed to the ground, its memorials put in mothballs for future generations to study and ponder.

Trump will face evil at every turn. Numerous governments will fall. Celebrities, stars, dignitaries, corporate titans and mega-wealthy will be held to account. Their perversions and atrocities are astounding, of the most horrific nature and beyond the imaginings of a sane and rational world.

Be ready for surprises regarding allies and enemies. Prepare to learn people you thought alive – nope. People dead, well – don’t be surprised . . .

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