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Ruinous Delusion

We trust the government. We believe it acts in our best interest and wouldn’t lie. It’s more than a belief, it’s a hard-wired given, part of our reality.

When I wrote THE DAY LIBERTY WEPT  back in 2008 about Sept 11th I tried to explain why I believed it was an inside job. There were so many discrepancies in the government’s story, but I had no proof so couldn’t name any people; just government.

People said how could I conceive of something so outrageous, so monstrous! Facts were facts. Bin Laden’s warriors came out of their cave and kicked our butt! End of story.

Not quite. It’s fourteen years later and I can tell you, we didn’t get half the story! It’s about to be declassified in its entirety and truth will rip out those hardwires! It will rock our reality! The ruinous delusion of trusting government brought us 9/11 and many other debacles before and after: JFK assassination, USS Liberty, Oklahoma bombing, TWA 800, JFK Jr’s death, Benghazi, pandemic, vaccines, ‘20 election, Ukraine. When these and others are re-visited/revealed in the full light of day, we’ll have enough discarded hardwire to light up the moon!

Since 9/11 and really long before, this hardwired inability to see the truth has plagued a majority of Americans, not to mention educated people everywhere who tend to think inside the box, as some like to put it. What box? Mostly the daily media’s box we watch and listen to all our lives. Add to this parents, schools, churches and peer groups of family, friends, associates. What they tell us all ends up in the box.

We settle in and grow comfortable with our opinions, holding and defending them as we go through life. These then color and affect most of what we come to believe about things happening around us. We look at life from the box and that view doesn’t allow for other views, however logical/believable they might be. Call people in the box normies.

A few grow troubled with what psychologists call cognitive dissonance. They’re still in the box but they develop an uncomfortable feeling something isn’t right? They know deep down they can’t explain/defend what they believe. Let’s call the troubled normies squirmers.

Those left fall into two categories: woke and awake. The former is a new descriptive replacing liberal or progressive and covers those who are unhappy with the status quo. They strive to rework history/reality so it suits their purpose. Moreover, they reject the American republic and its constitution, preferring to have an open, borderless society that could merge seamlessly into a new, global paradigm: a One World Order.

The latter describes those called conspiracy theorists. We prefer truthers! We believe we’re awake to certain facts or situations that have occurred, understand why they occurred and struggle to expose them to our fellow citizens and the world. We believe in the American republic, its constitution and our individual freedoms. We fight to preserve and defend these and the ideals behind them.

Normies, squirmers, the woke and the awake. These roughly describe the demographics we’re working with as we try to alert our fellows to the massive crime that was committed and the dangers lying ahead if we don’t face it and fix it.

My personal battle involves a small group of friends who are mostly squirmers or already awake. I regularly send out essays like this in the hope it will fully awaken squirmers and fortify/ reassure truthers who’ve grown frustrated with the slowness of things. Of course, if I could shock a few normies or turn a few wokies in the process, all the better.

Sadly, try as I might, I don’t seem to be making much progress with any of them, especially normies. It seems they just don’t want to know or are incapable of seeing outside the box. Maybe if I was a therapist I’d understand and know a better way to create the cognitive dissonance necessary to wake them up? It will play a crucial part in the process of saving our country!

Things are coming to a head. The election and the willingness to use a pandemic with little regard for loss of life proves the cabal will do whatever it takes to accomplish their single-minded goal  of destroying America, reducing the world’s population and becoming rulers of the planet.

I’m particularly alarmed how unable I am to convince certain of my readers, including Roger, Jacob, Jim, Alice, Roger M, Jim P Jake B, Frank and Janine, who are all intelligent, educated and seasoned with life’s experiences and should know better! Some are normies, some squirmers or possibly woke.

How can they deny the election was stolen? How can they miss the connection to the pandemic, or the ulterior motive behind the jabs? Woke can include several things. You can believe the planet is at risk due to man-made climate change, or the world is over-populated, or systemic racism is intolerable, or a communistic one-world order is the only solution. The cabal behind the take-over believe some or all of these, so it makes sense adherents to these ideas would willingly go along with any attempt to make them happen.

Of course, I’d rather believe they’re trapped in some kind of a mental state brought on by years and years of subtle if not subliminal indoctrination, but not being a therapist can’t really understand how this happens?

In any case, I believe things are happening and the end of all this madness is near. We will soon learn things about the cabal or Deep State which even the woke may not comprehend, things so reprehensible/repugnant as to warrant our disgust and utter rejection. Only then will the events and realities mentioned herein make sense and become believable.

Let me end by saying I am gladdened by many tell-tale signs we’re winning this war. Our world after this Great Awakening will be filled with wonders we can’t even imagine! I’m happy to say many agree with me or at least want to believe, including Paul, Andrea, Helga, Cindy, Ted, Kim, Mike B, Elaine, Mark C, Steve H, Terry M, Gio, Scott B and so many more. Hang in there guys, we’re almost home.

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