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Shouting Truth At Denial

Scootch over Rog, make room for a tired old patriot who’d like to catch you up on a few things. Ahh, nice and comfy. Jacob, Alice, Jim, everybody sitting comfortably? At the risk of repeating myself, here goes –

Fauci has been in government health since 1976, taking charge of NIAID in 1984. His first big challenge was AIDS. Working with big pharma he searched frantically for the bug and a drug to kill it. HIV was discovered and AZT the weapon of choice.

Do we know HIV has not been proven to cause AIDS, at least not on its own, and having HIV does not mean you’ll get AIDS or even develop AIDS-like symptoms? Still, back in the day testing positive for HIV was like a death-sentence. When Rudolph Nureyev the famous Russian ballet dancer found out he panicked. His doctor advised against AZT but terrified by the hype began taking it anyway. Sadly, he soon died. Again, he had tested positive but otherwise was in good health.

Now, do we understand there’s still no proof HIV causes AIDS or is even a co-factor in causing it? The virus was never isolated and when examined in detail seems like a freeloading parasite and not a deadly pathogen. AIDS hysteria caused ill people and healthy people testing positive to take AZT. It’s now known most died from AZT, not HIV! It was poison but thought to be better than nothing!

All this was under Fauci’s watch. He took an unknown agency under DHHS and turned it into a cash cow, creating an immense annual budget which today is around $6 billion and a perfect position for bestowing favors, doling out contracts and feeding huge profits to the pharmaceutical industry, in which he took strong financial positions. He owns a piece of several pharmaceuticals and has patents on drugs developed with taxpayer dollars. For years his wife not only worked in big pharma but sat on governing boards holding sway over trials/testing proce- dures related to getting drugs to market.

This apparent conflict didn’t bother him. He made no attempt to remove the controversy, saying his life was an open book and his finances part of the public record. Everyone OK? Anybody need a break or want to stretch their legs? Good. So . . .

Bill Gates approached Fauci over 20 years ago to discuss how, by working together, they could get more cooperation in developing vaccines to fight the world’s most infectious diseases.  Part of the deal was to gain free easy access to test drugs in locales around the planet using indigenous peoples as guinea pigs. These were in places such as Africa, India, Philippines, Viet Nam etc.

For years (about every 3-5yrs) possible plagues/epidemics pop up having the potential to become full-blown pandemics according to Fauci, who then swings government’s entire health apparatus into action looking for an immediate fix to prevent a catastrophe. These included bugs like bird flu, N1H1, swine flu, zika, dengue etc. A pattern was established that went like this: get pharma on the hunt; run trials on prospective drugs ASAP; short-cut FDA requirements and don’t worry about side effects or long-term issues; claim the drug is safe and has merit; get the US Gov’t and others to buy millions of doses to be ready to inoculate; start the jabs.

Resulting outcomes 1) some died or got sick from the jab 2) some were already sick/dead from participating in the trials 3) some still died after getting jabbed from the disease  4) some continued to develop problems and get sick long after getting jabbed, due to long-term toxicity 5) those who actually died from the disease before getting the jab were few in number, maybe a few hundreds or less, well-below anything that could be characterized as pandemic!

This cycle repeated itself a dozen times over the past thirty years (roughly since the AIDS epidemic) costing hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars to American taxpayers and untold numbers of innocent victims who in some cases were willing but unaware, in others were lied to about what the trial was about. These methods and excuses were deceits/lies primarily of Gates and Fauci! In each case, Gates’ personal net worth increased by tens, even hundreds of millions of dollars, the big pharmas grew into multi-national, megabillion sized corporations and the Fauci’s accrued a rapidly increasing portfolio of projected future wealth!

Gates’ wealth is well known so if doubled or tripled would raise few eyebrows, but Fauci and his minions, including the doctors and scientists of NIAID, those in parent agency DHHS, all those in FDA, CDC, NIH and WHO, not to mention military types who have contagious disease affiliations within DOD and amongst private contractors, well, the waste, hypocrisy and flat out criminality are beyond belief!

Sorry I don’t have popcorn. I imagine you’re stuck in your seats like watching a movie and could use something to munch on! Hang in, we’re at the finish line. Election 2020: Trump v Biden. Initial results: Biden 70mil votes; Trump 65mil. Actual results, soon to be proved beyond a doubt: Trump 90mil+; Biden less than 45mil. A rigged election made possible by covid19. States use pandemic to justify last minute changes in protocols. Do this unconstitutionally, having no state legislative authority.

The stage was set, the fix in. Man-made gain-of-function scam-demic ready for release. Hits in March/April to give time for fear to set in, government to take charge. Individual states ready their frauds/riggings and no one thinks twice something is up? Would have worked if Trump wasn’t winning by such a landslide. They panic, shut things down to count and analyze, re-program voting machines to complete their coup! If only it was a movie! But it happened, almost succeeded in forcing a color-revolution, stealing the presidency, overthrowing the government.

Unfortunately, some of us sitting here still don’t believe it, can’t grasp how something this vast and evil actually happened. Well, I hate to bore you but it did, tens if not hundreds of thousands of persons together with foreign actors, and they had an even bigger agenda than rigging an election: they want to destroy our republic, start a New World Order and take it global.

They concocted a virus bioweapon, and a diabolical jab containing something besides vaccine, lied with tests/statistics, barred use of effective medicines and therapeutics that could save millions, prescribed masks, social distancing, quarantines and isolation which do more harm than good, and killed the world’s economy. And perhaps worst of all, just like testing positive for HIV was no guarantee you’d get AIDS, it’s the same with the covid19 PCR test, which is notorious for giving false positives and even when accurate doesn’t guarantee you’ll get covid!

This couch is probably getting uncomfortable about now, so let’s call it a night. We’ll do Q&A next time. Final thought: folks like Fauci, Gates, Soros et al are real monsters doing real evil, and what’s described here is barely the tip of their iceberg . . .


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