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Smilin’ Biden

There were many memorable moments during the Vice-President debate the other night, but most agree the main image committed to memory was the grimacing, glaring, smiling facial antics of Vice President Biden.

It seemed every time Congressman Ryan tried to make a point, he would immediately begin his routine, adding softly modulated groans and grunts for emphasis. He also rudely interrupted Ryan numerous times, unwilling or unable to await his turn.

My overall reaction to all this was incredulity and embarrassment, not believing what I was seeing. Here was the Vice President, a man with 40yrs experience in the congress and senate, one of our most senior statesman, behaving like a 10yr old! Go figure? It’s lucky there weren’t rotten tomatoes handy, he’d have used them!

Given the serious implications of this debate, conducting himself like he did was inexcusable. Afterward one pundit said in his entire experience it was unprecedented, projecting arrogance and condescension more than anything else.

My own take? I think we witnessed a mini-meltdown of a gentleman past his prime, who dreaded every moment and didn’t like his predicament having to defend the record. He knew his comebacks were tepid and weak, and could only rely in platitudes and convoluted rhetoric to worm his way out. Any pretense at cordiality or fairness went out the window.

To his credit, Ryan maintained his cool and didn’t give Biden his own back, even when he over-talked him. Unfortunately, this was interpreted by some as typical for an inexperienced novice new to these waters and a bit out of his depth. I absolutely disagree! Ryan was on message, mindful of the debate’s ground rules, and intelligently responsive to his opponent’s charges, harangues & bombast.

I believe smilin’ Joe was truly uncomfortable and lacked the ability to deal with it. His gesturings and body language were indicative of a person slipping in and out of control. He was trying to disparage and ridicule, but his temper rose many times, and his facial expressions were down right manic, revealing the inner turmoil he was experiencing.

A different pundit/commentator made the point that, you could assess the debate on three levels, with three different conclusions. Level 1 > the textual or written level; it reads a tie. Level 2 > the audio or radio level; lets Biden win, due to his forcefulness and dominance. Level 3 > the visual or TV level; Biden comes across as belligerent, disrespectful and brutish, demanding to speak his mind, while Ryan stays cool and intellectual with minimum emoting, parrying Biden’s slings and arrows. Ryan wins hands down.

The currency of liberals is emotionalism. In their hearts they mean well and try to do the right thing. But they lose sight of the larger goal, which is to keep everything running smoothly, successfully. This is because they refuse to let their intellect impose itself on their emotions. We are in fiscally desperate times, in great need of cool, rational assessment: not hot-blooded emotionalism.

Based on his performance I think Joe Biden is so steeped in his do-gooder mentality he’s no longer capable of analyzing and problem-solving. In this regard, and considering he is next in line to the presidency, let’s all hope his tenure will soon be over.


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