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Stretching Polity To The Limit

ShaneView - a conservative view on contemporary culture, politics, society, world, including rebuttals of the national punditryWhen the pilgrims came to America looking for a place to practice religion and escape tyranny they were by definition a polity: a group of similar-minded people who wished to live free away from the domineering chains of monarchy.

This was the start of a new experimental society that would govern itself and worship God as it saw fit.

They did this for a time, but gradually the reach of authority and dictates of commerce caused them to become reliant on their mother country, England. Organizing themselves into colonies based on religion or way of life (catholic, Anglican, fishing, farming) their original polity stayed strong. Next to religion and love of family, polity is like emotional glue, keeping you loyal to your tribe, culture or society.

Things came to a head in the late 1700’s by which time thirteen colonies had been established, each with its own government, but all were evolved from an original polity united against a return to tyranny, ready to fight for independence. For accuracy, these new Americans were divided as colonists and royalists, but their overriding polity was for independence, their original purpose.

The new nation went on to grow, adding more states, expanding westward, cherishing independence & self-accountability, but from the founding to the start of the Civil War polity weakened between states and people, due to slavery. The nation was slowly dividing north-south on this issue. The south relied heavily on slave labor and became adamant about its permanency while the north and peoples throughout fringe states and even the south knew slavery could never be reconciled with the tenets/precepts of the Declaration/Constitution, which were the under-pinnings of polity. The divide widened to the point it deteriorated and broke us into two dissimilar peoples, resulting in a bloody Civil War which raged from April, 1861 – April, 1865.

President Lincoln tried to mend fences with appeasements and tried to rebuild polity back to its origins, but before he could produce a real, lasting solution regarding former slaves/slave-owners he was assassinated. The resulting political chaos lasted years and was still not resolved by the turn of the century.

Polity during this period up to the arrival of Woodrow Wilson stayed debilitated due to prejudice against blacks. Sides were drawn again over their rights and status but the American spirit strengthened in spite of this. Polity returned somewhat with hope that Woodrow Wilson could wipe out Jim Crow and elevate blacks to full and equal citizenship. It was not to be. He proved to be a false hope giving empty promises and was a segregationist to boot, so polity suffered, remaining muddled and confused.

The period from Wilson to Lyndon Johnson saw huge progress for blacks with legislation mandating equal rights & opportunities for jobs, education, housing and healthcare. Their overall situation improved. They gained access to a slew of new benefits but sadly, this welfare worked to their detriment.

The effort to fix or at least improve their situation was a good thing and brought agreement if not consensus among us, but entitlements became a bone of contention between parties causing friction, re-injuring polity across the land. We’d been in two wars. Blacks and Latinos fought alongside whites and race relations improved. But then came Viet Nam and the nation divided once again with two issues now instead of one. Most held America high in their heart but knew deep down there was a problem.

Sources show the population at that time around 200Mil with blacks about 10%. The two main political parties were roughly even with about 20% in the middle, uncommitted. There were Latinos, Asians, Pacific Islanders and West Indians but without political identity so they didn’t influence elections.

The next 50yrs worked against an already injured polity. First, massive inflows of immigrants, legal and illegal, who came here with their own ideas about citizenship, most from 3rd world countries with left-leaning expectations. They formed political identity groups giving Latinos a voice, making them a voting bloc. Blacks sub-divided into numerous activist groups steering them to a reliable 90%+ plurality for the left.

Other identity groups formed: feminists, gays & LGBTQ’s, aligning with blacks/Latinos. New extreme-left groups arose (or already existed) like the democratic socialists, globalists, Communist Party of America, environmentalists, no-border new-world-order-ists and a rag-tag assortment of Marxists etc. All are fundamentally and ideologically anti-American. They call themselves democrats but most would agree they’re not your garden-variety like mom/dad, gramma/grandpa used to know! They are extremists who mostly hate America and are trying to bring it down. Today’s rank and file voters don’t seem to get it!

I mentioned illegals in passing but they play a part as well. They have been caught voting illegally under false names/pretenses. Worse still, their kids born here become voters! Do we need a picture to see where this is going? Islamic immigrants hate our guts before arriving, don’t respect things we do and exploit the entitlements we give like education, housing, healthcare. Not surprisingly, they congregate into ghettos and make entire city neighborhoods no-go zones, then demand police not to enter without invitation, enforce sharia law, send America-hating Muslim representatives to be their voice at state/federal levels.

More ingredients used to bake this polity-ending cake are corporations, foundations, celebrities and media. Film, music and sports celebrities give tens/hundreds of thousands of dollars to many of these groups. Corporations with household names give millions. Foundations the same, regardless how subversive or fanatical. Media the worst! – spouts left-sided propaganda  nonstop day and night, it all being fake news and commentary not journalism. With their power/influence they decide who get access and who get blocked. This covers tweets, blogs, PSA’s, documentaries, white papers or videos they deem “inappropriate” or label the ubiquitous politically incorrect! They stifle/ gag opposing free speech and no one seems to care!

We haven’t discussed how education at all levels, even government itself are players in this cabal to “socialize America” but the deck is stacked. We’ve seen how polity, the glue of society, has been relentlessly attacked for the past 50yrs. We saw how it collapsed under the harsh reality of slavery creating a political atmosphere incapable of compromise.

We saw it re-coalesce into a lesser version of the original, sustaining the nation for over 150yrs, nurturing us as best it could, growing us into a dynamo: a democratic-republic 2nd to none.

Until now. These 50yrs have eaten away at our unity with the left gaining ground for the reasons given.

Polity is the lifeblood of sovereignty, of nationhood. We’re now a divided combative polity right-left which again is approaching intractability. Without a respite it may devolve into a condition of hyperpartisanship, collapsing us again, leading to anarchy and our worst fears.

I am dismayed by our leftward march away from our founding principles. We’re losing our identity. The grand experiment may be nearing its end. The greatness we achieved, the bounties of our culture/society may soon be things of the past – like a leaf in a puff of wind.

I listen to their ideas and goals and I’m incredulous! What they want is unrealistic and counter-productive to our ideals. As a conservative I know we can never be a perfect society or have their utopian social structure. I abhor what they say and will never be part of it. This glue will never hold and America will shudder.

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