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Time To Move On

imagesCAOMDD45Spending a lot of time trying to make sense of why blacks are still preoccupied with racism? And when the prez himself feels the need to slap his exclamation point on the dialogue, which he must believe gives it instant credibility, I think us little guys with no bully pulpits or Sunday congregations need to speak up!

As a multi-layered society made up of people of all colors, and government/public sector of all colors, and private sector of all colors, young/old of all colors, rich/poor of all colors, smart/ dumb of all colors and yes, even politicians all colors, it’s clear there can be no overarching racism favoring/targeting any one color, since by inspection we’re a variety of competing colors including white, which is now just one more color among many.

Black agitators would have us believe otherwise. Somehow, a white majority which doesn’t exist continues to oppress/manhandle blacks in every way imaginable: employment practices, educational opportunities, incarceration rates, income disparities, home ownership eligibility and, worst of all, basic civil rights.

George Zimmerman didn’t shoot Trayvon Martin because he was beating holy hell out of him and he feared for his life. No, he shot him because he was black. He believed he was going to die, thought to survive he had to use deadly force, looked hard at his assailant, saw he was black and, only then, decided it was ok to shoot. If Trayvon was white George would have been out of luck, since he couldn’t have shot a white guy, not even one that was beating him to a pulp!

Are you getting this, black community? Do you still believe OJ was innocent? Show of hands, please. OK, you can all leave.

There’s no hope of ever reasoning with you, not logically.

Prof-Henry-Louis-GatesHow many believed Prof Henry Louis Gates from Harvard was profiled, seen to be black and arrested, this having nothing to do with the fact he appeared to be breaking in to a house? Right, you can leave too. That includes you, Barack.

Louise-LucasAnd how many believe Virginia State Senator Louise Lucas was on to something when she accused Mitt Romney of speaking in code, tongues or some damn thing, infused with racism, bigotry and hatred?

Grab your coat, there’s the door.

Julian-BondHow many are with Julian Bond in his proclamation IRS was well advised/tasked to be looking at radical Tea Party groups, as everyone knew they were rabid dog racists filled with hate. Bye.

Monique-DavisAnd how many sympathized/actually agreed with Illinois state representative Monique Davis when she confided discreetly during interview she’d been told by many of her constituents they don’t believe their Chicago youths were killing each other. No – mind you, she’s just saying what she was told and passing it on – no, she was told it’s the Chicago police murdering their kids. Just saying? Not her words? Obligated to share? This is beam-me-up-Scotty time. A public servant representing the people gives herself such license, with no personal disclaimer, to inanely attempt to refute the unlikeable fact that mostly blacks are killing other blacks. She’s obviously in total denial, flirting with criminality as does a person maniacally yelling F I R E! in a crowded room, and has no clue how to solve the problem. OK, you amen folks in the front row, take yourselves outta here!

maxine-watersTo those of you left, do you see my point? Denial and avoidance are not the answer. Nor falsely accusing, conveniently misrepresenting or totally refusing to acknowledge the facts. Not white facts or black facts: Facts.

Facts: OJ should have been found guilty; Rodney King deserved what he got; Tawana Brawley was a depraved little liar; Rev Al didn’t want to know; Tavis Smiley, Charlie Rangel,  Maxine  Waters, Mark. Ridley Thomas, Hilary Shelton, Julian Bond, Eric Holder, Barack Obama, whites & others see Zimmerman simply as white-on-black crime; blatant racism! Not self-defense?

 Those allowing themselves to think like this can never, ever take part in any serious debate how to improve conditions for blacks.

They have nothing to offer but their own hopeless racist attitude,  their own willingness to say/do whatever to promote their cause, their own worthless integrity and empty character, helping no one but others who think like themselves.

Bill O’Reilly said it passionately last Monday: blacks must stop having babies out of wedlock; must keep their kids in school and make them wear uniforms; must keep them out of the drug culture and must totally reject hip-hop gangsta rap with its horrible messaging and lousy role-modeling.

Blacks need leaders who will tell young girls don’t get pregnant!

Young boys don’t father kids out of wedlock! Stay in school, out of gangs, away from drugs and out of the hip-hop mindset. They need to run public service spots with these messages. Encourage pastors to counsel their congregations. Demand politicians fund programs/advertisements with these goals in mind.

Jesse Jacksonal-sharpton

This can all begin immediately by rejecting status quo. Jackson, Sharpton et al have to change or move on. There’s no room for them and their race hustling. Those days are over. The way out is to assimilate into mainstream society, and rejecting this truth is to say, we don’t want to be part of mainstream.

This refusal to help yourselves will necessitate a change in entitlement policy and new, more stringent rules for blacks & others to qualify.

President ObamaYou folks who left the room tagging behind Rev’s Jesse & Al need to ask yourself, am I being reasonable? Do we bring many of our problems on ourselves? Is there anywhere I can go that will be better than here? Can I honestly believe 95% thought it through when voting Obama the 2nd time? Are we thinking at all by screaming racism! every chance we get?

Pride should motivate blacks to fix this, to regain control of their fate and some self-respect. Refusing to fix it illustrates a pervasive, militant attitude among blacks that will lead only to more poverty, more misery and more wasted lives.

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